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I’m not the kind of person who asks for help like this but I am in a terribly difficult situation and I need to reach out in some way. 

My extremely conservative Muslim parents are keeping me under strict lockdown (I’m not allowed to leave the house aside from attending class, they have a printout of my uni schedule, they drop me off/pick me up immediately, I’m not allowed a copy of the housekeys, they’re forcing me to quit both of my jobs, I’m not allowed to wear makeup in public ‘because it makes me look beautiful’, they’re withholding my citizenship/birth certificate/passport/other documents from me…. their demands/orders go on). 

They are also forcing me into an arranged marriage once I finish my undegrad. I’m 21 years old and from the Toronto area and am legally able to leave but because I’m still enrolled in university for another semester, I’m too afraid to leave now in fear that they’ll be able to find me when I leave (I have family that attend the same university as me.) The day that I leave, I don’t want them to be able to have any way of finding me. 

I have plans to live with my partner when I leave in April but any donations to help support us would be so appreciated. Neither of us are in the greatest financial situations. I want to legally change my identity so that they won’t be able to track me down and I need money for that; I also don’t know if I can work until I can have my identity legally changed - there’s a lot about this situation that I have no clue out about and would appreciate any sort of support. I also have a history of mental illness (depression/anxiety/borderline personality disorder) and my mental stability has been deteriorating as a result of my current state. 

A link to my paypal is here: paypal.me/zararaz | alternatively, riizara@live.com

If you’re unable to donate, I’d like to ask that you A) circulate this around and B) please contact me if you know/if you are a survivor of forced marriage. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

Daria’s parents emigrated from Pakistan after her birth and eventually settled in Toronto. As you’d expect, they were pretty strict (though not with regards to religion) mostly about schoolwork and her friends. As an adult, Daria wound up in a bad relationship and became depressed. Her parents started to worry she was “spiraling down.” Eventually, she shook it off, worked through her issues, and started dating a new guy – one who is now her fiance. But before her parents even met him, tragedy struck:

“My dad was diagnosed with cancer … and my mom had a heart attack, and then she was diagnosed with cancer.”

Her parents asked if she’d go with them on a trip to Pakistan, “and made it seem as if it was our last family trip together, so I felt guilty kinda not going.”

When Daria arrived in Pakistan she found that she had no return flight. There was also no phone or internet at her place. As if that wasn’t unnerving enough, she learned something else: She was getting married.

My Family Abducted And Tricked Me Into A Forced Marriage

So @moyabird​ sent me a message requesting more of this prompt fic about a forced marriage between Credence and Graves. (Originally a request from @kamikazesoundsociety who is too good to me, tbh). Technically what I wrote is longer than I would usually post on Tumblr and also it’s totally unedited.

But this is what I did with my weekend.

WARNINGS: idk I implied lots of sketchy stuff but no one does anything sketchy. It’s blink and you’ll miss the implication sketchy.

Rated T for heavy kissing.

“I could officiate the ceremony,” Seraphina says, after she’s put Credence back in a cell with armed guards.

“And?” Percival asks.

“Well,” she begins. “There are certain ways to enchant objects — a ring, perhaps — which limit the wearer’s magic. Something which would prevent him from using his magic against you or any of us.”

Percival looks at her. He knows the kind of magic she’s speaking about. It has an ugly history: It was last legally used on a wizard who was found guilty of using magic in assistance of a No-Maj revolt in Louisiana in 1811.

It seems to be an endorsement of how serious Seraphina finds this problem that she would even suggest it.

“Absolutely not,” Percival says.

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Hi there! Do you happen to know the fic where D&H are forced to be married & the ceremony is a really old pureblood ritual and they shook the weather/elements bc their magic was so strong.And N&L were actually manipulating them into the ceremony?Thx


Edit: 2 options!


Blood By: Athena Linborn - T, 17 chapters - In order to ensure the continuation of a healthy bloodline, Draco Malfoy must marry a “Mudblood”. Only the best will do for the Malfoy family, but things aren’t as straight forward as they seem, as the best candidate is Hermione Granger!

Charmed to You By: CJRed - M, 36 chapters - Hermione comes up with a charm that allows for ‘bonded soul’ matches, something that has been unheard of for generations. The charm changes the marriage game, but what will Hermione do when her own magic matches her with none other than Draco Malfoy? Disregards Epilogue. Fluff and Lemons. Unique pairings. Complete.

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Lucius in his will makes it so that draco has to marry hermione or lose all his money. They marry and fall in love and the end has Lucius in hell seeing them married and cries out in horror

Hi! That’s this:

Last Will and Testament By: hasapi - T, 13 Chapters - [COMPLETE] ‘I, Lucius Xavier Malfoy…only in the event of Draco’s marriage to Hermione Granger shall all funds be transferred to him.’ After Lucius discovers where Draco’s loyalties lie, he does the only thing guaranteed to make Draco’s life miserable…

- Jamie

Fake Marriage

A/N: This would be just a small chapter as this is just the “Introduction”.

Hope you like it~!

Few Notes:

Mikasa’s Age = going 17~

Levi’s Age = 27

The Timeline is like this, the 57th Expedition took at least a year to finish, All those shit that happened inside the walls had happened but before they proceed going to their 58th Expedition, they decided to wait for the next 106th Trainee Squad (105th training squad had happened at the end of the 57th Expedition and there’s at least 6 months till the next Training Squad hence they decided to do the 58th Expedition after seven months) .

Chapter 1: Plan

“If the humanity’s strongest soldier and the girl worth a thousand soldiers would marry, what do you think would happen?”

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Draco x Hermione

Title: Knowing You

Author: dulce.de.leche.go

Genre: Romance

Chapters: 30

Word Count: 256,588

Summary: COMPLETE - A dwindling magical population, a community divided, one panicked Ministry, and a forced marriage law that swears it has paired citizens with their most suitable match. What do you do when your spouse is your most loathed compatriot? Well you date them, of course. Dramione. Post-Hogwarts/War, EWE format. Rated M for language and sexual themes.

It’s funny how Muslims try to claim forced marriage is non-Islamic. If you were a minor, virgin, and female, almost all madhahib said the father could marry her off. (Minor boys could be married off as well until they reached majority).
Even after puberty, Malik and Shafii held the father had the right to marry off virgin daughters without their consent

MetaphysickaCaseyrochelle - M, 30 chapters - Hermione was researching potions. Draco was researching his family’s ties to alchemy. When their research overlaps, are two stubborn heads more productive than one? Or will they let their past get in the way of the most exciting discovery either of their research has turned out to date?


UK’s First Girl Summit Discuss An End To FGM And Forced Marriage

Pakistani rights activist Malala Yousafzai (top) and Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina (bottom), attend the ‘Girl Summit 2014’ in Walworth Academy on July 22, 2014 in London, England.

At the one-day summit the UK government has announced that parents will face prosecution if they fail to prevent their daughters suffering female genital mutilation (FGM).

Photos by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Forlæte - The Surrender by Gbean

Word Count: 26,587 / Rating: Mature

Summary: Arthur and Merlin are princes of two opposing races due to a conflict that started with their parents and plunged the planet into a brutal civil war. Arthur belongs to an ancient race of dragon shapeshifters. Merlin is the most powerful sorcerer to ever live. Arthur and Merlin are placed into an arranged bonding with hopes that it will bring peace to their nations. The bond between a shapeshifter and a sorcerer is an ancient ceremony to keep the sorcerer’s magic from flaring out of control. Is Arthur strong enough to keep Merlin’s magic from consuming him? Will the two men give into their feelings for one another?

Comment: I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two races, between Arthur’s shape-shifting and Merlin’s sorcery. The world is easy to dive into and enjoy. Merlin is very powerful and as always, that’s exciting to read.

Tar-Miriel’s marriage

I’m writing fanfiction (at least I’m trying to) and I have seriuos problem. Like I know, she was forced to marriage and it’s all we know about it, but I have no idea how Ar- Pharazôn could do this? She was a queen. More, she was a queen in land where this was completly normal, therefore I assume women’s position wasn’t bad and it wasn’t anything strange for her people… I just can’t imagine any reasonable way of forcing rulling queen into marriage. It’s no that I’m saying it’s not possible or she wassn’t forced, it’s just lack of my imagination, and it started to bother me. Any headcanons about this?

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4 sasusaku please please

4. forced marriage au



They brought her bleeding and sobbing, ankles and wrists chained, dress dirtied and ragged, eyes as wild as those of a starving lioness.

“You found her,” the King, Uchiha Fugaku, grumbled as he rose from his throne. His hard, dark yes were fixed on her as she lay before him, her blood seeping into the red carpet of the corridor.

“Yes, my Lord,” one of the guards answered flatly, he and the others inhuman behind their masks.

“Where was she?”

“In a nearby village, my Lord,” another guard said. “We heard from the villagers that she did not live there. Apparently, she was a nomad. She never stayed more than two days in a single place.”

“Of course.” Fugaku walked down the steps and approached the girl bleeding on his floor. He watched her gasp and claw at her chains, weak, barely conscious. “She knew we were looking for her. She knew she had to hide. I suppose she was not clever enough.”

“Why is she so hurt?” the Queen, Uchiha Mikoto, questioned from her smaller throne besides her husband’s. She seemed more bewildered than concerned.

“She fought back,” a third guard replied. “She is strong, even if she does not look like she is. We had to tame her somehow.”

“It is fine.” Unceremoniously, Fugaku turned away and headed out of the grand room. “Take her with someone who can heal, wash, and redress her,” he ordered as he went. “Make her look presentable. She is, after all, my soon-to-be daughter-in-law.”

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