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remember how ahjussi and taek were so lonely? and sun woo couldn’t shave himself? how duk seon cried because she was always forgotten by her parents.  

halmoni’s funeral, every attempt to watch a rated movie, every time they went to brazil’s tteobokki, or dong ryong trying to teach deok sun how to dance. When our cheetah gave money to deok sun’s trip, how she understood how il hwa felt. 

Jung Hwan’s family, every little interaction between them was so magical and powerful. When dad was feeling down because they didn’t care about the things he was doing for them and jung hwan tried to make it up saying “hi, president kim!”. 

I mean, dong ryong gave everyone the best advices ever, he was so smart and caring. 

When taek lost and they all made fun of him. Every time they tried to protect taek from the world. 

Bo Ra and her idealism, fighting for her beliefs. Mom defending her when the police came “my daughter goes to seol university, you know?”. sun woo’s mom struggles, trying to raise jin joo and sun woo without any help. 

ahjussi and sun woo’s mom romance, ahjussi raising jin joo. Ahjussi being good at sports! 

the “iceman” for jin joo, ahjussi saying he loved taek, taek buying pink gloves for him. 

Jung Bong, this dork. This slow kid who was such a hero for his brother. This kid who knew everything but couldn’t get into college. Who inspired Jung Hwan and was the best brother anyone could ever ask. And one of the best boyfriends too. 

no eul!!! how cute and nonsense he was. Being bullied by his own girlfriend. Singing so well, being the “basement kid”.  

deok sun taking care of taek in china. sung kyun sad about his mom’s death, man ok and her father. The trip to the beach. 

Soo Yeon.

Ahjummas friendship, and how important it is that it showed both housewives and career women, and both of them were happy. Neither were wrong, and they had husbands who helped them too. 

Jung Hwan, Taek, Bora, Jung Bong, Sun Woo, Dong Ryong, Ahjummas, Ahjussis, brazil’s tteobokki, Jin Joo, baduk’s people, man ok and wang, michael, the sheep sound. 

Deok Sun, the girl who were so nice, so caring, so smart and pretty. The one that kept them all together. What would be this drama without her? 

I was trying to say my favorite moments, but I guess i loved every single episode of this, and I cared for them as much as they did. And this is for sure my favorite from reply’s series. No love story can get closer to this one. 

Yep, i liked the drama. 

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For Cross, Wisely, Jasdevi, Sheryl, and the Millennium Earl; who would they have as their one pokemon companion?

(( Gotta quiz my Pokemon knowledge, huh? >_< ))

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