otp: give me someone i like

  • "my soulmate has the first words i'll ever say to him tattooed somewhere" aus posts: deep as shit, poetic, beautiful, moving pieces of art
  • me: but imagine enjolras growing up with this ugly af tattoo that says "BUT FIRST LET ME TAKE A SELFIE" in a bold big font all over his ass and praying at night that his soulmate's tattoo would be something he will recognize right away, put where he can see it, and then the song comes out and he jumps and nearly cries everytime he hears it in vines/yt videos/from people everywhere and then one day he sees this guy grantaire taking a selfie and saying the infamous words and he has "I'M GONNA END YOU YOU SELFIE-TAKING PIECE OF SHIT" on his arm in like this enormous neon red underlined characters, and enjolras just smiles and cracks his knuckles.

*laughter on the verge of hysteria* 

this episode use to be a gift, now it’s slap in the face. 

you two are anything but resolved. you haven’t even begun. 

Someone I Like

“Give me someone I like!” he’d yelled to the TARDIS interface.

And it did. It gave him someone he liked a lot. In fact - more than that - it gave him someone he loved.

Rose Marion Tyler. The pink and yellow human who’d become his support, his hope, his everything. The one who’d taught him how to love again. The one who had promised him forever, but was taken from him too soon. Much too soon.

And there she had stood before him. Well, her image anyway. And he’d foolishly called out “Guilt!" 

He would never forgive himself for not keeping her safe, in this world. For not saying the three words he so badly needed her to hear, just so she’d know - I love you.

He still felt guilty about that. The never saying it.

But later, he felt something that was greater than the guilt. He needed that Rose interface.

So he prepared to see his Rose again. This time, determined to push past the guilt. 

"Interface,” he called. Every muscle in him tensed up as he spoke his request. “Show me Rose.”

And there she was. Right in front of him. Just the sight of her there relaxed his tense nerves, and he let himself smile.


“I’m not really Rose, I’m the TARDIS interface,” it reminded him.

“That’s right,” the Doctor agreed. “But you know everything she’d say. The TARDIS has been inside Rose’s head. Remember?” He resumed speaking to the image as if it was Rose herself. “You had a huge problem with that at first.”

“Spaceship messing with my brain, what do you expect?”

Ahhh, there she is,” the Doctor grinned. “That’s my Rose Tyler.”

The interface offered a smile. So like Rose. The last words she’d spoken, the expression her face wore now - It was Rose, through and through. And that’s exactly what he’d needed. 

Now there was something he needed to say. That needed to be said out loud, at least. Even if this was just the interface.

“Rose, there’s something I never told you.”

I know,” she replied softly, almost a whisper. 

“You do?” he asked hopefully.

“I do,” she answered. “Love’s not just words. You don’t just say it, you show it. And you showed it to me so many times. You’ve saved my life in more ways than one. So, yes, Doctor. I know.”

“But I should have said it, Rose. I was wrong, it did need saying. I’m so sorry I didn’t say it. I’m so so sorry.”

He was on the verge of tears when she replied, with an air of realization, “But you did.”


“It’s like all those languages the TARDIS translates. So many languages, so many ways to say it…but the meaning’s the same.”

His eyes widened. “So, I didsay it, I just didn’t say it.”

She nodded, smiling, and he sighed in relief. 

“The way you loved me, by protecting me, believing in me, holding my hand through time and space - that’s your language. And you said it every day.”

Now the tears that had threatened to release broke free. He cried and he laughed in joyous knowledge of the thing he had said after all. 

                                                           * * *

He kept the interface in “Rose Mode” from then on. Cut the tiny little wire that helped the interface change form. It was fixable, of course…but he didn’t ever want to fix it.

It was much like the Chameleon Circuit in that way. Permanent for as longed as he wished it. But he loved that blue police public call box. 

And he loved his Rose Tyler.