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Soulmate AU - where your thoughts get tattooed on your soulmate

Every thought from your soul mate gets temporarily tattooed on your skin - Enjolras/Grantaire Version

Before realisation they’re bonded:


  • Grantaire gets little ones about rallies and speeches and the occasional ‘Combeferre said sleep is good but whatever’ sort of thing, reminders to eat and shower and not to wear that with that and ‘oh wait Courfeyrac said there’s a thing such as too much red’.
  • Little digs at himself when he forgets to buy food for the third time that month or gets too stressed and needs a break or makes someoe with an opposing opinion to him cry. 
  • Grantaire gets whole rants about rights and sexism and racism and the bourgeois and how the government is corrupt and whatever issues Enjolras is trying to tackle at the time.
  • And god the complaints that his hair isn’t sitting right or it’s not shiny enough or it looks flat or ‘they’re not taking me seriously because my hair is too puffy today and this is the worst thing ever’ are too much to count


  • Enjolras gets paragraphs of self-depreciation and then after every single one a paragraph about how none of that is true, as per Cosette’s instructions. 
  • When Grantaire gets drunk the words come out like how he’d speak, they overlap and curl and twist to be almost illegible or he gets notes about his paintings or his boxing or fencing or dancing. 
  • Things like ‘fucking Bahorel who broke my nose again’  and so many puns, so many.
  •  He also gets little songs Grantaire writes, funny ones or ones to his soulmate that he knows without actually knowing.


After the realisation they’re bonded:

  • When meetings happen, Grantaire usually sits at the back and at first he argued verbally with Enjolras, but once they realise they’re soulmates, they think their points and argue without interrupting Enjolras speeches, they could have debates covering their whole bodies and after the meetings, they go back to either of their apartments and discuss it. It stops all the arguments and shouting. 
  • When Grantaire has a Bad Day and his thoughts are self-critical, Enjolras will think paragraph after paragraph about why Grantaire is beautiful and amazing and none of the things Grantaire thinks he is which always cheers Grantaire up because someone believes in him even when he doesn’t. Enjolras will get a little message back, a ‘thanks’ or a ‘I love you’ 
  •  When Enjolras forgets to eat, Grantaire turns up to his apartment with like seven different meals all cooked and packed up that’ll last Enjolras a week or they’ll get takeaway and have a movie night in together.
  •  When Grantaire gets caught up in a project, it’s Enjolras who is there to help him, who brings him food and drink and will tell the others when it’s okay to visit because Grantaire can be scary when he’s in his artistic zone. 
  • And when Grantaire gets bored he sexts Enjolras through their thoughts and Enjolras gets really flustered and tries to hide the messages because they should be private but they’re written on his skin for everyone to see – hence why he takes a jacket with him everywhere, even in summer. He does think back though
  • They use their thoughts to talk all the time, little conversations when they’re bored, reminders to meet someone or get the milk on the way home, usually a joke or a compliment or an ‘I love you’ ‘Stay safe’ sort of thing, something to make the other smile and brighten their day.  
Unsteady || Gabriel & Tallulah

Gabe lay as still as possible, just inside the treeline of the forest. Everything hurt and he wanted to scream and through magic everywhere but instead he just took as many steadying breathes as he could. One would think that after what he went through he wouldn’t return to the forest but he also knew that no one would bother him there as long as he didn’t go too far in. And he couldn’t stand the thought of going home to his apartment if Annie wasn’t there. It killed him that she wasn’t talking to him, he felt like a part of himself was missing. He understood why she was mad at him and Ella but he couldn’t bring himself to apologize for trying to defend her. He groaned in pain and shifted a tiny bit before sighing softly and getting up to slowly make his way towards the river. He stripped down to his boxers and slid into the water, hoping it’s coolness would ease some of the pain he was in, letting his head rest on the rocks of the riverbank as he floated using his magic to stay in one spot. He was almost asleep when he sensed a familiar presence and let his eyes flutter open to stare in the direction she was coming from.


lakeside | a propunk camp au fic

for sharkodactyl appreciation day. ;) natalie, you are so wonderful and inspiring and I’m incredibly honored to be your friend.

(my interpretation of the camp au that’s been flourishing under natalie’s watchful eye. check it out here: x)

now on AO3 as well: (x)


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“One day I came home and Cory was there with this plaque from the set that we always had in the glee club and I said, ‘What’s this doing here?’ and he said, 'I took it!’ He said, 'This summer we are going to take it all over everywhere we go and take pictures of us with this plaque!’ and that’s what we did!”

Another date?

(What were they talking about to make them stay so late?)

chanbaek went to this restaurant called “마왕족발(Mawangpork- a bbq restau) last Friday


First the date at Dallas, sneaking out of the premier thing together, the scooter thing, and now this? 

Chanbaek, what game are you playing?

Actually just keep playing it, I don’t mind.

Hermione: Please? It’s only for tonight. I can’t find anyone else to mind him.
Draco: No, Granger. Why can’t Potter do it?
Hermione: Harry is busy.
Draco: Weasley then?
Hermione: He doesn’t like Ron.
Draco: He doesn’t like me either. He hates me.
Hermione: Nonsense, he loves you.
Draco: Last time I spent the night in you flat, Granger, I woke up with him on the headboard, ready to pounce, no doubt planning to suffocate me.
Hermione: He was only trying to cozy up to you.
Draco: He hisses every time I walk in to a room.
Hermione: He’s only excited to see you .
Draco: Granger, he bit me.
Hermione: Well you shouldn’t have sat on his spot on the couch. Please, Draco? If you do this favor for me, I’ll do something extra special for you… tonight.
Draco: Hmmm… Fine.
Hermione: You are my favorite person in the world, have I told you that? See you tonight. Bye.
Draco: Alright, you mangy cat. I don’t like this anymore than you do. Don’t get any ideas about offing me or anything that puts me in a bad light for Hermione and I might just not kick you out of the house once I marry your mistress. Got it?
Crookshanks: *hisses*
Draco: Good.

Much later that night, Hermione comes home and finds her flat in complete shambles: a lamp knocked down to the floor, overturned chairs, and shredded paper everywhere. She finds Draco in the middle of it all, passed out on the couch, Crookshanks curled up on his chest, both sound asleep. The sight of it made her smile.