otp: duet that never was

You know what?

You klainers want to talk trash about me and make up lies yet can not even @ me? @fyiklainesuckeachotheroff everettscolfer vegetableblaine 

I am sick and tired of the lies you Klainers want to spread about me and other Chris stans just because we don’t not worship your sloppy OTP. 

You want to claim that WE are an embarrassment to Chris? What about YOU? Klainers who never tell Crisscolfer shippers to stop attacking Chris because half of you are tinhater Criscolfer shippers your damn self! 

How about YOU Klainers who can easily say you love your boys both equally yet is quick to talk mack about Chris because of his ‘hater fans’ yet you guys are the ones tweeting hate at Glee people, Chris himself, and anyone else you think will care about your whining all over twitter, FB, and instagram!

I can easily list off the top of my head top ten awful things Klainers have done that Chris stans never did!

  1. Tweeted hate and death threats to the actors on Glee who was 'in the way of Klaine’
  2. Claim to be allies and care for LGBT people just because you payed money to TBSP for Glee for so called 'Charity’ that is not really charity at all since that money you gave came with expectations for things in return. Real charity work is not bragged about and you do not get anything in return if you actually gave to charity you Klainers PAYED for Glee shit related to Klaine, you did not give a fuck about Charity.
  3. Hate other LGBT ships on Glee. And Brittana is the ONLY other LGBT ship and a lot of you Klainers hate Brittana. Also you guys hate the other gay characters on Glee and never gave any of them a chance. Funny how you claim Chris fans is hateful and homophobic and want Kurt with any guy with a dick yet why is Kurt and Chris fans and other sane people of the Glee fandom have no problem with shipping other gay ships and people on Glee but you Klainers?  
  4. Klainers attack people who do not ship Klaine, even if you are not in the Glee fandom, Klainers will atttack you if you do not like or care about their OTP. Kurt and Chris fans do not all ship the same thing, yet we never send each other hate about each others OTP Glee preference.  But with Klainers we got harassed in our OTP tags for YEARS and many Kurt stans who did not ship Klaine got bullied off tumblr, there was so many people who were mocked and laughed at, who fanfics were mocked and copy and shared among Klainers just because it was not about Klaine. We are bullies yet you guys stoop so low to chase non Klainers who was not even as vocal as I am off tumblr simply cause they did not ship Klaine. Also what kind of people are cruel enough to mock  someones fanfiction? Never have I ever blogged a Klainers work and mocked their writing. You do not do shit like that!
  5. Klainers have had every single fandom Glee cast stan turn against them at least once. Glee is very divided now, but that is because a lot of Klainers have attacked people in the Glee fandom. How come Chris stans like myself easily can get and follow and be followed by every part of the Glee fandom? How come Chris and Kurt fans can manage to be allies and at peace with the rest of the Glee fandom but Klainers cant? It is not just Chris fans who can not stand Klaine and Klainers, and it has nothing to do with us being 'haters’ Klainers are nasty bullies who have mocked other Glee fans, Glee ships and characters just because you Klainers are entitled and think Klaine deserves everything and Klainers should have everything. Klainers are the worst people in the Glee fandom because you guys do not care about the  other characters, ships, actors, or fans. I am a hater yet I can get a long with my fellow Gle fandom yet you Klainers can’t? Mhm…..
  6. Klainers attack actually LGBT Glee fans all the time, if you do not ship Klaine you get called a dyke! If you ship Kum, Kurtbastian, Kurtofsky, Kadam, and any other Glee ship and you are actually gay, then you are a hater and only want Kurt to fuck every guy he see! And you are a homophobe cause according to Klainers, Klaine is the best LGBT representation, despite the many male Chris stans who identify in the LGBT area, says other wise and the actual female Chris  stans  who identify as lesbian, bi, and pansexual, such as myself, get called dykes. Klainers are the REAL homophobes. The ALWAYS call female queer Glee fans dykes and other offenseive words if they dont ship Klaine.
  7. Klainers have a lot of tinhaters in their fandom. Crisscolfer is not real and a lot of Crisscolfer shippers sends hate to Chris and Will and Mia and all of their friends who tweets about or posts pics of Chris and Will together. Chris fans do not have tin haters in our fandom, we do not tweet hatred to Chris, Will, or their friends like Klainer/Crisscolfer shippers do.
  8. Even though you guys have gotten more screen time than any other OTP and more duets, it is never enough. You guys bully RIB and bully Chris because you do not think he acts 'loving’ enough. Then you make comments harshly bitching and criticizing Chris in CHRIS TAGS about him not being more loving in his acting towards Blaine (And yet get mad when Chris fans see your post in Chris tags and call you out) PLUS you are a Crisscolfer blog so it is basically stating you are angry that Chris is not giving you masturbating material.  Klainers manage to ruin things for not only Chris fans, but to the rare Klainers who never go around threatening and whining all day to RIB. You Klainers are the reason why your OTP sucks. You harass and threat RIB all day long, what did you expect?
  9. Klainers have defended a lot of Darren’s rude and bad behavior yet is quick to criticize Chris and other Glee cast for every tiny thing yet gets angry when Chris stans and other Glee fans mentions Darren’s fuck ups. That is the thing with Klainers, when it comes to Darren, he can do no wrong and you guys fill u Chris tags talking about how much you love Darren and how Chris stans need to stop hating him and how Darren’s comments were 'just jokes’ yet can write in CHRIS TAGS  bullshit about how 'cold’ he is and how he 'ignores the fans’ ignoring all the times that Klainers and Crisscolfer shippers tweeted hate to Chris coworkers and friends and Chris himself and RIB over Klaine. Ignored the times you Klainers and Crisscolfer shippers made Chris so uncomfortable on instagram by being cruel about a picture Chris posted of his boyfriend on his boyfriend birthday that he deleted the pic, then bragged about it. Chris blocked a very rude and harasing Klainer yet that Klainer stalk him on his  book tour and whinnied at him and played victim for Chris blocking them when they were assholes to Chris then bragged about forcing Chris to unblock you. You guys wonder WHY Chris is silent, look how much you guys harass them, and before a Klainer step in to say 'not all Klainers’ guess what? There was ENOUGH Klainers to do this repeatedly and constantly that it had an obvious effect on Chris and how he responds to Klainers now a days./ Also Chris NEVER once said anything negative about his Chis and Kurt fans because we do not tweet him hatred. Chris fans do tweet him love about Kurt and his books and Noel. We do not tweet him 25/7 about Klaine. We do not even tweet him about Klainers or how much we dislike Klaine. We literally talk to Chris about respecting his work and  books and Kurt Hummel. 
  10. You guys threaten to harm, kill or RIB or kill yourself to RIB and Chris Colfer to try to emotionally manipulate them and none of you Klainers call out Klainers for saying and doing stuff like that. Not once have a Chris stan did anything like that. There has been several Chris stans on my posts who called out other Chris stans if they ever said something that went too far. lainers on the other hand is always going and with the 'not all klainers’ bull and then accuse the more tamer and nicer Chris stans of being haters. The Chris stans who actually was very nice and called out other Chris stans if they went to far. You made these Chris stans not even like or respect you because you called them haters on and off anon and told them to kill themselves just because they were Chris stans and not Klainers. Now guess what? Those Chris stans are tired of your bullshit and call you guys out and you do not like it so you know want to play victim and claim we are bullies!

There is so much more awful cray you Klainers do but that was just 1 of them! 

Sure you think I run a hate blog but guess what? even if I was this is a BLOG my personal blog that I post what I want on. Never have I ever sent rude crap to Darren, RIB, Chris, or anyone else on twitter and other social media. I do not tweet hate at Klainers, I do not even send hate  in Klainers inbo on tumblr, but sure. I am such the horrible one. Well guess what, I can live with that because it is much better than being in a hateful Klainer cult.

Chris fans tweets is never the deranged and sad crap that bullies Chris and people who are associated with him like you people do! How come you guys claim that myself and other Chris fans are an embarrassment to Chris Colfer yet Klainers is always the people who gets blocked on twitter by actors an show runners? Why is Chris fans the embarrassment of Chris when Klainers tweet people who will ask the Glee Cast questions if they will ask very uncomfortable questions like did Chis and Darren enjoy kissing each other and think that Darren is really gay when he say time and time again he is straight!

How is Chris fans an embarrassment when all we ask is if you people can just stay in your own tags and not sen hate to Chris and people associated with him! 

I can go in Darren’s tag and it is legit 80% Darren and that is perfectly fine, it is Darren’s tag so it of course should be mainly about him. But WHY do Chris tag have to be cluttered with Crisscolfer and Klaine and Darren all day long? Why do you respect Darren’s tags yet not Chris?

Chris is a part of Klaine, but guess what? Their is a Klaine tag. The ONLY time Klaine should be in Chris tag is when posts from Glee news is concerned and not just cluttered old pics of Klaine splattered all over his tags. It is inconsiderate of people who is Chris fans outside of Glee as well as Chris fans who do not care for Klaine.

I know I am not a a little bitch who is gonna let you Klainers walk all over me and I speak my mind and stan up for myself. I have no problems with defending myself and I have no problems from not going in you Klainers inbox on and off anon sending you hate yet you guys do it all the time to us. 

I follow many blogs who love Chris, not all the blogs are even anti Klaine and Anti Darren like I am but guess what? They DO NOT post about Klaine or Darren, they are fans of Chris work and people like them as well as Chris fans and other people who are just now joining the Chris fandom deserve to have his tags about CHRIS COLFER. 

You have Klainer tags, you have Kurt and Blaine tags, those are TWO tags you can use to talk about Klaine. If you a Crisscolfer shipper, then it is THREE tags you can use! And if you want a fourth or fifth tag for Klaine, make one up!

WE Chris fans use the lol tags for a very long time and we stayed in our lane when ever we posted about our disliked but then you Klainers started getting obnoxious and rude and spamming Chris tags and Chris fans could not even go in their without being bombarded with posts after post with Klaine/Darren Criss/Crisscolfer, posts whining about Klaine and saying how much you love Darren in CHRIS TAGS!

I am tired. If I am gonna be lied about and tried to be made out to be some bully just because I speak the truth and is sick of Klainers trying to play victims when they clearly aren’t.

From this day forward, unless it is lol Glee, I am DONE with the lol tags!

 Darren Criss, Crisscolfer, Klaine, and tags like that seems pretty empty lately since you guys love to spout your bull shit all over Chris Colfers tags, I am now gonna post how I feel in there. There is no tumblr law that I have to stay in the lol tags, it was an agreement to try to keep the peace but I am done and tired.

Hate me all you want, I’m staying and I will never be as hateful as you nor a hypocrite. I am a Chris Colfer stan and I am proud. I am an ex Klainer who woke up to reality and left that toxic fandom 2 years ago and I am Proud. Say what you want about Chris fans, the only people that seem to hate us is Klainers, which says something about YOU. Klainers hate Chris fans and ship Klaine while actually Chris stans don’t…. LOL. Classic. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: How come Hanayo and Rin never had a duet within the love live franchise? They are best friends and yet there is no song of them singing together. They sang together with Nico and they also sang together with Maki but never with the two of them alone? Other best friend combos get a duet together like Kotori with Umi and Eli with Nozomi but not Hanayo with Rin. Why not them? Kotori and Hanayo had two duets, two! and there is no RinPana duet. Also RinPana is a popular ship so why isn't there a RinPana duet? Do the people who write the songs hate RinPana? and now that μ's has ended there is a possibility that we will never get a duet from them.