otp: hands all over

Hands All Over || Talex [5/25]

The Australian tour leg was over in a blink, though oddly it felt like several weeks to Alex, who loved being on the road, but somehow felt a strong pull to get back to LA as soon as possible. After their last show in Japan, the guys made sure to party it up one last time before they’d be seperating ways for a couple days. By the time Alex was heading to the airport Wednesday, he was battling a hangover that, combined with the amount of food he’d eaten, totally knocked him out on the flight home.

It was around noon on Thursday when Alex found himself strolling through LAX, heading to luggage claim. He texted Taylor, knowing she’d be waiting for him to land and told her he’d be over as soon as he got out of this place. He didn’t bother heading to his place first. He still had clothes to wear for at least a day, and the truth was, he couldn’t wait to see Taylor again. With his cap low in his face, and his sunglasses on the man stopped by the store on his way to Taylors. He had promised to bring condoms, and he wasn’t going to forget about that. A light chuckle left his lips as he threw the box in his bag, reminiscing about their previous conversations.

LA traffic was taking Alex longer to get to Taylor’s than he’d wanted to, but he was glad when he finally made it to the familiar house. He grabbed his bag from the back of the car and headed up to the front door quickly and soon found himself knocking, a grin spreading on his lips as he waited for his girlfriend to open up.

anonymous asked:

What songs remind you of Percico?

Oh, wow. Uh… there are actually a lot. Like… a whole playlist of it, most of it are songs by Maroon 5 okay, I lied. All of it are songs by Maroon 5. (Don’t judge me.) But here are some that strongly reminds me of Percico whenever I listen to it:

- Sunday Morning

- Daylight

- Goodnight, Goodnight

- Feelings

- Sugar

- Shoot Love

- Lost Stars

- Wipe Your Eyes

- The Air That I Breathe

- Crazy Little Thing Called Love

but above all these, the song that really struck me and made me go, “oh…crap. This is definitely their song.” and made me want to cry was Maps. 

I hope that answered your questions, anon. I’m thinking if I still have to explain it or not //fidget, fidget//, but to make things a little easier to explain there’s this fic geexao and I are working on entitled, Hands All Over and Overexposed, and we use Maroon 5 songs for every chapter we write about. (Kind of like a song fic, but not really a song fic per se.) uggggh. I’m just babbling lol.