otp: girl after my own heart

I’ll be living in this pale-blue washed-silk button-down from Equipment, and these red Chloé ballet flats—both are great for dressing up or down, in the city or away. I’m loving these new colors from Essie’s nail polish summer collection—Absolutely Shore, an almost-white pastel sea-green, and Meet Me At Sunset, the perfect bright orange. A nail and a slick of sheer lip color, like Estée Lauder’s Electric Cherry gloss, are really all you need to complement lightly bronzed skin, protected, of course, by Josie Maran’s mostly organic Argan Oil sunscreen (the body version is great too). My Maison Martin Margiela “misplaced signet” ring is a year-round staple.
Emily Weiss

Yep, She's Mine.
  • Discussing plans to visit an amusement park tomorrow...
  • Dictator: Will there be long lines?
  • Me: Maybe. It's opening day, and it's going to be pretty nice out, so I bet a lot of people will be there.
  • Dictator: Aw, man! I hate long lines! It's so BORING waiting in line for rides! …but not for food.
  • Me: Why not for food?
  • Dictator: ["Duh" face] Because there's FOOD at the end of the line!

So my mom was relaying the story of some kid calling 911 when she knocked the elf off the shelf (her mom was taking a nap and she didn’t want her to find out).  It all turned out okay (despite the fact that holy fuck, the kid was that worked up).

Anyway, my niece was there at the time, and tells me that she heard that if you knock the elf off the shelf, it’ll kill you

about two sentences later, she informed me she wanted one

My Little Leo

Dictator and I are both Leos, with birthdays two weeks apart. If you don’t know any Leos, then your life may be lacking highly opinionated, extraordinarily self-centred, bossy people. (Also passionate, affectionate and loyal people, but that’s not the point of this story.)

In the car today, the Husband was asking what I’d like for my birthday, which was a nice change from all of the princess-themed party prep we’ve been doing for Dictator’s birthday next week. 

From the back of the car came this not so little voice:

“Not Mama’s birthday! My birthday! 

Yep. She’s a Leo, all right.