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Game of Thrones S7 Ep. 6: All I heard was “Children, children, children, and.... children. Did I say children yet?

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I know I’m posting a lot today, deal with it.  I am medicated and have a pretty short to-do list that involves lots of waiting. 

I am thinking about all of the things my parents told me that turned out to be true, that I should have listened to, but couldn’t incorporate until I had enough experience not incorporating them that I understood how important they were.  It’s one thing to say “I wish I’d listened to my mom’s advice about time management, because it turned out to be exactly the sort of thing that worked once I tried it.”  But it’s another to figure out how I could have possibly done that any earlier. 

For one, when I was a teenager, I had just learned that parents are fallible.  So I overcorrected and started discounting things that came from my parents.  I’m not sure how you change that adolescent experience of over-adjusting.  For another, my parents were genuinely wrong on a number of things, and I didn’t have enough experience to figure out which things they were most likely to be right on.  When I learned to drive, my dad said it would take time before I learned which information to ignore and which to incorporate, and that was why I found the experience so overwhelming.  The same is true for listening to people, and you have to do it with every new person as you learn what they are likely to be correct about.  Let alone learning how their advice interacts with your needs! 

There is no obvious way that this could have happened any faster than it did (barring some medication, but I had a few opportunities to get on it and neither my parents nor I had enough information to make that decision and it’s not clear how we could have done it any faster).  I can think of all of the interfering factors and still only shave off a year or two on the time it would have taken me to learn the things without requiring that I grew up as an entirely different person with different parents.

This is all true even though I had a better-than-average adolescent relationship with my parents and the other adults in my life.  

One thing I recall is that there were trusted adults who did not become fallible as quickly as my parents in my model of the world, and there were some I learned to trust much more quickly than I trusted my parents on certain topics.  My problem, therefore, isn’t really “how do I force my future kids to learn the information I’m right about,” but “how do I condense the time it takes for my children to learn to evaluate information and advice effectively, and how do I support them when they incorporate it, all while accounting for the times I might be wrong?”  It looks like a harder problem, but I think it is actually a lot more tractable, because it presents a solution almost immediately: maximize their exposure to sane, reasonable adults who have a variety of areas of expertise, encourage those relationships.  And, I guess: do not make it my kids’ problem when I experience jealousy over their trust in another adult. 

Ruby, Yang and Qrow discuss whose baby will be cuter
  • Ruby: I'm telling you Yang, there's no way you and Blake would have a cuter kid than me and Weiss.
  • Yang: Tsk. I find that hard to believe. I mean imagine a kitty Faunus, with my rugged features.
  • Ruby: Ok, ok I'll admit that's adorable, but imagine a kid with my silver eyes and two toned hair. She'll have my puppy eyes and Weiss's great hair.
  • Yang: Damn, your kid does sound adorable.
  • Ruby: *smirks* Told ya.
  • Qrow: Sorry squirt, firecracker but my kid is gonna be the cutest, no contest.
  • Yang: Psh, no way Uncle Qrow.
  • Ruby: Yeah, if anything you'd be tied with me.
  • Yang: Hey! What about me?
  • Qrow: Sorry bud, but me and Ruby look alike and so do Weiss and Winter which means our kids are gonna be the hottest kids around! *high fives Ruby*
  • Yang: ... Damn you got me there. But my kid's still gonna have people after her because of our good looks.
  • Ruby: No dispute there.
  • Qrow: Hear hear.
  • Blake: I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted about this.
  • Weiss: I'm rather flattered Ruby would think we would have such hot children.
  • Winter: How is this even an appropriate conversation topic?!

Jon stared longingly at the small frame of the woman he loved. The cascading braids of silver hair were now loose and disheveled. She looked tired, but there was a calm on her face, and a warmth in her gaze. She was staring too, at the sleeping infant cradled in her arms. The air filled with the smell of a newborn, and the snoring of the dire-wolf and the soft growls of dragons. Jon climbed into the warm fur and put his arms around her. She felt more homely now, in the harsh winter. Her body was warmer than usual; her hair smelled as sweet; and he could feel the fieriness in her spirit. His child was sound asleep in her mother’s arms. Her light brown hair was soft and curled around her face. Jon had never even dreamed of something like this, when he was a brother in black, or when he was a bastard. Now it felt like it was all he ever wanted to have.

Dany held her daughter close to the chest, she would never let her baby leave her side. Her sweet smell, her soft light brown hair, how it curled around her face; she could not have enough of her. She had thought it impossible, but it happened. Her child was not the stallion that would mount the world, or the next dragon. She was the child of winter, a ray of hope in the war for the living. She was hers, and Dany won’t let anyone or anything lay a finger on her. She had already lost two  children, she will protect the ones left. She couldn’t care less about the Iron Throne or the Seven Kingdoms. At this instant, she had those she loved, and she knew she wanted them so bad, more than anything else.

“She’s born in the winter, you needn’t shelter her so much.”

“It’s cold up here.”

“She’s the blood of the dragon, and wolf-blood too, cold wouldn’t hurt her.”

“I never thought it possible. The witch…”

“You are holding your daughter, and yet you think the witch who murdered Drogo spoke the truest words.”

“It all seems like a dream. What name do we give her? A northern name perhaps, seeing this is where she comes from.”

“I was thinking a Valyrian name, more grandiose, like her mother’s.”


The Birds and The Bees OTP Edition:
  • child: Mom.
  • me: What is it?
  • child: Can you explain what sex is?
  • me: Yes my child. You're at that age where you need to know the truth. Please follow me.
  • me: *sits down at table with child*
  • me: *pulls out high-tech smartphone*
  • me: *looks up Chapter 125 of Tokyo Ghoul :re*
  • me: *places it in front of child*
  • me: This is what you call an OTP or a ship. These two right here are becoming "canon."
  • child: Canon?
  • me: Canon means when a writer for a fandom or series makes two of the main characters love each other very much and make them never live without each other until the end of the series.
  • child: I still don't understand.
  • me: *makes child read chapters 126-129*
  • child: Oh my god.
  • me: *drinks water while feeling happy but bitter with no regrets*
  • me: That is love and sex with a side of anxiety.
Today (11/30) is the 1st anniversary of Episode 9 of ‘Osomatsu-san’!

Happy 1st anniversary, Jyushimatsu Falls in Love!!

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Thank you for the sweetness and heartbreak, king-sized game-winning homerun!!!


Finchel AU: Finn has to go back to serve in the army but has a bit of trouble leaving his family behind. Especially since his 5-year old doesn’t quite understand why he has to go.