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I wrote a fluffy thing…minor spoilers and spec for the rest of the season of Arrow mentioned…but mostly sickly sweet fluff without an actual plot. Title from Eavesdrop by the Civil Wars

 *runs away to hide*

Let The Wind Eavesdrop (I Don’t Care)

Felicity revels in silence. Sure, she loves hearing the hum of her computers as she taps out code on her keyboard. She loves the clang of the salmon ladder as Oliver works his way up. And she loves the “thwick!” of arrows. But silence. Silence holds so many virtues. 

Felicity’s mind is almost constantly on overdrive. To tell the truth, it’s loud in her head about 98% of the time. Even in sleep, her mind races. (“Comes with the genius territory,” her mother had said when she found 14 year-old Felicity building computers and writing code at 3 a.m. after shooting out of bed with an idea that came to her in a dream.) The only way she ever finds the elusive 2% is if she sits in utter quiet. And after the last few weeks with Oliver’s turn to the dark side, his return to Starling, and dealing with Ra’s and The League…well, silence had been hard to come by. 

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“It’s about playing as many games as I can for Liverpool this season and see where we go from there.

It’s up to the manager when he picks me, what games he thinks are right for me. He’s the boss and he makes the right decisions. You’ve always got to respect the manager’s decisions. The fact is I’ve got a year to go on my contract and whenever the manager calls upon me I’ll be there, wanting to play and wanting to do as well as I possibly can for Liverpool. That’s always been the case and nothing will change this year.

I wouldn’t say getting a new deal is my motivation. My motivation is to play well for Liverpool, for Liverpool to win games, hopefully get a trophy and get into the Champions League.” “

-Jamie Carragher talking to the Liverpool Echo 19/07/2012

Last night

Me: *speaking about the new episode of Gravity Falls* Well, now I have BillFord as my ship.

Friend: So now let the BillDip?


Me: *putting my arm around his neck* Oh pretty sweety, of course not, they are my OTP babies forever and ever.