otp: downeys

my otp:

person: so how did you get your 500th OTP?

me: well a hot handsome brainwashed soldier killed this smol rich baby’s parents and then they fought and smol rich baby ripped his arm off and hot handsome brainwashed soldier soldier got sad and yeah they’re perfect

person: but-

me: shhhhhh they’re meant to be..

Okay so hear me out

I know this is a SPIDERMAN movie about SPIDERMAN and that’s great I wouldn’t want it any other way
BUT they better fix our pepperony hearts because I can’t handle it any longer!!

And I couldn’t care less how they do it. Just ONE tiny scentence would do it. Because that’s how you destroyed it, remember Marvel? With one tiny scentence!!!
All I want is one small “oh yeah we’re back together” or “so you two are…” - “yes we are fine”