otp: forever....that's the whole point


Steve/Tony + complementary qualities

 Don´t worry it was just a volleyball incident…

tbh i don’t really care about clarke and bellamy having some grand romance that eclipses everything else in the show with it’s passion and heartbreak

all i want is clarke and bellamy building their society, protecting and caring for their people, surviving, living, finding stability and purpose, making an impact on those around them and being the backbone of their community and determine their community’s future. i want my king and queen of the sky people, making the rules until the day they don’t have to, sacrificing everything and making the tough choices, becoming the leaders they maybe weren’t born to be, but were destined to become after falling from the sky.

i want the slowest of slow burns, one that lingers in the background of their arcs – both joint and individual. i want it to be so slow that the day bellamy kisses clarke while studying maps or the day when clarke sleepily tells bellamy that she loves him after helping deliver a baby that it isn’t a surprise – it’s an inevitability. the strength in these characters is their developments and their partnership – and that’s what i want to see from them, more than anything.