otp: don't shut me out

Don’t shut me out

Baby, let me in

And I’ll chase away the shadows

That linger in your thoughts

And I’ll fight the monsters

That tear your mind apart,

Don’t shut me out

Because I need you,

I need to you smile again

And to remember what it’s like

When it’s just me and you

On that old, dusty piano bench

Playing Claire De Lune in the middle of the afternoon

Like nothing else matters,

So darling, don’t shut me out

Please tell me your fears

And why you’re hiding away again

Because this time

I will save you

I will save you

I will save you

If you only ask.


A Poem for My Babe

No need to shut me out
In both good times and in rough
I’m here for you, no doubt
You cannot give up
You have me worried from afar
With that broken tone
Like a star on a cloudy night
You can’t see me
But you know that I’m there.
I love you whether you’re there or here
Always remember
I love you my dear

And I know you feel that no one cares but when you’re laughing loud enough to drown out the screaming in your head I notice the smile doesn’t quite reach your eyes. And when you’re drowning your heartache in too many bottles of vodka cause you feel like no ones there. Know that you aren’t doing it alone. I’m right here.
I’m not leaving. I never left.
—  –you’re my best friend and I’d never let you face this alone
best friend.

as my closest dearest friend you know this about you.

i know someone who ment the world to walked out of your life, and pops in and out as she pleases, and i know you love her. and you can’t let her go, because if i lost you i’d be completely broken. i’ve lost a lot of friends, because they didn’t need me, they turned into sluts, etc. i know what you’re going through but you have to let me in. don’t keep me out, i’m here for you, always have been, always will be. by the was my superbowl team is up right now 2-0 ahahahahahah! i wish you told me your feelings more, and i wish you would give me the opportunity to tell you mine. if you read this let me know, i’ll be waiting.