otp: go get 'em tiger

I’m almost done sorting through the photos from Michigan. The majority of photos I took at The Henry Ford Museum are pretty much only going to be enjoyed by my housemate and maybe my Mom’s partner. I took a lot of photos of things for specific people, people that are no longer in my life. They’ll just get filed away, like they always do.

Going out to shoot with a friend today then getting tattooed by a friend I’ve had for about twenty years in his newly opened shop in Downingtown. Very stoked.

Support your friends and they’ll support you in your endeavors.

anonymous asked:

Jack, help me. I really, and I mean REALLY, like this one person but I'm scared to tell them. Reason for it is because they are the same gender as me. However, we are really close and I'm not sure if they noticed it or not because they are acting differently. I want them to know but how should I say it to them? What happens if they never want to see me again because of it?

Well, I say take the leap of faith and tell ‘em how you feel. You never know, they might be feeling the same way. If not, and they never want to see you again because of it, then screw them. If that’s how they wanna treat you, then they don’t deserve you. But it could turn out the complete opposite. You could end up getting together, falling love, the whole nine yards! You never know~

superfandomsoldier  asked:

Omg I love them! Will you marry me?

Whosoever wishes to seek the hand of a Fangirl in glorious matrimony must first pass the three Trials of Fandom.

1. Crush a ship-basher under the heel of your fabulousness and bathe in the tears of their frustration.

2. Rescue an innocent fanfiction author from the fires of Flamers and deliver them unto Heaven (or bury them in good reviews. Same thing)

 3. Cure an Anon Hater of their demonic taint.

Finally, request the consent of your intended (if this is not freely given, the quest is immediately invalidated and must be abandoned).

When your tasks are completed and your mettle proven, you and your beloved may then kneel together before the gathered Fandom and have your union sanctified by the exalted OTP, Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities.
I’m rooting for you, shadowjumpingsherlock! Go get em, tiger.