otp: forever yours

Otp Fluff

Imagine your otp playing Hide & Seek (can also be smut)

Imagine your otp building a blanket fort

Imagine your otp watching a shitty show and that they love making fun of together

Imagine your otp telling ghost stories

Imagine your otp stuffing their faces with candy

Imagine your otp making s'mores

Imagine your otp googling stupid stuff

Imagine your otp pranking each other

Imagine your otp goofing off in the store

Imagine your otp in tickle fights and blowing raspberries

Imagine Person A taking care of Person B after a rough day

Imagine your otp lip reading random people incorrectly and trying to make the other laugh

Imagine your otp giving suprise gifts to each other! Like something small that they enjoy or their favorite candy or a doodle!

Imagine your otp reenacting shakespeare or high school musical or both at the same time

Imagine Person A working but Person B wants to cuddle

Imagine your otp having a water gun fight

Imagine your otp babysitting

Imagine Person A trying to wake up Person B (mission: impossible) (dududurududu-) (sorry)

Imagine your otp watching disney movies

Imagine your otp cuddling on a Saturday morning

Imagine your otp cooking breakfast

Imagine your otp stargazing

Imagine your otp telling each other funny childhood memories

Imagine Person A trying to get Person B to smile

Imagine your otp as assigned partners in a duet they must sing together.

Imagine it’s their first time singing together. The music starts playing and Person B sings the first parts of the song. Person A, entranced by Person B’s beautiful singing, forgets to come in to sing the next part. It isnt until the music stops and the silence when Person A realizes they didnt come in to sing. Person B laughs and asks, “You okay?”

Person A is blushing like crazy and realizes oh god theyre in love

Elly about this pic: “I was so tanned for this shoot, think I had a bunch of layovers that month. Cancun sun will do that to ya!”

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