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In Zoroastrianism, fravashis are guardian angels that accompany people through life.  They can guide and advise but cannot act directly.  Zoroastrians believe God created fravashis before creating the universe.  Originally, fravashis guarded and looked after Heaven, but after mankind was invented, they volunteered to come to earth to look after people.  After someone dies, his or her relatives need to remember the person’s fravashi, as he will continue to look after and bless the descendants of his charge.  Fravashis are usually depicted as beings of human form riding on winged circles that have streamers hanging beneath them.  

The Naming of One’s Guardian Angel

The naming of one’s Guardian Angel is prohibited by the Holy See. According to the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy, 216: “The practice of assigning names to the Holy Angels should be discouraged, except in the cases of Gabriel, Raphael and Michael whose names are contained in Holy Scripture.”

Naming someone or something implies authority over them, which is why we can name our children and our pets. Because our holy Angel is committed to us by God to “light and guard, to rule and guide,” we have no authority to name them.

When God gives a new name to someone (Abraham, Peter), he is signifying His authority over him as that person acts as His vicegerent in His name. Notably, God revealed the names of Jesus, Mary, and John the Baptist to their parents before they were born to show His special authority in human redemption.

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Please don't ever stop making Supercat edits, they're amazing! I love them and I love you, you wonderful human :)

hi! Thank you for this message! I love making them and I truly get so happy knowing that there are others that enjoy them as much as me!… and lookit, there seems to be a good bit of hatred coming at us these days and I don’t understand it at all (why cant we all just ship whatever we want to ship … leave us alone ffs).… but yeah, it’s going on and there’s really no way I know how to combat it other than to just stay happy and confident in what I ship and adore. So, yep, I’m gonna continue to make Supercat things because I see so much wonderfulness in their relationship and what Cat and Kara mean to each other. And the hateful folk can shout absurd things at me as much as they want, but I’m still gonna open photoshop every night and make Supercat things because

Guardian angels.

Amidst the crowd of all those people,

I stood overhead, thinking you were near here.

I looked around to find your presence,

but then, it soon led to disappointments.

I thought you would be looking for me?

You said I could find you whenever I needed you.

So are guardian angels really real?

Because I have never seen them present- or

you present.

And I am now afraid…

because I have always thought that I was protected.

But then I realized,

that these angels do exist.

All I had to have was faith,

for they stay amidst those clouds,

guarding every single step of my life.