otp: drink with me


drink w/me on the piano 

this is a V serious post so please listen and let me know what u think

Drink With Me
Jon Robyns, Adam Linstead, and the Student Ensamble
Drink With Me

I feel like Adam Linstead gets crap for playing Grantaire. People say he’s takes the role too goofy, but have you heard to this version of Drink With Me? It’s the best version I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of different versions.

I feel like the chemistry between Jon and Adam as Enjolras and Grantaire is a bond that isn’t like any other character. For God’s Sake, do you hear the emotion in his voice? It’s literally heartbreaking. The first time I heard it, which was on Pandora, my heart sank like it never has before. Like the e/R feels really got to me and ugh I can’t even. 

can george blagden please sing this version omg