otp: future babies

The Birds and The Bees OTP Edition:
  • child: Mom.
  • me: What is it?
  • child: Can you explain what sex is?
  • me: Yes my child. You're at that age where you need to know the truth. Please follow me.
  • me: *sits down at table with child*
  • me: *pulls out high-tech smartphone*
  • me: *looks up Chapter 125 of Tokyo Ghoul :re*
  • me: *places it in front of child*
  • me: This is what you call an OTP or a ship. These two right here are becoming "canon."
  • child: Canon?
  • me: Canon means when a writer for a fandom or series makes two of the main characters love each other very much and make them never live without each other until the end of the series.
  • child: I still don't understand.
  • me: *makes child read chapters 126-129*
  • child: Oh my god.
  • me: *drinks water while feeling happy but bitter with no regrets*
  • me: That is love and sex with a side of anxiety.
Ruby, Yang and Qrow discuss whose baby will be cuter
  • Ruby: I'm telling you Yang, there's no way you and Blake would have a cuter kid than me and Weiss.
  • Yang: Tsk. I find that hard to believe. I mean imagine a kitty Faunus, with my rugged features.
  • Ruby: Ok, ok I'll admit that's adorable, but imagine a kid with my silver eyes and two toned hair. She'll have my puppy eyes and Weiss's great hair.
  • Yang: Damn, your kid does sound adorable.
  • Ruby: *smirks* Told ya.
  • Qrow: Sorry squirt, firecracker but my kid is gonna be the cutest, no contest.
  • Yang: Psh, no way Uncle Qrow.
  • Ruby: Yeah, if anything you'd be tied with me.
  • Yang: Hey! What about me?
  • Qrow: Sorry bud, but me and Ruby look alike and so do Weiss and Winter which means our kids are gonna be the hottest kids around! *high fives Ruby*
  • Yang: ... Damn you got me there. But my kid's still gonna have people after her because of our good looks.
  • Ruby: No dispute there.
  • Qrow: Hear hear.
  • Blake: I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted about this.
  • Weiss: I'm rather flattered Ruby would think we would have such hot children.
  • Winter: How is this even an appropriate conversation topic?!
Today (11/30) is the 1st anniversary of Episode 9 of ‘Osomatsu-san’!

Happy 1st anniversary, Jyushimatsu Falls in Love!!

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Thank you for the sweetness and heartbreak, king-sized game-winning homerun!!!

Soon our kids won’t just be named after characters, but they’ll be name after ship names too.

Me: (to parent with child) Oh, Des is a nice name.
Mother with Child: Yeah, his full name is Destiel.
Me: (internal fan girl moment…) That’s a nice name. How’d you pick it?
Father of Child: Oh, runs in my wife’s family.
Mother of the Child: (mouths) he doesn’t know…