otp: fixer uppers


Day 7: Lyrics

So I’ve been on a bit of a Frozen kick. I was listening to Fixer Upper and I just felt like doing that as my song. All I could imagine was the crew trying to fix up Franky with Robin except for Sanji because he wants every girl ever and he don’t get none. So I just couldn’t resist.
“His peculiar brain, dear
the thing with the reindeer
is a little outside of nature’s laws”
(I almost forgot about Franky’s little reindeer buddy.) 


Fixer Upper

I love Chip and JoAnna.  They are the cutest couple ever.  Chip is this giant, goofy Texas guy 

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and JoAnna is a beautiful POC who has had four kids and still looks like a damn model.  

They are so in love with each other and are constantly complimenting each other and shooting sweet nothings at each other.  I mean, look at them

i love them so much.  fight me.