otp: firing range


Volterra Production is making a feature story for our live production: EXTREME DAVAO. I was able to experience to hold a REAL GUN AND USE IT. The experience was sooo amazing! I was with my boyfriend that time and he was able to experience it too :))

First time at the firing range  | March 12, 2011

I went with my dad, my sister and my 3 brothers.

It was my first time and I’ve only really fired a gun once and the recoil was scary so I never tried again up until 2 days ago. 

I did better than anyone would have expected. I got all bullets into the A area (except around 4 bullets, two of which went to the neck and the head where I was aiming and the other two went other places lol), which is the critical area and even got a bullseye, numerous times. You guys should have heard how proud my dad was and kept saying that I’ve got potential to join the Philippine Team for combat shooting. I told him I wouldn’t mind training with him, so we’ll see how that goes!

I shot a Colt 45, Sig Sauer and an M16. It was crazy exhilarating and intense and right before you pull the trigger you get this rush and then you hear the loud bang and then the recoil and the smell of gun powder and all that. AMAZING. I absolutely loved it!

I can’t wait to go back!