otp: guardian angels

Your guardians (some call them guardian angels or guiding spirits) seem to appear out of nowhere and help you when you least expect it.  Sometimes you don’t even realize until long after the fact.  I always wish that after I die I could see a retrospective of all the times I was helped and rescued in this way.  Sitting there eating my buttery popcorn with them all around and me exclaiming “Oh DUDE that was a really nice one!  Thanks again!”

anonymous asked:

Please don't ever stop making Supercat edits, they're amazing! I love them and I love you, you wonderful human :)

hi! Thank you for this message! I love making them and I truly get so happy knowing that there are others that enjoy them as much as me!… and lookit, there seems to be a good bit of hatred coming at us these days and I don’t understand it at all (why cant we all just ship whatever we want to ship … leave us alone ffs).… but yeah, it’s going on and there’s really no way I know how to combat it other than to just stay happy and confident in what I ship and adore. So, yep, I’m gonna continue to make Supercat things because I see so much wonderfulness in their relationship and what Cat and Kara mean to each other. And the hateful folk can shout absurd things at me as much as they want, but I’m still gonna open photoshop every night and make Supercat things because