otp: fixer uppers

Fixer Uppers || Mathew & Shugo

They’d broken it. He hadn’t even been doing anything wrong, hadn’t cheated at anything, hadn’t been showing off, and they’d broken it. Shugo gazed forlornly at the twisted and snapped hunk of parts and circuitry in his hands—it hadn’t been anything special. Just one of his projects. It was supposed to be a mareep, but that was before the jerks that liked to pick on him got their hands on it over lunch. Now it resembled a heap of scraps far more closely than it did a mareep. Shugo let out a long, suffering sigh. Story of his life.

Still, it shouldn’t be hard to fix, if he could find the right parts. A lot of the labs around that floor tended to be deserted during lunch, and Shugo also happened to know that a lot of them tended to be unlocked, as well. It wasn’t like anything ever went missing from them. Well… nothing anyone ever noticed, that was. And really, it wasn’t like he took a lot; just what he needed.

Smiling softly to himself, Shugo scurried a little quicker down the hall, eyes peeled for whichever door he could find that looked open. It wasn’t long until he found a promising candidate; door open not even a crack, but a bright light on underneath. Bingo. Eyes brightening, Shugo yanked the door wide open and prepared to strut inside and take whatever he needed, but stopped abruptly no more than a single step inside.

“Oh—um—” Someone was already inside, and while he couldn’t say for sure…. Well, they didn’t quite look like they were working in there. “Sorry,” he said carefully, “I thought the lab was empty, I, uh–didn’t mean to bother you.”