otp: fried rice


School’s been stressing me out a bit, so I thought I’d make time for myself to make something delicious.

I got inspiration from chef Deuki Hong’s video he did with Munchies, where he shows off his fried rice that’s not complicated and easy to make drunk! I’ve stopped drinking though, so the last part doesn’t apply to me.

You can watch the video by chef Hong, and how I went about making the kimchi fried rice at the jump. Check it out!

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Fried rice is honestly my favorite thing to make idk why. Also I found this recipe on Pinterest for homemade wonton wraps so next time I think I’m gonna try those out and bake them with cream cheese that’d be fun.
•white rice
•white onions
•green onions
•extra firm tofu
•low sodium sow sauce
•sesame oil
•chili powder

I just made some REALLY TASTY stir-fry.

While setting some white rice to cook in the pressure cooker, I first sauteed a chicken breast in a frying pan, with curry powder as seasoning, and tore up the breast into tiny chunks.  Then I threw in a tin of smoked oysters to sautee for a few more minutes, and set that aside in a tupperware container.

Then I put a medley of veggies in the frying pan: chopped broccoli, corn, shredded carrots, and a handful of chopped onions.  I threw in a small packet of stir-fry seasoning, as well as some mango salsa (maybe a third cup?), and stirred that up until it started to caramelize.

Tossed those both onto the white rice when it was ready, and holy smokes.  Next time I’m gonna fry the rice, too.

葱油 大活躍です ☆☆☆

今年は 寒い日が 続いたので、葱も 甘さを 増して 美味しく 感じます。

今日の メニュー

* ゆで豚 ・胡麻風味の ピリ辛だれで
* ゆで豚の茹で汁で ワカメスープ
* 葱油チャーハン

葱の 旨味と 香りが ぎゅーっと 詰まった 葱油を 作りました。

葱油を 使い、卵と 葱の シンプルチャーハンは 絶品 ‼︎

ゆで豚にも 葱の青い部分を 使い、じっくり茹であげています。

ゆで豚の 茹で汁も 美味しい スープに 変身です。
具材は ワカメともやし。
白髪葱と万能葱を トッピングして。

食べた後は、身体が ポカポカ !
体温が 上がったのでは?