otp: goofballs

❤️BAMON ❤️

No one makes him smile like this. It’s one of my favorite Damon smiles. His smile looks so human and relaxed. Bonnie’s love wasn’t easily earned, Bc she’s the kind of woman you have to work for. But once you earn her, she’s not easily pushed away. She won’t abandon you. She loyal to a mf fault. No one makes her smile this way, let alone make her eyes sparkle like this. Damon gives her that twinkle. She’s feels loved and seen in this moment they shared. She’s not someone’s friend, daughter, or girlfriend… she’s Bonnie fucking Bennett. An entity and a force of her own. Damon sees her for who she is and that’s why he protects her to the fullest. Even if it means he has to walk away from her, Bc that’s what you do when you “truly” love someone. Damon’s loyalty is not easily earned. He’s hard to get close to and keep, but once you have him he’d never walk away, and he’ll fight for you in a selfless way. Because almost selfishly, he doesn’t want to exist without you. Damon’s existence is made real by the people he loves. He doesn’t want to exist without love. Bonnie, loves so hard she refuses to exist without loving hard. These two people are fiercely protective and beautifully broken. But together they are whole. Together they are the most complete pair in the entire series. Together, everyone in the show is alive because of them. The only person that’s gone, by default, is the one, who’s destiny was to bring them together. He wasn’t the most likable guy before her, and she wasn’t the most willfully open before him. They helped each other strengthen their weaknesses and become better people. They love each other so much, they don’t realize they are in love Bc all they ever do for one another is become selfless over and over again, sacrificing their own desires to see the other smile. They are so canon and so perfect that I can’t even… I love them so much it hurts 😭

Promnis AU: Psycho pass
↳ In a futuristic world where criminal intent is analyzed by the Sybil System, a new top of the class recruit, Prompto Argentum, joins the police force in hopes to bring justice to the world but also starts to fall in love with enforcer, Ignis Stupeo Scientia.

(Modern)Imagine you and teen!Connor go to Home Depot with Achilles. He went to get some things and told you two to just stay out of trouble. You and Connor go around the store being goofballs. When you turn a corner, Connor gasps. (By this time he’s naturally high off of having fun) He points to the bendy tubes that were on the concrete floor. You two run over to them and slip them onto your arms. You two are having so much fun with them and all of a sudden.. Achilles finds you two. He has that parent face. You make a mock grumpy cat face and run off with Connor into the store with your tube arms in the air. YOU SHALL NEVAR STOP US!!!

Gather Near to Us Once More, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Title: Gather Near to Us Once More

Pairing: Brittana

Word Count: ~2,600

Summary: “They had thought it would a great Christmas gift idea: paying for a package spread of family photos, taken at a studio, featuring both sets of grandparents, themselves, Brittany’s sister, and their one and a half year-old daughter. Maybe they were wrong.” Christmas one-shot. Mouseverse.

Author’s Note: To those who celebrate: Merry Christmas! To those who don’t celebrate: Enjoy some relatively fluffy Brittana anyway. Please be aware: This story does contain an instance of homophobic behavior that Brittany and Santana have to deal with, but the story has a happy ending.