otp: future babies

Soon our kids won’t just be named after characters, but they’ll be name after ship names too.

Me: (to parent with child) Oh, Des is a nice name.
Mother with Child: Yeah, his full name is Destiel.
Me: (internal fan girl moment…) That’s a nice name. How’d you pick it?
Father of Child: Oh, runs in my wife’s family.
Mother of the Child: (mouths) he doesn’t know…

OOC: Sings’ future babies are dumbos

Rebeci is the youngest in the family, and she becomes a guard and takes her job SUPER SERIOUSLY. She may or may not like to go looking for things to arrest.

Roggar is her older brother and he takes more after Uncle ‘Tail than Sings would have liked. Not the best thief ever, he was born a werewolf and loves water. He also loves ThE lAiDiEs if you know what I mean.

It could be canon... Or at least Brittany canon.

Explanation of how the Future Glee Babies could be sorta canon:

“Why are you guys being so protective of Sugar and Rory?”

Santana, Kurt, and Blaine all seemed to be at loss for an answer.

Brittany beamed, knowingly, “Oh, that’s easy. Sugar is the Brittana future baby. Me and San’s. Rory is is Kurt and Blaine’s. We’re all just being over-protective mommies and daddies. They came back in the time machine I built to visit. Duh.”


I am so sold on the Future Babies thing it's not even funny.

Rory is Klaine’s.

Sugar is Brittana’s.

Harmony is St. Berry’s.

Sunshin and the Mini Warbler are Tike’s.

Quick already has a kid.

The rest I shall decided and mostly likely clog you dash rambling about.

Yeah, it probably makes Glee even more confusing. I don’t care.

No regrets, just futures babies <3

New Future Baby HeadCanon:

Somehow how the time-quantum-physics-whatever ruptured and really screwed up the future. Sugar didn’t know exactly what happened, but obviously it was her job to fix it. Really who else was going to? 

Something happened and suddenly everything was drastically different. Her moms, Brittany and Santana Pierce-Lopez, weren’t together and crazy stupid in love as they had been all her life. Neither were Kurt and Blaine. Some stupid little twink named Sebastian had swooped in a stolen Blaine, so Kurt and Blaine never had baby Rory. Rachel had stupidly married Finn straight out of high school and never had a drunken, one-night stand with Jesse St. James that resulted in Harmony Berry. Even, Puck and Quinn never got back together and had Joe.

The problem was if all of their parents hadn’t shacked up Harmony, Joe, Rory, and most importantly Miss Sugar Pierce-Lopez had never been born. And a world without Sugar is not a world worth living in for anyone. So she quickly rounded up Rory, Harmony, and Joe then zipped back to 2011 in her momma Brittany’s time machine. Obviously, the trio was pretty pissed to be plucked out of their own time-periods, but after she explained the fact that they could simply just disappear they got over it pretty fast.

Admittedly, there were some complications. Joe got stuck in the 1970’s for a while, causing him to turn up at McKinley later than the rest. And Artie seemed to have the hots for Sugar, not that she could blame him. Oh, and Rory was getting way to close to Kurt and Blaine for her taste. And Rachel wanted to get married to Finn straight out of high school, still, which was giving Harmony a panic attack.

But besides that it was going pretty well. It was a simple plan: Sugar blackmailed the super rich billionaire Mr. Al Motta into letting her pretend to be his long lost daughter. Then she and Rory enrolled in McKinley to make sure Santana came out in her Senior year and that Sebastian never stole Blaine when Kurt left for New York. Harmony tracked down her biological father, Jesse, and gently guided, okay maybe shoved, him in the direction of the bright lights of Broadway. All the while she was competing a Glee Club for what she insisted was “her cover”. Sugar was adamant that Harmony couldn’t stop singing for one millisecond. Joe was finally at McKinley and ready to hook his parents up.

So, okay maybe the things weren’t going as well as they could’ve. But, of course, no one was listening to Sugar, or they’d be home by how.