otp: fairytale ending

We are not a fairytale ending.

We are bad timing and miscommunication.
Our happily ever after begins with the word almost. There’s no “true loves kiss” for us but rather, a kiss we didn’t know was our last. Our story doesn’t end with us walking hand-in-hand into the sunset.

Our story ends with both of us realising: we were the villains all along. Our story ends with two separate people who were once one.

Our story ends.

—  Once Upon A Time…

“What do you know about lost love, fairy? Your kind only grants happy endings; you can’t have them for yourself.”

“More than you’d think, pirate. The only person I’ve loved doesn’t even know I exist because I was forced to wipe his memories of our time together.”

At least he still draws breath.

“And I get to live knowing that he doesn’t remember me or anything we shared together. You, at least, could grieve if you weren’t so desperate for your revenge. Me; I have to watch as some god’s twisted idea of a joke pulls him in and out of my life all over again.”




Can we actually have a movie that ends like this?

yooo okay so this is actually quite a common otp thing buuuut imagine denmark and norway just starting a really heavy make-out session, when suddenly nor gets the hiccups. They try to continue, but the hiccups keep coming back, causing norway to be super embarrassed and blushing like mad and be a bit upset, though denmark thinks it’s mega cute and adorable and can’t stop laughing.