otp: finding you was like coming home

Lance:Keith why are you wearing a crop top?

Keith:Cause I like wearing them that’s why.

(Shiro walks into the room)

Shiro:Okay you two what are you bickering
about no-

(Sees Keith wearing a crop top)


(Shiro walks out of the room)

Lance:Oh look what you did Keith you made Shiro feel uncomfortable by you wearing that thing.

Keith:Oh shut up Lance!

(10 minutes later Shiro comes home with a forever 21 bag)

Shiro:Here I bought you about like 10 new crop tops and I want to see how they look on you.

♛ fill in the blanks | fluff otp edition

icon/gif here (if you got one)

Who’s more likely to find who wearing their clothes?:
Who enunciates hand holding?:
Who likes having their hair washed by who?:
Who likes to slow dance?:
Muse that’s more likely to fall asleep with their head in the others lap?:
Muse that does all the cuddling in a blanket fort?:
Who hogs most of the covers at night?:
Muse who nuzzles the others shoulder to get them to give them a head rub?:
How do they share a desert? Two forks or one?:
Who gets jealous more easily?:
Who gets angered more easily?
How do they go to sleep at night?:
Who gets the most shoulder rubs?:
What are there arguments/fights like? How often do they fight?:
Who is more likely to throw things in fights?:
How do they make it up to each other/apologize after an argument?
Do they have nicknames for each other?:
Caring for each other while ill, how does the other muse go about it?:
Who’s more likely to be patching the others wound?:
Muse that says ‘I told you so’, after they come home from the beach and other muse is burnt to a crisp while whining how bad it hurts for not listening and putting on sunblock after the other muse repeatedly told them they’d get burnt?:
Your otp has a newborn baby, who gets up in the middle of the night when he/she cries?:
Your muse’s of the otp reaction to finding the others crying about something? And how do they make them feel better?:
What would they be like as parents?:
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
Who enunciates taking a bath together?:
Who likes who playing with their hair?:
The place they mostly likely accidentally fall asleep together?:

Why is it it not a fanfiction trope to have someone get an unusual object stuck in their ass??! Like, it would be so funny and there are pleanty of ways you can do it.
-person A comes home and finds person B got a dildo stuck in their ass while they were away
-Person A is hanging out with a friend who also knows person B when the friend gets a call asking if they can take person B to the hospital with half a salami in their ass. Cue the most hilarious first meeting of person A and person B through their mutual friend and shitty timing
-Person A shows up with an actual lightbulb in their ass and has to explain the situation to their cute doctor/nurse person B
-Person A is the sweet uber driver that gets very concerned in the wellbeing of person B who called for a ride to the emergency room only to be told the story of how person B got a Jar Jar Binks stuck in their ass. Person A stays with them out of sheer curiosity on how this will play out

I know it’s not safe in real life but it sure would make some great fanfiction! And if anyone wants to use any of them go for it, just send it to me so I can read it!!

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Aranae and Ignis!!!!

All aboard train HighSpecs! If it weren’t for my OC Ashen this would probably be my OTP from this universe. I just love their dynamic and chemistry. PUNS FOR DAYS! I’m blaming you and @alicemoonwonderland for getting me aboard this ship. Tagging @itshaejinju @neko-otaku13 @cupnoodle-queen @themissimmortal @rubyphilomela

• who hogs the duvet
Aranea. She does it just so Ignis will have a reason to cuddle up to her
• who texts/rings to check how their day is going
Ignis, Even after he goes blind he likes to check in on her and see if she’s going to be home for dinner and see if she’s ok
• who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
Aranea loves finding books in braille and little noise makers to bring home to Ignis
• who gets up first in the morning
Ignis, he’s always been an early riser
• who suggests new things in bed
Aranea. She likes to get creative in the bedroom
• who cries at movies
Aranea. Ignis may not be able to see after he goes blinf but he’s still rather perceptive and he’s the only one that Aranea will cry in front of. She hates being seen as weak since she doesn’t work a typical job
• who gives unprompted massages
Both, They both can get stressed from their work and often enjoy giving each other massages in the bath tub infused with lavender and jasmine
• who fusses over the other when they’re sick
Ignis. He’s a very caring and giving man and loves to pamper his woman when she’s sick
• who gets jealous easiest
Aranea has decked several people for flirting with Ignis before. She doesn’t care if you are a man or a woman, you mess with her man you get her fist in your face and a bloody broken nose
• who has the most embarrassing taste in music
Ignis gets embarrassed when Aranea’s songs come on in public and she starts dancing and jumping around. Even when he goes blind he knows she’s doing it and is a blushing mess
• who collects something unusual
I’d like to think Aranea is partial to spiders. Ignis refuses to let them stay inside the house so he has a special little building built especially for her spiders
• who takes the longest to get ready
Ignis. Have you seen how perfect his hair is? I mean wow.
• who is the most tidy and organized
Ignis despises the way Aranea leaves her clothing around the house
• who gets most excited about the holidays
• who is the big spoon/little spoon
• Ignis is the big spoon and Aranea is the little spoon
• who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
Aranea goes insane when playing video games. Ignis has video taped her infamous raging and keeps them as a way of keeping her in line
• who starts the most arguments
Neither really argue since they aren’t home very often together but when it does happen it is pretty bad on both ends. Always make up and then cuddle each other in bed
• who suggests that they buy a pet
Ignis wanted a cat really bad because they are independent. Aranea grumbled about it for a while before giving in and adopting long haired white cat and named it Mr. Fluffykins
• what couple traditions they have
They allow themselves to splurge on some fine dining one night a month
• what tv shows they watch together
Ignis likes the Discovery and History channel while Aranea is more SyFy and Spike TV but they generally love going to the movie channels
• what other couple they hang out with
Gladio and Emi for brunch on Saturday. Emi and Aranea love teasing Gladio and making him blush in public
• how they spend time together as a couple
Cuddling on the couch after supper
• who made the first move
• who brings flowers home
Ignis. He’s a hopeless romantic
• who is the best cook
Obviously Ignis, but Aranea loves to help him and watch him when he comes up with a new recipeh

restaurant cook/prep cook prompts
  • I work as a cook at a restaurant and you’re the new waiter/waitress and I’m frustrated cause you’re cute but we hardly interact

  • I’m new here and I’m amazed at how fast you twist and turn to get stuff done in the kitchen (cue the “oh no he’s /she’s hot!”)

  • Our friends know eachother and we’re all hanging out and I catch a glimpse at your arms and wtf happens to you why do you have so many scars?! “I’m a cook.”

  • I’m a waitress that has liked you since I started but I’m worried cause you’re always here? Do you ever go home? You’re here when I come in and still here after my shift.

  • I’m new and at first you seemed super cold and mean but then a friend told me how much responsibility rests on your shoulders and I can’t help but admire how serious you are now.

  • I’m supposed to shadow you and learn the ropes of the kitchen but damn I can hardly keep up and I feel like a klutz. I know where nothing is and I’m slowing you down but you’re super nice and patient about this want to get something to eat later?

  • I’m the new dishwasher and you’re a prep cook and holy balls the restaurant is getting slammed and you help me out like a descending angel of mercy how are you so good at this I thought you’re a cook? “Everyone starts somewhere”

  • The restaurant we work at is attached to a hotel and there’s a wedding reception we’re catering to and usually I only see you in work clothes but now you’re dressed to serve in a waist coat and everything and damn you have a nice ass.

  • I don’t smoke but I join everyone at the back doors for a breath of fresh air and for once you’ve left the kitchen and standing back there too so I take the chance to talk to you and now we have a date.

  • I started a couple weeks ago and everything’s fine until a hot pan touches my arm. Holy fuck does it hurt and there’s no first aid here?! But you sit me down and where did you get that?! “I’ve been here long enough and hurt myself that I keep my burn creme and bandages in my locker.

  • (Can be connected to the previous one) Our mutual friends have us over to hang out and I bump you’re bag and a crap load of medical supplies fall out buT WAIT THERE’S A HUGE KNIFE WTF “I’m a cook and this is my work bag.”

  • Rule one, always call out when passing someone. I break rule one and we both end up running into eachother full force, and wow I didn’t mean to grab you like that.

  • I’m two inches too short for this kitchen and you come over to help me out but no I’ve got this…. Would you please grab that for me?

  • My shift is done and I’m on my way out but I hear you cursing someone name and swearing profusely. I come over to investigate only to fine you fighting with one of the ovens which you’ve named how cute are you.

  • I’m your roommate and I know you can cook why the hell do you eat so little/junk food?? “I work with food all day I’m sick of looking at it/don’t want to make anymore.”

  • (Also connected to the last one) I come home to find you eating mac and cheese and watching cooking shows and critiquing the food dude really? “Just cause I can’t afford to cook like that doesn’t mean I dont know how”

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Sarah finding Cosima in the camp's first aid room - extended?

“You understand why I have to do this, right?” Sarah could hear the desperation in Cosima’s voice, could feel the hand on her knee gripping tightly, willing her to agree but all she could feel was the pit of her stomach dropping out like she was coming over the crest of a hill and plummeting down the other side. 

“No,” her voice croaked, “No, you’re comin’ home with me. I came to get you.”

Ever since the call had dropped out, their creator’s betrayal revealed once again, her sole focus had been on finding Cosima and bringing her home safely. She had survived the horrors of this island with the knowledge that the other woman was there somewhere. Somewhere, Sarah had thought, that she needed rescuing from. Now Cosima was telling her that she wanted to stay and it was all her exhausted body could do to stay upright and hold the angry tears at bay.

“I have to do this,” Cosima pleaded, her hand coming up to cup Sarah’s cheek, “For us, for Kira. We still need answers, Sarah, and I’m our best bet at getting them.”

“Follow the science,” Sarah chuckled bitterly, her eyes closing as Cosima’s thumb ran gently across her cheek, “Follow the bloody science.”

“Because I’m the Geek Monkey, right,” Cosima laughed quietly, sitting up on her knees and resting her forehead against Sarah’s. 

This close Sarah could hear each breath Cosima took, could feel the heat of the other woman’s skin against her own. Her own breathing hitched at their proximity. If she leaned in a fraction closer their lips would touch. She hadn’t realised how desperately she wanted to kiss the other woman until right then. Until she was surrounded by Cosima, the dreadlocked clone’s hand still gripping her knee and seemingly the only thing anchoring her to reality. 

“I can’t do this without you, Cosima,” it wasn’t the first time she had spoken those words and Sarah meant them so desperately that her whole body shuddered at the thought of leaving the Scientist alone on the island.

“I’ll come back to you,” Cosima whispered, her words swallowed up as Sarah closed the distance between them and pressed her lips fervently against the other woman’s.

The kiss was a promise and said more than their words ever could. It gave them something to hang onto, a future to hope for and when they eventually pulled apart Sarah knew that Cosima was right. She had to stay on the island. To fight and learn from the inside while Sarah led the charge on the other end. 

A voice from outside startled them and Cosima ushered Sarah up off the chair with a frantic look over her shoulder in the direction the intrusion had come from. Sarah rested most of her weight against the other woman as she limped over to the side door, allowing herself this moment of comfort before they had to separated again.

“See you soon, yeah,” Sarah grabbed Cosima’s hand in her own uninjured one and pulled the other woman in close, their lips brushing against each other softly even as someone pounded on the door.

“Soon,” Cosima seemed to hang onto Sarah’s hand until the very last minute, giving it a squeeze before she reluctantly let go and shut the door, turning to face whoever was coming in from the other side of the structure. 

Sarah knew she wouldn’t feel whole until they were reunited but she could cling to the feeling of Cosima’s lips against her own until she was able to hold her in her arms once again. It was with that thought that she disappeared back into the depths of the forest in search of the boat that would take her home.

About last night

😂 so I got a story for y'all bout my night last night. So I get a text like what’s the move from this guy who’s a few years older then me. Mind you I haven’t spoken to him in a few months we just drifted apart Life took us in opposite directions. So I had plans to go out with one of my homies but he was having baby mama drama so when I got that what’s the move text I’m like 🤔 hmm we shall see how this night goes, so he’s like well a couple of us are going to the bar if you wana come and I’m like shiiiii Ight bet, so I go home get in the shower freshen up do all that good stuff because shit there’s no telling where I might end up or what I might do so I gotta be prepared.. Ok so fast forward to when I get to the bar and mind you we’ve never fucked around like we’ve always been on some bro shit like he used to make lil slick comments at me but I would never even act like I even picked up on them but and we’ve never spoke on it but it’s kind of a It ain’t even gotta be said type of thing it’s just understood but back to my story lmao so I get there and omg it’s hella ratchet and ghetto ass people and I’m just like I know he ain’t tell me come to this ratchet ass shit, so I walk in and I’m looking around for him but it’s sooooo many people I cant find him and he not responding to my messages because at this point he’s already drunk af and I’m not a social person especially when I don’t know anybody there so I walk out and I head back to my car and in my head I’m like I’m just gon charge this L to the game 😂 so soon as I put the key in the ignition he texted me back and was like I’m at the bar so I walk my ass back in there and I’m like nigga fuck You got me up here with all these ratchets for? 🙄 and again I say he’s drunk so he ain’t really even paying attention to me lol so I get him to go buy me a drink and we just chilling listening to the music watching the hoes twerk so we finally getting ready to leave and we talking tryna find a move and he’s like well I rode with my friend he’s bout to take me to get my car so I’m like ok cool just hit me once you get to your car.. so I go and I park and I’m just talking otp then I get a text from him and he’s like come get me and I’m like nigga where are you tf 😂 so he told me where and he was like he’s too fucked up to drive home so I’m like lmfao ok I’m otw the nigga ends up finessing me into taking his ass home bruhhhhhh this nigga stay a good 40 mins away from where we was and a good hour and 20 from my house so I’m like nigga fuck you why I let you talk me into this Idk lol like I’m just being extra and his ass ain’t paying me noooo attention he sitting over there in my passenger seat knocked tf out so I’m like Nigga wake yo ass up tf ion know where I’m going and y'all it ain’t like its general directions to his house This man stay in the BACKWOODS Bitch I’m talking bout no street lights back woods only car on the road type shit. So I finally get his ass to wake up so he can give me directions so we just riding listening to music talking shit mind you it’s like 3 in the morning on these back long country ass roads. We finally get to his house and by this time that Hennessy is about to make my bladder explode 😂 so I pull in the driveway and hop out so I can go pee in the grass, when I come back to the car this Nigga standing outside the car waiting on me I’m thinking he Finna dap me up and be like Ight bro I’ll see you later but nooo this Nigga says walk with me real quick and we start walking through a path in his yard and in my head I’m like tf we going 😂mind you my car still on and we just dun walked off at first I was thinking we was going to the lil garage they got in the very back because he got a old school Monte Carlo SS they he been working on so I thought we was going to see it.. mind you he ain’t said nun since walk with me so we just took a lil 4 minute walk through the pitch black ass woods in silence. So we walking up on the garage and I’m thinking oh yea we Finna look at the car yalllllll why this nigga turns around facing me with his dick out and hard 😳😨 Bitch In my head I was nutting tf up! 😂😂 Bitch when I say I ain’t kno what was going on 😂 but you know I kept my cool pulled my shit out and we stroked each other Shit till i was like fuck it come here and I proceeded to take him into my mouth babyyyyyyyyyy when I say I went to motherfucking work! Bitch I went to WERK on that dick 👅 I’m talking bout sloppy toppy Bitch lmfao That Nigga nutted so fucking quick 😂ahhhhhh that was really the moment I had been waiting on too 😂 he kept messing with his pants when we was in the car but I wasn’t thinking nun of it but yea that’s how my Friday went but he just texted me talking bout hanging out again tonight 👀😝 I’ll keep those of y'all who are interested updates on this lil situation 😂

So I have a headcanon that Karen takes a pregnancy test without telling Frank, but before she can see the results she gets a call telling her about a development in a story she’s writing and immediately runs out leaving the stick on the sink and Frank comes home from buying dog food and sees the little positive sign and fLIPS THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE WHERE THE FUCK DID THIS COME FROM AND THEN HE RUNS OUT TO FIND HER CAUSE SHES PROBABLY DOING SOMETHING DANGEROUS BECAUSE WHEN ISNT SHE? Anyway…. So then he finds her and is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOI SHOULD BE LAYING DOWN!!!! THE BABY!!!! And she’s like WHAT BABY?!!? And then…. Yeah. Someone else can take it from there.

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For the musical meme - Bandstand ofc!

the first song from this show I heard: love will come and find me again
do I own the cast album?: yes, I do!
favorite song: breathe, a band in new york city, welcome home, i know a guy, right this way, love will come and find me again, everything happens and both just like it was before’s! (literally every song don’t mind me)
least favorite song: i don’t really have one. i love all of them.
favorite character: johnny simpson
least favorite character: yeah mr. jackson, how about you trying out for fucking community theatre, hmm?
OTP: julia/michael, julia/donny and in my heart, johnny/jimmy.
BROTP: davy/johnny and does mama adams and julia count? 
NOTP: no one, though that whole ‘jimmy harbours a crush on donny’-thing? i’m not a fan of that.
song I didn’t like at first but now do: i got a theory had to grow on me but now i am ridiculously in love with it. it’s a hit.
song I used to like but now don’t: none
is the fandom annoying?: no! it’s a small fandom and everyone is so kind and welcoming. the only thing that annoys me is general bway fans asking about the bootleg all. the. damn. time.
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: yep. what else would I do with my life.
favorite non-sung line: either wayne’s speech or ‘what this band means to all of us is true’ or ‘the way i see it, i’m one of the lucky ones.’ - ‘you certainly are, you made it back home.’
favorite lyric: i can’t choose one, so: “(at last, my friend.) we’ve arrived, at last my friend / we’ve been waiting for far too longtroubled times are at an end / and they’re waiting to hear our song / you can bet we intend to stay / right this way” and “when we’re named the winners, we will finally get to have / order out of chaos, and money to burn, no more need for teaching  the promised return to life the way it was / and we can have this all because / i look to my left, and look to my right / and see other guys who fight the same fight” and “once i learned how wrong i had been / that sometimes dreams can cave in / and what then? / once i learned the hard way / faith in ever after was done / and i gave up ever wondering when / love will come and find me again” and “’it’ll be just like it was / that’s what they tell me / why not believe it? / they want illusion and they achieve it / we all relive the past and never want to leave it / the world is ending and we’re pretending / it’ll be just like it was” and “listen, what matters when things happen / is what happens after” and basically everything of welcome home.
overall rating out of 10: 10/10, 100/10. no measures for it. 

send me a musical and i’ll tell ya!

Day Five

Summary: Phil is enjoying a relaxing day at home when the door knock. On the other side of the door is a little girl selling popcorn with her very attractive dad. A little girl who isn’t above a little quid pro quo when it comes to selling her popcorn.

Words: 1.7K

Warnings: Dan has a kid so if you can’t handle adorable Parent!Phan then be warned.

Author’s note: Ehehehe, I like this one a lot?? I got the prompt from one of the many OTP prompt blogs, but I can’t for the life of me find the post. And I know this one isn’t suuuper holiday/winter themed. It was supposed to but it got away from me. 

Anyway prompts are still wiiiiiiiide open (you can prompt me here) and also I’m moving my posting time up for today because reasons.

Phil enjoyed the holidays. He loved the lights and the music and the general Christmas cheer. One thing he didn’t like about the holidays was the fact that he lived right smack dab in the middle of a primary school district. Generally it was fine since the kids were all remarkably well behaved and generally minded their manners, and Halloween was always fun because there were plenty of kids that dressed up and came to his door begging for candy. Yes, generally living in and amongst families with children was fine, but at the holidays there seemed to be an endless supply of fundraisers for one thing or another. One week it was chocolate, the next week catalogues, the next citrus, the next magazine subscriptions. This week it just so happened to be popcorn, and while he was indeed an avid lover of popcorn, he refused to buy this stuff seeing how every time he did the popcorn was always stale and sad by the time he got it. However, one fateful Christmas changes all that and he suddenly found himself buying fundraiser popcorn every year for the next several years.

The story began much like Phil’d every other Wednesday afternoon during the holidays. He’d spent the day before filming and editing and answering emails and all that good jazz and he was rewarding himself with a lazy day. He was dressed in his warmest PJs to keep the chill down and he was binge watching his newest favorite anime with his fourth cup of coffee and Thor curled up next to him. Unfortunately, he was snatched from his relaxation by a brisk knock at the door followed by a doorbell chime. He groaned when he realized it was just past four - prime fundraising time - and looked down at himself. He most certainly wasn’t dressed to impress by any means, but he figured his Star Wars PJs and t-shirt were enough to keep him out of jail and any child out of therapy, so he answered the door, ready to politely decline whatever it was they were selling, but offering a donation.

However, standing on the other side of the door wasn’t a child, but instead probably the most attractive man Phil had seen in real life in a very long time. He suddenly and very desperately wished he’d had another productive day where he got dressed and styled his hair and put in his contacts. That or just refused to open the door. “Oh, um, uh, hi?” he stammered, cursing his pale cheeks for revealing his humiliation so spectacularly.

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this is a psa that every person must read sorry i don’t make the rules

it has been brought to my attention that people who don’t live in st. louis have never heard of the god cheese aka provel and i really need everyone to just look over here for a second because

this baby is the love child of ALL of The Big Three (cheddar, swiss, provo).  one bite of this sucker and you wil never go back to the sorry state you once called a life.  this cheese. oh god.  you gotta get the big loaf variety up there and get yourself a real live cheese slicer and just.  cut a slice that is thick.  not obnoxious FIVE YEAR OLD thick, but thicker than the prepacked crap that also moonlights as paper.  NOTICE how u feel like you are cutting butter but for the LOVE OF GOD none of that butter knife crap your knives are UNWoRTHY keep them away from this child.  and ok once you haven’t cut a slice with a butter knife (i am watching all of you filthy eggs) FOLD THE CHEESe IN HALF AND WATCH GIDDILY AS IT BREAKS DOWN THE MIDDLE.  now.  you take one of these precious half slices and handle it GENTLY as you bring it to your mouth and try not to drool as you await this frickin masterpiece.  your bite should be about a third of the piece you hold, for maximum flavor experience. notice how ur teeth sink through it like you are eating a piece of beautiful, flawless butter.  try not to die as your taste buds go on the greatest cheese rollercoaster of their life.  eat the rest of the loaf. you can even tell people you ate the whole loaf.  provel is not JUDGED in this beautiful, beautiful town. when my dog smells this cheese in the air he is capable of jumping his height in the air.  my dog sleeps 24 hours a day.  when i smell this cheese magic provel confidence fills me and convinces me that if i hadto, i could take down my entire family hunger games style for it. 

but WAIT, there is MORE!!! this diamond,  none of you undersatnd.  this was birthed entirely to be the perfect pizza cheese.  provel is steve rogers except in cheese form.  i’d go as far as to inform you with full confidence that provel is the goddmn chris EVANS of the cheese universe.  it is beautiful and can do no wrong.  but back to the PIZZA FORMULATION. you know how your sorry mozzarella tastes like a little bite of really mild non-exciting heaven and you hear the chiming bells…until it promptly is the asshole it has always been and will not allow your teeth to sink through it (it is cheese??? why does it have this power???) and then it comes entirely OFF of your pizza leaving you with gross tomato bread? no, st louisans don’t know, because we evolved and got this shit into our lives.  all the heavenly flavor, literally created not to leave you holding a soggy tomato bread and your crumbled hopes and dreams

this shit even comes in a ribboned variety which in spite of looking vaguely like brains is the best snack you will ever come home from school to. also, obviously, this is another creation to endorse maximum pizza topability. think about this. one day a simple man thought “i am DONE with mozzerella controlling my life” and that simple man took a STAND. that simple man stood up and made pizza the best partner it will ever find. that simple man is a true hero we can all aspire to become. there is one otp in st louis and it is provel and pizza,  there is not other way for pizza to be done.  you all praise ur chicagos and your new yorks but do they use the cheese god? no.  they give people SOGGY TOMATO BREAD AND ASSHOLE TOO BIG FOR IT’S BRITCHES MOZZERELLA.  it is time for mozzerella to step down. there is a new king.

look.  look at the burst of PURE GENIUS. no more gross overloading of the cheese!!! just provel.  in perfectly sized ribbons to melt onto the pizza exactly how cheese should. the lucifer that will never fall.  the true cheese savior. the single cheese anyone needs in their life!! provel is not simply a CHEESE provel is a lifestyle!!!! consider that if you lived in st louis you could live a simple life of cheese monogamy with the chris evans cheese.  welcome to the light.

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Hello. I love your blog! <3 I was searching for pothead/nonaddict prompts (bcuz my OTP is just like that) but I have not enough ideas. Can you help me please?

-person A is a drug addict and person B is a doctor and they’re together. One night person B is on call in ER and a patient is taken in for overdose, when person B looks over at the patient, to their horror, they realize it’s person A
-person B finding hidden drugs around their apartment/house and throwing them away and replacing them with powdered candy instead
-person B finding the hidden drugs and waits until person A comes home to burn/ dispose of them so A can watch
-person B helping person A get over drugs and helping them get through the withdrawal symptoms, even if that means staying by A’s side in the middle of the night as their vomiting their guts out
-person B getting FURIOUS when they find out A is doing drugs again
-person A making fun of their own addiction and person B takes none of that shit
-person B worrying
-person A deciding to stop, for B
-person A in the hospital with B at their side
-person A is high, even though they said they quit, and person B taking to them but then slowly realizing A is high ( reaction is up to you)
-A and B getting high together

lmao imagine secretly norway having a body pillow of denmark. and one day den comes back home to find nor hugging the pillow intensely (almost in a suggestive position). and norway holds up his hand in a stop signal, stating with a straight face “It’s not what you think it is. It’s worse.” and denmark just loses it.

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narusasu! <3

who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa : both ?? but sasuke skillfully hides it while naruto cracks his skull open knocking his forehead against the door

who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them : naruto has close to no respect for the sanctity of his desk. he absentmindedly doodles sasuke’s name all over it whenever he’s missing him. no one knows this though since there’s always teeming piles of paperwork on said desk

who starts the tickle fights : naruto randomly finds out sasuke is ticklish when he runs his hands over sasuke’s sides and hears him stifle a laugh. he’s shocked and appalled and makes it his mission to regularly force a laugh out of him. naruto all too often ends up in a headlock though

who starts the pillow fights : sometimes the only way to shut naruto up is to smack a pillow into his face but of course naruto wants revenge and it sort of becomes a fight to the death

who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile : this really could go both ways. when sasuke’s insomnia kicks in, he finds confort in staring at naruto sleeping form. sometimes sasuke passes out on the couch at 6 pm and getting to watch all the lines of stress ease away from his face is a rare sight naruto treasures.

who mistakes salt for sugar : naruto switches salt for sugar to mess with sasuke

who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning : neither. naruto is careful about that, knowing how much sasuke craves his sleep, and does his best not to distrupt him. he always watches the timer and stops it at the last second.

who comes up with cheesy pick up lines : naruto 99% of the time, and sasuke just stares at him, unimpressed …. once in a blue moon though sasuke will say something truly deeply corny and naruto laughs so hard sasuke is actually offended

who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order : neither

who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies : naruto, because he has little regard for the dangers of salmonella poisoning. sasuke doesn’t like sweets to begin with anyway.

who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion : naruto, and he accidentally sets the tablecloth on fire

who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen : you mean the mustache naruto draws on sasuke’s face ?

who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: not exactly souvenir magnets but sasuke likes to bring naruto random objects he finds during his travels

who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines : naruto suggests it to annoy sasuke but they get super into it ? sasuke actually rips the magazine when it scores them too low