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How To Find Your Spirit Guides, And Guardian Angels

Your spirit guides, and guardian angels are very powerful entities that have been watching over you, and are ever present in your life even, if you do not have a relationship with them yet. These beings are specifically connected to you, because you chose each other before you were even born into this incarnation. Everyone has a spirit guide, and a guardian angel. Finding them, and learning how to interact, and communicate with them can greatly improve every single facet of your life through the simple act of their presence. Some people may find it hard to find their spirit guides, and guardian angels, others will find it very easy, it all depends on if you are ready to know them, or not. There are many ways to go about finding your spirit guides, and guardian angels, if you are ready to go searching for them. Any of these methods am about to share with you can help you find them, but it is also important to use your insight, and introspection to verify your experiences.

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Things that can help you find your spirit guides, and guardian angels:

• Just knowing that they exist.

Just to the act of simply acknowledging that they exist will allow you to start building a connection with them. You will start to see their influences in the world, and all of the things that they do for you, that you might not have been previously aware of. Allowing for you to meet them, and to get to know them not through a direct meeting, but through there actions in your life.

• Asking them to appear, and to be ever-present.

This will show them that you are ready to have them in your life. Just like the previous method, it will open you up to experience what they do in your life already. After you ask them to be more present in your life, you should look out for signs of them acting in your life.


Through the act of meditation one can find their spirit guides, and guardian angels by using their spiritual senses to perceive them. To do this all you will really need to do it enter a meditative state, open your third eye, and call to them. They should come to you, and show you their presence, and once they do you guys can begin your communication, and learning of each other. This meeting is most likely going to happen in your sacred space, or astral temple, and is going to rely heavily on your sixth sense’s ability to pick up spiritual constructs.

• Divination.

Divination can be a very useful tool when trying to communicate with anything so why not your Spirit guides, and guardian angels. All you need to do is get some form of divination method of your choice, and ask your spirit guides, and guardian angels to answer through it. Then simply begin asking questions to it as normal, and they will answer through the act of your divination tools. This will allow you to communicate with them, and get to know them better. This is a very good method, especially when you can not get into a meditative state, or when you do not have a complete grasp of using your sixth sense abilities.

• Dream.

If you know how to lucid dream, you can always call out for them in your dreams and they will appear to you there.  If you cannot lucid dream, you can always ask your spirit guides, and guardian angels to appear to you in your dreams before you go to bed, and they may come to you and your dreams. That’s all there really is to it.

• Astral projection.

Astral projection can be quite helpful, when trying to communicate with any entity this also includes your spirit guides, and guardian angels. all you have to do is astral projecting and you will be able to find your Spirit guides and guardian angels on the astral plane and communicate with them.

• And much more, that I’m probably forgetting, while writing this.

Everything you’re not supposed to know about SPIRIT GUIDES

Most people call them guardian angels, but us in the spirit communication world call them spirit guides. Mostly because they are just that: spirits who follow us throughout our lives and guide us, making sure we’re okay during this life.

Everyone has at least one. It’s possible for someone to have more than one. But we’ve all got them.

Why do we have spirits guides? Beats me. But they’re nice to have around. They don’t do harm, so they’re nothing to worry about.

Are spirit guides watching your every move? Do they watch you pee? Do they watch you as you dance in your room to One Direction? No, they’re not spies. They are always nearby but they aren’t staring at you constantly. Think of it like having a pet: you always have your pet around when you’re home, you take care of it, but you aren’t always staring at it and analyzing everything it does. We aren’t pets to our spirit guides, though, it’s just an analogy. They may not care if you dance around to One Direction, but they were probably there for you when you were crying over Zayn leaving.

Where do these spirit guides come from? How did they choose us? They may have known you in another life, or maybe they’re a relative that died before you were born. However it is, they’re a spirit that is invested in our lives in some way. Maybe it was a person who died near where you were born. Maybe it was an old childhood friend of one of your parents. They are connected to us somehow. 

Can we talk to spirit guides on the Ouija board? Well, yeah. The thing is that spirit guides try to stay in the shadows. You aren’t really supposed to know about them, to some extent. It’s not as great having a guardian angel when you know his name is Bob and he used to work in a shop near where you were born. But it is possible for them to come on and say hello on the Ouija board. They won’t do it on your first session, so if you get a spirit right away that says they’re your spirit guide, they’re lying. It might take a couple of sessions for you to figure it out. Say you meet a shy little girl on the board named May. She comes on during each session for a few minutes, and each time she’s really sweet and says nice things to you. Eventually you can start to feel her presence before she comes on the board, then you feel her even when you’re not playing on the board. And maybe during a really bad moment, when you’re upset over failing a test or getting dumped, you feel her around you and you start to feel a lot better. Then you’ll know. They won’t come out and say it’s them. That’s not in their job description.

Do spirit guides know what’s going to happen in our lives? I think so. At least, they have a general idea of where our life is supposed to go. But they either don’t for certain, or they just tell us that they don’t know. Because it’s something we’re not supposed to know about. 

Who is your spirit guide, theouijagirl? As that’s really personal, I’d rather not say. I’ve mentioned him before on this blog, and that’s pretty much all I’m going to say on the subject. I’ve only ever told maybe three or four people about him. And I’d like to keep it that way.

If you have any other questions about spirit guides, Ouija boards, spirits, or whatever, let me know.

Guardian Angels on the NYC subway, 1980

Guardian Angels first made an appearance on the New York subway in 1979 in an attempt to quell rising levels of violence. As in all of New York, crime was rampant in the subway in the 1970s. Thefts, robberies, shootings and killings became more frequent. The subway cars were very often graffiti-painted or vandalism-damaged both inside and outside.
The subway system became New York’s most ravaged symbol of urban decay, deemed un-patrollable and unsafe even for the most street savvy commuter. In 1979, a group of angered residents led by Curtis Sliwa began taking crime prevention into their own hands, donning red berets – looking very much like a gang and calling themselves the Guardian Angels. Their membership were mostly young men, black and Latino, who had eschewed gang life in their own neighborhoods to better their city.

Who are Guides? People believe you can have many guides and others believe you may only have one  guide. From personal experience, I had many guides throughout different times. Some of these guides will be around you your entire life, others will come and go as they please. 

Some of these spirits actually had lived at one point. They know how to handle the struggles you are about to face. They aren’t here to give you the lottery numbers, they are here to guide you. Usually these spirits aren’t your relatives, this is rare, but it happens.

Your guides could be someone you had known or someone you’ve never even heard of. I consider Gabriel to be my guide and friend. I notice that he is teaching me and helping me through things. He also is a messenger, like I am with my blog. Athena comes and goes as she pleases, but tries to lead me in the right direction when it comes to my life. So yes, they can even be deities.

How do  Guides help? The questions you ask yourself, “Is this right for me?”, “Who will I meet?”, these kind of questions are the questions your guides will help you decide. I asked these questions so many times that I didn’t realize that these individuals were my guides helping me answer these questions.

They can even be demons if you wish. Good demons actually work on you as a person, where angels try to work on the good of people as a whole. 

Guides mostly work on you to help you, whether it’s decisions or healing purposes. You can even consider them to be guardian angels, but not all are angels. Supposedly they can save you from car accidents, they can help safe your life. They can redirect you from danger. These are your guides trying to help you.

They can actually send people to you to help you. I have seen this happen a few times and it has helped. They send you signs, they even give you those “gut feelings”.

What are Guardian Angels? Now, this is a fine line to touch because not everyone believes in Angels. I will tell you what happened to me previously before I started working with angels. 

I have never been in the line of danger and if I was, I would direct myself somewhere else. I always trusted my gut and if that was my Guardian Angel, so be it. Supposedly Guardian Angels redirect us if we are in the line of danger.

They are the most humanoid appearing angels. They do have a set of wings as well. These are the angels you can call on if you need any sort of comfort or protection.  

How do Guardian Angels help? Guardian Angels come while we are in a moment of crisis. They try to direct us away from it as much as possible. The purpose of these angels are to protect. Some of us that are in tune with angels can get clearer signs. Others may get gut feelings or thoughts in our minds that are warning us. Some of us just “know” that we are in danger. 

They can be called upon. I have read somewhere that we all have at least one Guardian Angel or protective being around us. I also believe that guardian angels do not get too close into your life, they are mostly there to protect you.


This is what I believe is the difference between the two. So I hope this can clear a few things for everyone.  

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A lot of people talk about not being able to feel their guardians. I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Some spirit workers might be real used to their spirits speaking to them through strong clairaudience. This isn’t always the case for guardian angels. They speak in promptings. Threads of whispers of energy influxes and tingles. They won’t always be yelling at you.

If you can’t hear your guardian, or you can’t feel them, just stop for a second, calm your racing heart, and take one deep breath. That’s all. One deep breath, and then find your calm, and listen for that answer.

I guarantee you it will come to you almost immediately after.

Guardian Angels for the Signs

Aries: Camael - ruler of Mars; protector and mediator; watches over those in battle

Taurus: Jophiel - Angel of art and beauty; helps us think beautiful thoughts, and appreciate the beauty around us; brings joy and laughter

Gemini: Gabriel - messenger of the Angels; brings inspiration to the arts and communication; helps you find your true calling

Cancer: Raphael - Angelic healer; kindest and funniest; takes you on inward spiritual journeys; brings truth and guidance

Leo: Michael - the first Angel; provides protection, courage, strength, and integrity; strengthens your beliefs, energy, and self-esteem

Virgo: Remiel - guide; Angel of divine visions; brings joy, especially to women

Libra: Raguel - Angel of justice and fairness; mediates and resolves arguments; maintains balance

Scorpio: Azrael - Angel of death; helps people cross over; heals grieving family members; provides transformation and rebirth

Sagittarius: Uriel - wisest of the Angels; brings intellectual information and creative insight; expertise in problem solving and divine magic; can influence the weather

Capricorn: Haniel - Prince of the Angels; raises public image; grounds and calms; brings harmony

Aquarius: Raziel - knows the secrets of the Universe; rules clairvoyance and other psychic abilities; knowledge of the esoteric and sacred

Pisces: Chamuel - Angel of pure love; renews and improves relationships; releases you from grief to bring light-heartedness