otp: fiyero x elphaba

Fiyeraba Rec List

A collection of well-written, mostly in-character Fiyeraba fics! I tried to stay away from one-shots and get into multi-chapter fics instead. The one-shots on here are fantastic!

Cheap: An expansion on the scene where Glinda and Elphaba confront one another after Nessa’s death.

The Witch’s Spell: Elphaba and Fiyero find out that running away with someone you don’t really know (and haven’t spoken to in years) can be awkward.

That Can Be Arranged: JFSDLFJ. Okay. It’s a WEE bit OOC but it’s great. Fiyero is destined to marry Nessa as a political marriage but he finds himself more and more drawn to Elphaba, instead. Good mix of book and musical verse. (ps the sheer amount of TOUCHING in this fic kills me)

Masquerade: Fiyero, Captain of the Guard, notices someone familiar at one of the Wizard’s balls. Elphaba can’t resist seeing Glinda and Fiyero while she’s on the run.

According to Plan: Elphaba and Fiyero get locked in a classroom and it’s all part of the plan. Really, really great.

To Feel: JDLFKDJSFLDKSJ. FAVORITE FIC. Elphaba and Fiyero get the help of some Animals to get Fiyero back to his old self. Sequel.

Pirates and Princess: A follow up to “To Feel” and its sequel.

Fiyero, My Hero: Fiyero’s POV as he travels with Dorothy and Boq and reveals to Elphaba who he is and their plan. It’s awesome.

One Night With the King: A bit OOC, but a better read than most! Elphaba Thropp is selected as a candidate for the new Vinkun Queen. But when an ancient feud threatens her family, she may be the only one who can save them. But at what cost?


Holy shit…the chemistry here is insane…and the little spell move - ugh so perfect.

when elphie gets emotional about the baby lion, it kills me how everyone else starts dancing because they’re under a spell but it doesn’t affect fiyero because she cares about him……..and it also kills me how they get flustered around each other afterward and how they bicker and wow excUSE ME I’M GETTING FEELINGS THIS IS TAKING ME BACK

Fiyero would probably have this obsession with linking his and Elphaba’s hands together.

He would admire the way his skin looked juxtaposed next to hers–dark green and olive skin with flecks of blue. He brushes his lips where their fingers link and holds their joined hands to his cheek, cupping her face with his free hand, thumb stroking the curve of her cheek.

“You’re beautiful, Fae.”

And she’d blush and duck her head and he’d tip her head up, hooking his finger under her chin and kiss her, hands still interlinked.

“We’re beautiful together.”

After all, green goes good with Vinkun prince.

anonymous asked:

out of all fiyeros and elphabas who do you think had the most chemistry? and the least? also out of all galinda and elphabas who do you think had a good chemistry and the least?

i only just saw this anon, sorry!

thankyou so so much for the question :)

best fiyeraba combo is hands down seb arcelus and steph j. block :’) their lion cub scene is incredible, their as long as you’re mine is the most nuanced, the most sexually driven and steph’s interpretation of, “for the first time, i feel… wicked.” is probably my favourite ever. 

all of the above pales in comparison to their flirting in the 30 seconds of the “you’ve been galinda-fied” scene (53.15). every other couple i’ve seen walks away from each other when dillamond calls the class to attention, so that the first idea of a possible romance is set when elphaba grabs fiyero’s hand during the lion cub scene, but with these guys, it starts when stephanie teases sebastian and looks behind her while she is taking the flower out of her hair and dillamond is talking, it’s so fucking cute omg.

and worst ever fiyeraba?? no competition, it’s idina and taye. also i’m not a fan of adam lambert as fiyero :S

no idea what the fuck happened to the staging, no idea what the fuck happened to the music (that key change is so gross do’t even talk to me about it), no idea what happened to the characters, chemistry or nuance. it all just fucking died or s/t idk.

umm for gelphie, most pairs from the german production are on fucking point. literally the director must have been like “fuck fiyero, you girls are gay”. jana stelley and willemijn are particularly beautiful, imo. oooh also katie rose clarke and willemijn, and katie and carmen cusack!

and idk really about the worst, i’m yet to find a gelphie that doesn’t have a particular strength :)