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Stills - Episode 22 - Fearlessly and Forever

Remember this?
“You wouldn’t want to miss our wedding, would you?” That made Mercedes go completely still and her mouth drop open while Rachel gaped at them. Tina yanked her attention away from Mike for one of the first times all night. “What’s going on?” she asked.“I don’t know but I’m already excited!” Sam gleefully joined a noisy Blaine-Kurt-Mercedes-Rachel hug. “Kurt? Blaine? What–” “May 31,” Blaine gasped from somewhere near Mercedes’s armpit. “Here in New York.” A pause. It just seemed so final, so concrete for Blaine to say once and for all, “We’re getting married on May 31.” (x)

The Season Finale of Glee Season Fix airs tomorrow, May 31 at 6pm EST.
(stills by alwaysfallingforanidea)


yeah cause kurt is totally just gonna fucking randomly be like, “wait blaine, we are too young we need to break up.” yeah hahaha no. look at the pictures above. They are in love. They aren’t breaking up, don’t listen to the stupid rumors. Maybe it’s like a nightmare, kurt has right before the wedding. Blaine would never leave kurt, and kurt would never leave blaine. And blaine would NEVER date Kurt’s old bully. Nothing has even been confirmed, they are all just rumors. I mean, seriously don’t you think that ryan would know that if he breaks up klaine again there will be thousands of fangirls/fanboys planning his death.


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