otp: evil jeff and evil annie

7+1 AUs Every OTP Should Have.

1) AU where they’re in a purely sexual relationship where they explore every kink ever. And where they Bang. I mean, like, an AU where they bang as much as a bunch of horny jackrabbits on a Viagra high would. Continuously. Like, they do it a lot. Like, they REALLY do it a lot.

2) AU where they are in a Friends with Benefits Relationship and the usually less emotionally open member of the duo starts falling in Love with the usually more emotionally open member of the duo as he/she believes the aforementioned member of the couple just wants to keep things casual and so desperately tries to not fall in love with him/her (Failing miserably, BTW).

3) Evil Queen of Evil/Evil Queen of Evil’s Main “Attack-Dog” AU.

4) Hogwarts AU.

5) Angel/Demon AU.

6) AU where they hate each other and keep hating on each other even as they enter in a relationship filled with heated hate-sex.

7) AU where they’re bitter rivals/enemies but can’t seem to stop flirting with each other.

7+1) AU where they’re together. Just like that.