otp: finn's my boy

Autumn Reddie Headcannons:

-Snuggling by the fireplace

-Bake-Offs (Eddie always wins)

-Richie learns to play piano so he can play for Eddie

-Eddie always telling Richie how cold his hands are so Richie hold them

-They still ride their bikes even though its getting colder

-This year was the first year they were officially ‘out’ at school

-They still go down to the Barrens, and make leaf piles

-Richie is already excited for Halloween even though it’s September

-Eddie is into E V E R Y T H I N G with the words ‘pumpkin-spice’ in it

-He even goes as far as buying Pumpkin Spice toothpaste

-Richie hates him for it


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it


favourite princess mechanic moments → 11/∞


Finn and Rae first date two versions

I always wondered what was the real reaction from her. If she really looks at him and smiles at that time, or she focuses more on what others see. And I worry if that has not had a relationship with Finn has not tried to kiss her or call her later. If somehow she did not give the wrong signals, and away slightly. The two versions are very different in itself. I want to believe that the colour version is a more altered by Rae’s disease . But I’m not sure.


i’ll be the libertine • listen

a mix about two boys meeting in jakku, one carrying the burden of a bloodied white helmet and conscious enough not to fire his weapon, and the other on a mission to get the last piece of the map to the legendary luke skywalker to the resistance. they escape the first order’s grasp together as a self-proclaimed tag team, and the pilot delegates the stormtrooper a name in place of the number he’s been categorized as for all his life. but he disappears, and leaves his jacket as a reminder. they reunite, and lock the love at last.

“okay, stay calm, stay calm.”

“i am calm.”

“i was talking to myself.” - f & pd