otp: give me someone i like

Prompt # 151

“What the heck did you just do?!”

“You know, I’m not entirely sure, but I think I might have just summoned a demon?”

lestrade ships

lestrade is such an unproblematic safe choice for shipping with any character

like, lestrade and molly, i can see that. He’ll be such a kind gentleman towards her and yet still aloof and funny

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lestrade and mycroft? god yes, they’re basically sherlock’s parents look at these two

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lestrade and sherlock? i dig it, always looking out for sherlock and keeping an eye on his addiction and willing to outwardly show affection

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like none of these are my otp, and yet, if someone were to give me a fic of these ships, it’s like yeah i don’t mind reading it actually, lestrade is so unproblematic and good for the world

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top 50 otps of all time ☆ #45. Peyton Sawyer & Jake Jagielski 

“Yes, losing your heart’s desire is tragic, but gaining your heart’s desire? That’s all you can hope for. This year I wished for love … to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted and if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy because I wouldn’t give it back for the world.”


I’m so not okay right now.  This just sucker-punched my feels into a fine pulp.  

what i learnt from eyewitness and what it taught me

-          that some murder scenes can be staged as suicides

-          that someone as amazing as tyler young and james paxton exist

-          that i want to be a foster mother when i’m old enough

-          how to tell that my boyfriend isn’t interested and/or gay as fuck

-          it introduced me to some amazing music due to the soundtrack and the does your stomach hurt playlist

-          what PTSD is and how much it sucks

-          how to shut the world out – philip turning the sink on and pretending he’s in a swimming pool

-          that i want to name my son lukas

-          tyler. matthew. young.

-          don’t leave something bottled up inside you because it’ll start effecting you in ways you don’t it to

-          if you like someone; tell them, because they might like you to

-          always put your family before your work

-          don’t be a fucking podophile cause it’ll get you shot

-          don’t fuck with drugs

-          don’t give someone want they want, if want they want is purely lust.

-          if you love someone; tell them

-          that i am super gay for mercedes morris

-          conSENT

-          brought me closer with the friends i introduced it to

-          introduced me to an amazing group of people

-          gave me a new otp


-          gave me a new favourite show

-          gave me the courage to come out

-          to talk to people who seem like their going through shit

-          to love people who need to be loved

-          made me fight for season two

So you know how Elena stressed that either Aelin or Dorian need to give up their life force to forge a new Lock? I think I found a way around death so hear me out. Elena said that someone had to give up all their power and life force, but what if they did it together? Like a half and half deal. Neither would have to die AND Elena never said it couldn’t be done. She didn’t even mention it. So it make me think that both gave a little of themselves, like join hands and do whatever needs to be done, both could live and my ships would survive. I don’t know. 


GET TO KNOW ME : favorite 5/? Parinings → Asuma Mutsumi x Kae Serinuma  ()

Asuma : I’ve always given up on whatever I could give up, shared whatever I could share. I never really wanted anything so much that I’d fight over it… as long as it made someone happy…. But sorry, this time I’m not letting you have your way  ” .
Kae : “ D-Do you feel a little less anxious like this? Everyone has something they have trouble with. If there’s something I can do to help, I’ll gladly do it “

Things older married Tagatha do

- fight over blankets

- bake cookies at 3am while dancing and singing off key in the kitchen

- try to responsible adults who  R U N  A  K I N G D O M  but they still get really excited at their birthdays and spend months planning for the other

- have arguments over whether a bear or a lion would win in a fight and getting really angry with each other and not speaking for a week

- fight over the last slice of cake and the chef is like protecting the cake because he spent so long on that cake and he should have known because these two are so immature why did he let this happen AGAIN

- cover up their hickeys with their royal wear (like formal capes and dresses and suits) but everyone knows anyway

- Tedros won’t let Agatha get about of bed and cuddles with her all morning

- they T R Y to get painted for the royal portrait but they can’t because they can’t keep a straight face and eventually the painter gives up and Agatha is pretty sure it’s the best picture they have of each other

- sneak out of the castle at night and go stargaze until Merlin finds them asleep in the grass together

- during royal meetings they have no idea what’s happening because the other is making funny faces and they CANNOT LAUGH THIS IS TOO SERIOUS

- Tedros goes on long hunting trips and always hug-tackles Agatha when he gets back

- they go on royal trips all the time and every place they go they get like some souvenir or something every time

- Tedros gets to be really tall and holds things over Agatha’s head and watches her get angry and he thinks it’s so cute and she hates it and usually kicks his shins but that won’t stop him

- Tedros uses really cheesy pick up lines and Agatha is like “geez we’re already MARRIED”


- Tedros is kinda vain at times and Agatha is just like “Reaper, sic em”

- Reaper and Tedros rivarly continues so Tedros gets a dog, probs a golden retriever, just to spite Agatha and to his surprise the two love each other, he is very angry

- Tedros still mad that they don’t have nicknames and insists Agatha call him “Teddy” or “Teddy Bear”

- its raining so Agatha drags Tedros out into the courtyard and they jump in puddles and splash each other with water and end up rolling on the cobblestones laughing until Guinevere has to pull them insides because “for goodness sake you will get a cold at this rate”

- Merlin makes them hot chocolate and they laugh in front of the fireplace and give each other whipped cream mustaches

- Agatha likes to curl up in big, comfy chairs and read in the sun until she falls asleep so when Tedros can’t find her he checks all her favorite reading spots and carries her to bed

CAN YOU JUST PICTURE TAGATHA BEING SUPER CUTE AND MARRIED I’m sorry I just have a lot of feelings for these two someone help me please


That the plan? Take me out in the middle of nowhere where no one can find the body?

sorry to all WynDolls shipper (I like them too) but WynDoc still takes away my heart ♥
This scene literally made me cry, it was sweet, it was touching & it shows how much parents will go through just to keep their child safe T_T
Wynonna Earp x Doc Holliday x Alice Michelle Earp-Holliday ♥

p.s. Can someone give Mel & Tim awards for their performance in here ♥♥♥

Hey guys! Do you like my writing?

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You message me your fandom, characters/pairing, and prompt. I read it and if I feel like it’s something I can do, I accept. I don’t anticipate this being a problem–the only issue I foresee is if you ask for a character I’m not familiar with. If there is a problem like this, I’ll let you know and see if there’s a way we can get around it.

So at that point, you can PayPal me at technicolor_nina@yahoo.com, for any amount you choose ($3 minimum). I will write you a oneshot between 1200 and 3500 words, probably somewhere right smack in between the two, and you can choose to have it 1) emailed to you, 2) submitted to your Tumblr, 3) posted to my Tumblr, 4) posted to my AO3, or 5) some combination of the above. All oneshots will be done by 31 October 2017.

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Princess Tutu

Fandoms I can write if you let me have a floating timeline and/or make a little allowance for not being entirely up to date:

Captain America MCU
Iron Man MCU
Welcome To Night Vale
LoveLive! School Idol Project (u’s only, I haven’t gotten to Aqours yet)

The fandom where you can tell me you want this fandom and be shocked at how much I know via Tumblr osmosis:


A side note: I no longer write MCU on my own due to serious disagreements with how HYDRA, the Maximoff twins, and Black Widow have been handled, alongside all the Nick Spencer bullshit from the comics side of things. If you’ve ever wondered how I would write MCU, or there’s something there you really want to see from me, this is your chance to do so.

Stuff I won’t do (no judgments here, this is just stuff I’m really bad at. Except the last two items, which, yikes.)

Explicit porn
Heavy gore
Modern crack
Pedophilia (defined here as someone over the age of 18 in a sexual relationship with someone below the age of consent in my state, which is 16)

Stuff I will do that you might not have seen in years and could be interested in:

Classic, “holy shit what drugs is she on” early-2000s crack

You can see my most recent work on my AO3.

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So… Hi(?)! I just read your Papa!Mochi & Baby!Eijun Masterpost and in the reading I asking to myself, if Eijun and Satoru really likes Nori-nii (aww~ cute nickname for my Nori, I really love him -random comment- ) what if someone really seems to want something with Nori? Are they going to get jealousy? By the way… this is so cute~ I like your drawing~ it’s really beautiful and even more with that AU~ I like KuraRyou/RyouKura~ they are my otp~ I also have seen your other AU MiSawa, and it’s cute too~ :D“ from blue-salamon

Update was a bit late today ‘cause I was busy babysitting without my mum giving me a heads up first.

I’ve been wanting to do more strips with Nori. I love him. He’s adorable. I want to show more of him interacting with the kids. I kinda want him to be the type that the kids consider more like “one of them”. More a playmate than a babysitter compared to the other adults. XD

More from this AU

Just watched Power Rangers 2017

It was actually really good I personaly enjoyed it a lot and I already know Trini x Kimberly are my new otp I mean can you talk about chemistry also the fact Trini is the first lgbtq character in a big budget bluckbuster superhero movie whos sexuality is actually spoken about in the movie gives me life an like I said before I 100% ship her with Kimberly I also ship Jason and Billy but Kimberly and Trini take the trophy for my favorite ship in this movie also can someone pls messege me what their ship name is like is it Timberly or KiTri or something.


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'I need you to talk to me' please :)

also for @robertsuggles :)))

“I need you to talk to me.”

Robert smiles, not enough to reach his eyes, and Aaron’s practiced enough to see the lie. “I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about.”

That’s the part that’s not a lie. “I’m dealing with it,” he says, fingers resting on the table. They’re being watched, so Robert’s fingers are a hairs breadth away. They’re twitching, like he’s desperate to touch Aaron. Aaron knows the feeling. “What about you?”

“Are they treating you well?” Robert says, evading.

“Robert,” Aaron snaps, drawing back.

“What?” Robert says, anger pinching his face, fingers curling into a fist. “What do you want me to say?”

Aaron runs a hand over his face, shoulders slumping as he looks at Robert; he’s pale and tired, clothes starting to look a little loose. “I just want you to tell me how you’re feeling. We’re married.”

That gets through; Robert’s face falls, his eyes looking at a point over Aaron’s shoulder. It’s a familiar move when he’s saying something difficult, something he’s not sure how to say. “I hate this,” he says quietly. “I hate how empty the bed is, how lonely I am.”

Aaron’s heart clenches painfully. His eyes burn.

“Then I hate myself for thinking about me when you’re in here, dealing with—” Robert cuts off, biting down on saying anything more. He sighs, fingers tapping against the table. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” Aaron says, wishing he could hug Robert, bury his face in Robert’s shoulder. “There’s not long, alright? Then I’ll be home.”

Robert nods, eyes as wet as Aaron’s feel. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Aaron says, easily. “Promise me, Rob, you’ll talk to someone at home.”

Robert hesitates, looks like he’s going to say no. At Aaron’s worried look he nods. “Alright. Yeah.”

give me a prompt and i’ll write you 300 words :)))