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15 FitzSimmons!

15. A ‘Hope We Don’t Get Caught’ Kiss

“Fitz? Simmons?” Mack’s voice crackled over the comms. “Hey, look sharp. Scans show two hostiles headed your way. You guys out of sight?”

“We will be in just a moment, if we’re lucky.” Jemma darted across the path, seizing the handle of a small, dilapidated door. It was streaked with rust and made an ominous creaking sound, but it turned easily enough in her hand. “Oh good, it’s unlocked. Fitz, in here. Quick!”

He was wrinkling his nose before he even ducked through the door. “What is this, some kind of storage unit? And what is that smell?”

“Shhh.” Jemma pulled the door closed behind him and pressed the lock, backed away from the entrance, and nearly trampled his toes. “Oh! It’s a bit smaller in here than I thought.”

“There’s an understatement.” Fitz stifled a cough. “Barely enough room to breathe.”

“Well, just hang tight.” The comms did little to disguise the amusement in Mack’s voice. “Looks like the hostiles are veering away from you now, so you should be good, but you might want to stay in there another minute or two just to be safe.”

“Says the man directing us from a nice, clean, air-conditioned hotel room,” Fitz muttered. 

“Oh, surely it’s not that bad.” Jemma had just enough room to turn around, carefully avoiding a second assault on Fitz’s toes. They stood chest to chest, and she wound her arms around his neck for lack of anywhere else to put them. “I can think of much worse positions to be in, can’t you, Fitz?”

She pushed up and forward on the balls of her feet, dragging her hips against his, and relished a little thrill at the way his eyes popped open wide and his breath spluttered. 

“Well,” he said, and swallowed several times. “When you put it that way…”

Over the comms, they heard a noise suspiciously like a stifled sigh. 

“Oh dear,” Jemma said. “Less talking. We wouldn’t want the hostiles to double back and hear us.” 

She leaned up a little further and nipped gently at Fitz’s lower lip. She felt him shudder against her as he exhaled, breath brushing her lips, and then he tilted his head and pressed his mouth to hers. The pulse in his neck quickened under her palm, and she stifled a whimper, pressing closer and cording her fingers through his hair. 

“All right, the hostiles are off the radar. Think you should be clear.” Mack’s voice was a distant rumble through the comms. “…Guys? Guys.”

“Yeah.” Fitz recovered first. “Yeah, we’re heading out. Just a second.” 

His voice was impressively steady, but his pupils were dilated and his cheeks stained pink. Jemma grinned at him, reaching around to smooth his mussed hair.

“Oh, you’re a sight,” she mouthed, suppressing a giggle. “Good thing we’re only on audio and not visual.”

“What was that?” Mack asked. His voice was equally wary and resigned. “Or do I not want to know?” 

“Nothing at all,” Jemma said innocently. She grinned, reaching around Fitz for the doorknob, and leaned up for one more quick kiss.