otp: flightless bird

Do you all know that I love birds

Not in an “I have an obsession with studying the most exotic birds on the planet”, or an “I have pet birds way”. All of them…I love all of the birds.

Pigeons? Colourful, fluffy little weirdos. Like ridiculously weird. Have you ever watched their mating dances? Seen one sheltering under another’s wing in the rain?

Seagulls? Don’t give one single solitary fuck. Will swoop down and knock the burger from your hand as you leave McDonalds then calmly eat it right there on the ground in front of you. Will land on your car roof at a traffic light and stay on after you start going again.

Corvids? They’re smarter than you and they know it.

Swans? Consummate badasses. Majestic assholes who will kick your ass if you look at them wrong. Elegant yachts on the water and clumsy clowns everywhere else.

I mean, they fly. What else could you want in any animal?

But even the ones who can’t…

Chickens? Also feathery weirdos. Pigeons’ bigger siblings. Don’t tend to know what they’re doing half the time unless there’s food involved.

Ostriches? Bigger assholes than swans if that’s possible. And thick as two planks to boot.

Name a bird and I love it.

Enter the Mirror
Les Rallizes Dénudés
Enter the Mirror

I went passing through the every night

sometimes alone
I went passing through the every darkness
with you

will flames of loving are remain far,
and bloom my only flower?

beyond the silver vortex
you hold out your hands
beyond the silver vortex
you burn the flames of life in the fierce tenderness

what you see in the deep inside of the mirror, the depths of the mirror


Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Alice Kristiansen (Iron & Wine Cover)

Northern Cassowary

This bird is a flightless bird native to New Guinea and Indonesian islands. They stand at about 5 foot 5 to 5 foot 9 inches, and have no sexual difference besides size (the female is larger than the male). The crests on their heads are described as horn-like and spongy, and there are many different theories as to what purpose they serve (some believe sexual characteristics, other defense or tool capabilities). They are listed as Vulnerable, with hunting being the primary concern.