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“Why Did Bellamy Fall in Love with Clarke?”

So I recently got an anonymous message asking me this question and I was preparing myself to answer with the typical “because she’s supportive and he respects her and trusts her and blah blah blah” response which definitely isn’t WRONG, and are definitely reasons why I ship Bellarke, but I also feel like it goes a lot deeper than that. 

I haven’t written a good, solid meta in awhile, I feel like, and this question hit me really hard for some reason, so I am going to answer it separate from the ask in more depth. And, since I’m feeling extra, I’m probably going to make another post answering why Clarke fell in love with Bellamy because - yes - this ship goes both ways and I am sure as hell going to take every opportunity I get to prove that.

To start off, I don’t really think that there is one particular reason why Bellamy fell in love with Clarke. You can’t really go about it by saying “well, Bellamy really likes this trait and this trait and this trait - therefore, he loves Clarke because she encompasses all three” because I don’t think that’s really how love works. I do think that she has traits that Bellamy really likes and respects, and I think that’s how they became friends. But then he fell in love with her and it wasn’t just about those traits anymore. Because love isn’t selective. He doesn’t just love some parts of her and not the others. He loves Clarke as a whole, as a person. He loves all of her pieces and parts and fragments. He just loves her.

But why?

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Amazing request/idea from a great blog @jouissezduprintemps
She’s so sweet and nice and has great drawing ideas. I’m so grateful she let me draw this for her!🤗👌🏻 probably one of the most fun ones🙈 an au idea of what if Riza was a bartender dealing with a very drunk Roy 😂

So I’m doing my Season 1 rewatch and it occurred to me that Clarke’s first kill (Atom) and Bellamy’s first kill (Dax) actually parallel each other.

They both, for one, kill them by piercing their neck, but the part that I thought was more interesting is that they both do it, in a sense, for each other.

Clarke killed Atom FOR Bellamy so that he wouldn’t have to. She didn’t have to do that. It was a bit of a self-sacrifice on her part to actually kill a man to save him the burden, instead taking the weight on herself.

Bellamy, on the other hand, killed Dax FOR Clarke again. He was just going to let Dax kill him until Clarke came along, because he hates himself that much. But suddenly it wasn’t just about him, and Clarke’s life was on the line too. So he killed Dax so that she wouldn’t die, also. But it’s important to note that if Clarke weren’t there, Bellamy was ready to stop fighting.

I just thought it was interesting that their first kills were essentially for each other, and it shows that that dynamic of support and lifting weights off of each other’s shoulders was there from the very beginning (even if it’s demonstrated in a bit of a twisted way).

Does anyone have thoughts on what else the parallels could mean?


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anonymous asked:

Do you think B knows that C is in love with him and vice versa?

This is an interesting question and if you had asked me last season I probably would have answered differently, but yes, I do think that Bellamy and Clarke both know that the other loves them. 

I don’t see how they can’t be aware of that fact at this point. Too much has happened between them, they’ve basically told each other that they love each other in every single way possible without actually saying the words. I’m pretty confident that Bellamy and Clarke are both aware that the other has very deep emotional feelings for them (romantic or not) and cares a great deal about them.

I mean, just look at the shift in how Bellamy responds to Clarke being intimate with him now. He used to always appear so shocked, even last season. But now it’s almost like … he’s used to it? Maybe that’s not the best way of phrasing what I mean, but he definitely doesn’t appeared shocked anymore. He seems grateful that she’s there, by his side and supporting him, and he always acts like those gestures mean a lot to him, but his significantly decreased amount of shock when she nuzzles into his hand or when she told him that he was special suggest to me that Bellamy is aware that Clarke cares for him a great deal, and that he is important to her. 

And for Clarke, I don’t know if she’s ever really doubted Bellamy’s feelings for her (not getting into the romance of it all just yet, by the way) ever since 3B. He’s stuck by her side and offered her comfort in so many ways she would probably have to lose all five of her senses, and then her memory, to become uncertain of the depth of his feelings for her - lets just put it that way.

To answer your question in the short way: do they know that the other loves them? Yes. Absolutely.

Do they know that the other is IN love with them? Well, that’s a bit more complicated.

I think that Bellamy and Clarke are both sort of evading that question, of whether or not the other is in love with them. Neither of them are really ready to face it quite yet (but I suspect that they will be soon), not when the world is ending. Although, paradoxically, their impending doom could very well be the factor that makes them decide to express how they really feel before its too late (whether physically or verbally). 

I think that Bellamy and Clarke can both sense that there’s something there, between them, that isn’t what they have with the other people in their lives. They can feel it. They’re just trying not to think too much about it. 

I believe that if they allowed themselves to consider the possibility, for just a moment, they would open their eyes and realize “god, I’m a fucking idiot; of course” but last we saw them together, in 4x06, they weren’t quite at that point yet. 

I’m sensing a shift in the last two episodes, though. Even though they weren’t together, the way their individual arcs are headed seem to be opening up possibilities for a romance, but we’re going to have to wait and see.