otp: handsome jerk

Chris Messina, Handsome Jerk since 1995

So I finally watched “When Dating Turns Dangerous” or rather for all us Messiniacs, GET LOST NADINE!!!! Not only was I taken back to the 90s with the terrible drab clothes, wooden acting for Health Class/after school/Saturday evening specials, cheesy cinematography and poor script (well maybe the script wasn’t that bad), I got to fawn over a very sexy 19ish year old Chris Messina! HE SHINED. He was such a horrible person in this little movie but so good at it! Messina was doing his thing even back then. So passionate and cute as kuf in his plaid shirts and oversized hoodies. Why couldn’t they have given it an ending where Lucy just walked away though? 

Okay…so….WIP because Half the Time I spend looking at this I want to expand the picture down lower because this is Vault Hunter John and I’m guessing none of the bandits would be patient enough to carve the vault symbol into his face, so it’s gotta be something/someone else. 

Hrnn. I’m not sure. Was fun to do his hand and face, though. Should I expand the pic? (the other half of me is screaming don’t expand it, make a comic, you need to practice that sort of thing idiot) 

So, thoughts?