otp: dont ever change


What can we expect from your character in the next Game of Thrones?

#I love how he cares about the series and his character so much
#and how he feels so terrible for fake shouting and being generally awful to Peter Dinklage
#and in the end of the video he’s like
#‘I have an awesome death scene!’
#but then he’s like
#'oh, that means I’m gonna die and leave the show…“
#aw Charles


Dan forgets he’s on camera AKA the best 28 seconds of my life.

This picture is for all the latest Pokemon Tumblr followers I recently have gotten!

My childhood revolved around this show! Loved it ridiculously. Still do! I lately been wanting to get the first season just because it would be a nice childhood memory to hold onto.

Plus this picture has a sweet message:

Don’t ever change for anyone. Your all beautiful and no one should tell you differently <3