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“Dude, I love Mexican,” Isaac’s hands went down to wrap around Scott’s sharp cheeks and brought their faces together. Their helmets dropped on the floor with a loud thud. Isaac’s lips tasted like mint. Scott traced his lower lip with his tongue, tasting the delicious freshness of his breath. Scott knew he wasn’t only talking about the food.

“Isaac!” Scott said through his half closed lips. Isaac separated his face a little from his, his hands not letting go of his face. Isaac looked down at him, a wild smirk of his face.

Scott struggled to come up with words, “I can eat alone. It’s okay.”

With the same wild smirk, Isaac lowered down to kiss Scott again, this time, Scott found it hard to want to let go, “You’re not going alone.” It was then that Scott knew that Isaac knew.

joeteague  asked:

Top 3 Isaac moments :)

Ahhhh you’re my fave;)

When he pet that dog- his face was honestly just priceless. I mean first of all, that was the absolute cutest smile ever. But it was also the first time we really saw him act vulnerable, and put his trust in someone outside the pack. The fact that he let Scott show him that, and that he cried in front of him, was so so so important. And of course, him seeing how much he could use the bite to help someone and not hurt them, even if it’s just a little dog, was so great

The ice bath in chaos rising- as much as I love shirtless Isaac, that’s actually not my reason. Chaos Rising was my favorite episode for a long time specifically because of that scene. He was so freaked out and vulnerable, and Daniel just portrayed it extremely well. The teeth-chattering, the way you could see his eyes flicking back and forth under the closed lids, clutching Scott’s arm, the fear in his voice— the entire scene was incredible

The allisaac scene in Galvanize- “you were trying to kiss me” “no I wasn’t” “what were you trying to do? Headbutt me?” “okay, so maybe I was trying to kiss you” AND THEN “I would never kiss you. Ever.” “Never? Alright. I won’t kiss you either” AND THEN WHIPPING OFF HIS SHIRT. I CRIED. IM STILL CRYING. alright so I used to know this scene verbatim, but now I don’t at all bc I’m a terrible person

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