otp: freckles

maybe the worst is behind // Lost and found, through thick and thin; a playlist for Wash and Tucker, two dorks in love.

falling for the first time - barenaked ladies / all you wanted - michelle branch / the day we saved the world - sarah slean / a love like war - all time low / here comes the rain again - eurythmics / it is you (i have loved) - dana glover / moondance - van morrison / on top of the world  - imagine dragons / our time now - plain white t’s / say you’re mine - kate voegele / stay with you  - goo goo dolls / time-bomb - all time low



Mooore Meihem!!! And more headcanons!! ❤️
My most lovable headcanon of Jamie just completely getting terrified, whenever Mei shows affection/desire. He’s just really not used to it.
Whenever Jamie would be sad, Mei would do anything to cheer him back up and when he’s back in a good state, he’d be falling in love with her even more.
Also, I would like to think when missions get boring, Jamie would just sit down and write the name of his loved ones all over his prosthetics.
Love these 2 and can’t get enough of them! ❤️

OTP Aesthetic

One of them kissing the other’s freckles. The freckled one giggles and tells them to stop, but the non-freckled one says its impossible and they continue to do so in their dimly lit room, completely ignoring the sounds of the TV in the background.