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“Why are millennials obsessed with self-care?” - I dunno, maybe because they were raised by a whole generation of people who visibly, vocally hate their lives? Like, if you were brought up being told that you ought to accept circumstances and obligations that make you miserable when you’re young because it’ll pay off in dividends of security and happiness later in life, only to be confronted on a daily basis with a stark reminder that for most folks, that payoff never comes, what would you do?

yo like old people give our generation so much shit for being rude and disrespectful but

in my 5 years of working at a fast food restaurant

i have never once, not ONCE, been abused or spoken rudely to for any reason by a young person.

You know who yells at me when the restaurant is busy and their order takes a little longer? When there’s a mistake with their food? Asshole middle aged people.

You know who smiles and says it’s ok? Teenagers and little kids.

This whole Pokemon Go drama of people bashing younger generations on social media has made me think a lot. All the comments revolved around the same: “why don’t you go and adopt an actual animal?” “Or why are you so immature?”

The answer to most of these people is very simple: this is all we got. I’m going to be 25 years old in one month and I just secured my first ever permanent job. At my age my mum had a 6 year old and had a permanent job for 5 years. My dad had his own business. They had two cars, a house and a mortgage. Do you know what I have? Student loan debt, high rent for a tiny flat (that doesn’t allow pets btw!), four plants and a bus pass.

Baby boomers accuse my generation of being lazy and immature and this and that when they literally fucked everything over for us. “How do you want to buy a house do you? Well get ready to fork out a quarter of a million pounds and a kidney while you are at it!”

Travelling, fandoms and nostalgia filled games are all we got. Don’t you think I would like to have children? Don’t you think I go to sleep every night thinking I’m getting older and I haven’t reached even a quarter of the goals I set up for myself? Don’t you think that I’m scared I will never be able to afford a family? 

I grew up hearing that I could be everything I wanted. That if I worked really hard I would be rewarded for it. Well guess what? You lied. You, baby boomer, sitting comfortably in your 4-bed house with your mortgage and your white fence. You lied to all of us. So the least you can do is shut the fuck up and let me catch some Pokemon.

sigmastolen  asked:

re: how teens and adults text, I would be super interested for you to explain your theory!

ok SO. a lot of this comes from various stuff i’ve seen on the linguistics of tumblr, but at the heart of it is that people in my generation (at least in the us; idk abt other countries’ timelines on this front) went thru (or are still going thru) our Formative Social Years in an environment where we’d regularly interact with even our closest friends on text-only platforms (whether texting or gchat or fb messages or w/e), and b/c so much linguistic/social information is actually conveyed by facial expression and tone of voice, we’ve collectively made up all of these textual ways of conveying that in a concise, efficient way

so like, sometimes on this blog i’ll talk about “straight people”, and sometimes i’ll talk about “str8 ppl”, and even tho i would pronounce those the same, the first is much more neutral — it would probably happen in the context like “i’m not sure how i feel about straight people writing stories that center around experiences of homophobia” — than the second, which which is much more frustrated/venting — it would be more likely to crop up in the context of “all i want is to live quietly in my little queer utopia but no str8 ppl have to come along and heteronomativity UGH #over it #whatever #NOT RLLY OVER IT”. or even with more subtle things like end punctuation: “i’m not going” basically just means i’m not currently planning to go to the thing; “i’m not going.” carries much more of a connotation of “i have seriously considered going and have Reasons for staying at home” (and note that capital — “i have Reasons for staying at home” feels different than “i have reasons for staying at home”). (and this isn’t even getting into things like shitposting or advanced memeology, but there are specific textual markers that go with things like that, some of which would be pronounced if you read them aloud, but many of which wouldn’t be)

but, crucially, for these kinds of things to carry meaning, they have to be used consistently: if i use “str8 ppl” and “straight people” interchangeably in all contexts (as i do for something like “the supreme court” vs “scotus”), then there’s no way to develop a distinction in meaning between the two — the only way to do that is to consistently use the different orthographies in different contexts. (to take another example: if something is “great”, then it’s solidly good. if something is “gr8”, it’s more in the land of “i can’t quite believe this is as earnest/tacky/tasteless as it is but i’m weirdly into it anyway?” (sometimes with a side helping of “do i just enjoy this ironically or do i genuinely enjoy it there is no way of knowing please send help”))

the upshot of this is that to be fluent in tumblr (or texting, or fb messenger, or w/e) means to actually be paying a lot of attention to subtle points of grammar and spelling, to know when to use “did u kno” or “ur” or even pull out an old-fashioned tip of the hat to “e733T haxxor 5killz”. most of these are very subtle distinctions, the kind of things you feel intuitively rather than write out explicitly, and so it’s very hard to convey them concisely and accurately to someone who’s not already immersed in the linguistic environment

and let’s be real, people in my parents’ generation aren’t. i mean, sure, many of them have facebook accounts, but these kinds of platforms weren’t around when they were in their “really getting to grips with social interaction” years, and their most important social interactions usually don’t take place exclusively online. for me, all of my closest friends are people i’ve only interacted with online for more than a year now (with a few brief face-to-face visits when various travel arrangements have allowed), so tumblr, facebook, and gchat are absolutely critical to my social life and interpersonal interactions; for my parents, their closest friends are people they see in person at work every day, so social media is a light overlay to their social lives, not the thrumming core

as such, my parents don’t grok these distinctions. to them “what are you doing?” means the same thing as “lol wut r u doing”; “gr8” is just like “great” (and “gr9” takes some parsing … ); dogespeak doesn’t have the same distinctive valence that it does to us. since they don’t know about these distinctions, they don’t feel the need to maintain more “proper” spelling/grammar when texting with a friend — different people have different set points for this, obvs, but in general i feel like “standard (setting aside all the class and racial implications in that term …) spelling and grammar” (with lighter-than-standard punctuation and capitalization) translates to “relatively neutral/pleasant conversational voice”, and then deliberate misspellings, abbreviations, letter substitutions, and grammar deviations are markers used to indicate shifts in mood — i have a vague sense that bitterness tends to collapse down and preserve grammar but weird spelling (“lyk w/e im happy 4 u but pls, i kno u lied 2 get that”) whereas enthusiasm tends to preserve spelling but weird grammar (“what i can’t even no how do air AMAZE”). since people in my parents’ generation don’t realize that doing so unintentionally changes the way their words come across, they feel free to text “poorly” (ie with lots of errors/substitutions, generally mixing various text-flagged vocal tones in ways that are often incoherent) in order to do so more quickly (b/c lbr typing everything out can be a pain (esp on a non-smartphone), and since parents don’t do it as much, they’re not necessarily as fast as our spry young fingers on a familiar interface)

so yeah, that’s what i suspect is going on

tl;dr: parents don’t use orthography to mark vocal tone in the way youngfolk do, and thus feel free to condense their texts and otherwise use textspeak. youngfolk are using orthography to mark for tone, and thus text more “correctly” to preserve their social intentions

If you think about it, all these thinkpieces about how Millenials are “killing” various industries reveal a pretty colossal sense of entitlement.

Under normal circumstances, if a given industry finds itself unable to sell products to a given market demographic, we’d say it’s that industry’s fault for failing to offer products that that demographic is interested in buying.

It only makes sense to blame the target demographic itself if we’re assuming that the established industries have some intrinsic right to that demographic’s disposable income that’s being denied - which is clearly nonsense.

And I thought Millennials were supposed to be the entitled ones?

I'm sick of your bullshit Baby boomers

Old people on my Facebook timeline like to bitch about any trend. Literally seen a picture of a ratchet and it said. “Fidget spinner for those who work for a living” like? This time last year it was Pokemon go. Like? Sorry we want a distraction from the shitty world we live in. Sorry we want to forget about hardships for a while. Sorry liking activities and games makes an entire generation “Lazy”. I work and pay bills just like you but because I enjoy looking at Instagram and playing Pokemon it doesn’t count and my efforts don’t matter. You’re right. That’s how that works.
And you people wonder why so many of us are depressed/have anxiety disorders. You litterly bully an entire generation every chance you get. Oh wait. Mental Heath isn’t a thing right? My generation made up an entire field of medicine to “be lazy and make excuses” Every other month there is a bombing, shooting, stabbing, vehicular attack, school shootings/stabbing. And we watch our friends get slaughtered. While all you do is bitch and argue​ about how we don’t want to just “suck it up get and over it.” NOWHERE IS SAFE! Music concerts, Parks, Time Square, Boston​, Elementary school, Middle school, Highschool, College campuses, Movie theaters, Shopping malls, Banks, Airplanes, and Beaches to name a few, all RUINED. But heaven forbid those lazy millennials play with a fidget spinner. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT STANLEY HOW DARE WE!!!

Old People: “Fucking immigrants.  Taking our jobs, not speaking proper english.  Go back to your own damn country.  Only true americans like me can live here.”

Old People: “I don’t want gays to get married.  It makes me uncomfortable, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Old People: “What’s with all this love for trans people all of a sudden?  It’s like an epidemic!  God made you one way…at least that’s what I believe, and what I believe is always right.”

Young Person: *posts a selfie*

Old People: “Ugh your generation is so entitled.  The most narcissistic and selfish generation ever.”

Whenever a fictional setting depicts witchcraft and wizardry as essentially opposed schools of magic, all I can picture is a couple of old masters crankily snarking at each other about the “proper” way to do magic, while in the background the witch’s apprentice sidles up to her wizardly counterpart all “hey, I’ll sneak you a copy of my best healing potion recipe if you teach me how to shoot fireballs”.

I just realized something. I hate the early 2000s aesthetic because those were the worst years of my life: middle school. So I now understand why people 10 or 15 years younger than me would want to embrace it. It came before them. Even if they were alive, they weren’t living. Same reason why people my age say stuff like the previous comment about the 80s and early 90s: we may have been there, but we weren’t There. And my mom feels this way about the 60s. It’s some generational reaching we must naturally do, but it’s creepy as hell to me that anyone would be idolizing an era I so definitively suffered through.

I swear to God
I will never ever in my life scold my child for getting bad marks. Because that doesn’t make the weather better and I don’t want him to think that he’s not good enough
Marks are just numbers/letters
I don’t want my child to spend nights crying because he thinks I love him less because of him getting bad marks
I got a C on my French exam which really disappointed me. And my mom said “Really? Was it this hard?”
I learn three foreign languages! And I get straight As! But I don’t like French! It doesn’t seem logical to me. I don’t feel this language.

I’m sorry if it makes me a terrible daughter
But if you did something to help me get a better mark, you would have the right to be mad at me. But I’m sorry. You didn’t help a bit.


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Fuck this guy and all he stands for if his response to people pointing out how bullshit his points are is to hide behind one of the worst written laws we have all to silence critics.

You don’t criticize an entire generation of people and not get criticized yourself.