otp: every note is a joy

So I’m replaying the Mars archives and liara mentioned, super excitedly, about how’s there’s loads and loads of prothean stuff that’s never been studied there
Suggestion: post me3 Liara sorting through all the data which was recovered. Noting down interesting things to look into further and general notes. Thoroughly researching and enjoying every second of it. Shepard slouched in the corner, less interested by the prothean data but content at being in the room with Liara. They sit largely in silence but with Liara occasionally telling Shepard something particularly interesting. They smile a lot, they’re both so happy

Before the last BLEACH chapter comes out, I want to thank every single Hitsuhina fan out there.

I have loved this pairing for seven years, and knowing I wasn’t the only one and finding out about all of the hitsuhina communities across the internet made me so happy. You guys have been amazing to talk to/fangirl with, and your fanart, fanfiction, analyses, headcanons, and rants have a been an absolute joy to see/read -  all of them strengthen my love for this pairing.

I will continue to love hitsuhina long after BLEACH ends because of the special place they hold in my heart and the tremendous support it has behind it. Toshiro and Momo have affected me on so many emotional and personal levels, and I can see they have an immense effect on others too; they’ve fuelled some of the most passionate rants and analyses, have been the inspiration for a lot of heartfelt and amazing art and stories, have brought forth a whole range of emotions in fans, and have gotten some people through stressful or tough times. I haven’t regretted following these two for one second, come hell or high water, and I truly don’t know what I would have done if my life didn’t have hitsuhina… And finally, Kubo, I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for every hitsuhina moment. Thank you for creating such a dynamic, strong, and emotional bond that I had never seen before.Thank you for creating these two characters and for bringing them to life in your story. I will miss not seeing Toshiro and Momo in new official content, but I am very much looking forward to what hitsuhina fans will create after BLEACH ends.

Because of this and for every other reason I have written above,  I thank you, hitsuhina fans. You have brought and will continue to bring me immense joy along with the pairing :)

On a side note, regardless of what goes down in the last chapter, you can expect two things for this blog: 1. I want to keep this blog positive and BLEACH-centric (with particular focus on my OTP), and 2. I plan to talk and reblog about other anime/manga a bit more often.