otp: ephram x amy

Lovely memories… a flashback in the ships I loved most in my favorite teen dramas.

Dawson’s Creek - Pacey&Joey

PJers inside, I stuck with Pacey and Joey until the very end! And True Love never ends… they are endgame!


Veronica Mars - Logan&Veronica

Well, love is LoVe! Logan and Veronica, so wrong it’s right, smelling like marshmallows and Promises. They have to be endgame in the movie!!


Gossip Girl - Dan&Serena

Dan & Serena of course, from the very beginning. Lonely boy charme… Endgame again!


Everwood - Ephram&Amy

Well, there’s only Amy and Ephram here, and they are so sweet! I liked Hannah and Bright too, she was lovely but maybe to good for him. I loved Everwood and the season finale was pretty good. 


The OC - Ryan&Taylor

I never really liked Ryan and Marissa and I loved Seth and Summer, but my favourite couple was Ryan and Taylor! Sometimes weird, but so funny!!

Gilmore Girls - Dean&Rory

Worst season finale ever… I loved Rory and Dean together, I never liked (this) Logan. I was really disappointed at the end.


Friday Night Lights - Matt&Julie

I didn’t like Julie, she was a bit silly, but Matt was sooo sweet! So I think I’m going to choose them. This show was awesome, by the way!


Ugly Betty - Daniel&Betty

I think Daniel really loved Betty, and not only as a friend. Nothing romantic really happened between them, but the season finale makes us believe that there could be more…


Still ones of the most satisfying pay off for a couple

EPHRAM: You know, after my mom died, everybody told me that I was going to be OK. That it would take a little time but I’d heal. That didn’t really happen. Not really.
[Amy slowly turns around]
What you are feeling right now Amy, it doesn’t ever really go away. Not completely. It’s not like you’re going to, you know, you’re going back to be the person you were like before they died. That person’s gone. It’s more like… something inside of you breaks and your body finds a way to compensate for it. Like i-if you busted your right hand, you figure out how to use the left one. And sure, you might resist for a while because you get pissed off but… You have to learn all this stuff again that no one else does. Eventually your body takes over and it figures it out for you and you’re glad. Because if it were up to you, you, you’d just… look at your busted hand forever. Trying to figure out what it was like before. Well…
AMY: I wish he wasn’t your father, Ephram. I wish I didn’t have to think of him every time I talk to you.
EPHRAM: Sometimes I wish he wasn’t my father too. Believe me, I do. I mean, he’s a good person, Amy. And he knows what you’re going through.
AMY: If you’re asking me to forgive him, I can’t do that. I’m sorry.
EPHRAM: So what happens now ? With us ?
AMY: We’re friends, Ephram. Let’s just leave it at that, OK ?
EPHRAM: OK. Sure. I’ll see you at school.
AMY: See you at school.
[Ephram is about to go but he turns to say something else]
EPHRAM: You know, they say that junior year is supposed to be the hardest. I mean, after this last one, it’s gotta be a cakewalk, right ?
[Amy smiles and slightly laughs]
AMY: Yeah.
EPHRAM: See ya.
[Amy watches Ephram go]

Everwood, The Last of Summer, Season 2 Episode 1

So I got the last season of Everwood, finally. And the first thing I watched was the alternative ending.

Okay, so I knew that Madison was going to come back, but it ended before Amy’s speech? We have to choose between another season, or the Ferris Wheel scene?

Can’t do it.

Maybe the people who decided saw the Ferris Wheel scene and couldn’t bear to cut it so they cancelled the show. Makes more sense than giving Seventh Heaven another goddamn season.