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Hello may I pls offer a mediocre Dukesaw moodboard that took me four minutes to make in exchange for some Chansaw panic attack headcanons?

akdjkfkf everything about this is my favourite fucking thing honestly. the fact you’re trying to bribe me. the fact you’re asking for chansaw but providing dukesaw because you know it’s my OTP. the fact that it fucking worked… anyways, wasn’t sure which one you wanted having the panic attack orrr what, but here ya go:

when Veronica has a panic attack, it always makes Chandler panic too, bc, what??? does she do???? how??? help??? it often ends up with Chandler just blabbering about how much she loves Veronica and how things are gonna be okay for the duration of the panic attack.

she also likes to hug Veronica and pet her hair but sometimes that makes the panic attack worse so she does her best to gauge the situation by gently touching Veronica’s shoulder and if that doesn’t freak her out, then she hugs her.

chandler has a paper bag in her purse for emergencies, though she often forgets that it’s there. she ends up remembering when Veronica starts grabbing for her purse or hyper ventilating really bad. then she’s quick to get it out and hand it over.

veronica also has panic attacks occasionally. often enough that she knows what to do and how to take care of herself when she feels one coming, but not enough that she has to worry about it impeding on her daily life.

chandler, on the other hand, does not have panic attacks often. it’s normally very rare and only caused by certain triggers from her past trauma, unlike Veronica’s- which are caused by anxiety.

when she DOES have a panic attack, it’s a complete and absolute disaster for pretty much everyone involved.

Chandler herself, does not know how to properly deal with her panic attacks. if she feels one coming, then she’ll run off and hide if she can, but has tried to work through them before. it… didn’t end well.

when Veronica notices she’s having a panic attack, since it’s such a rare thing, she isn’t always sure how to help, because it’s always something very specific that set Chandler off. examples being: a song playing that played while at a party, being called certain nicknames that were used by boys in the past, being touched a certain way, etc. so she isn’t always sure how to help. all she really knows what to do is find Chandler if she’s run off, and get her somewhere safe.

however, she always gets out the paper bag out of Heather’s purse for her, and helps her breathe into it to calm down, because while Chandler forgets it, she doesn’t.

it often just ends up with Chandler curled up against Veronica while she pets her hair until she calms down tho, and that’s really all Chandler can ask for.

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When I think about them making love, I would imagine Sasuke wanting to prolong it. He wouldn't do it to tease or make her frustrated. He's doing it for himself because there are nights where he just can't let their intimacy end just yet. To be buried inside her so deep he can touch her very soul. She would ask him to please let her finish, and he would say "No... Not yet..."

oh god yes, me too. there are times that he does want to tease her but man when i think about them making love, i always imagine he just wants to make this last as long as he can :’)


#there was a time when emma could barely stand to have him within her personal space #playing with her hair #breathing words across her mouth #a time when she was afraid to get too close to this man that just had something #something that felt like home #something that could make her smile when all she’d been doing was frowning #and that time my friends is gone #she doesn’t fear him any longer because he’s everything she wants #it’s why she can get a little closer now #taste his devotion in the quiet, mindless moments #i think all emma fears now is just how much killian jones can and does love her


#and in that moment this isn’t the dark one #beneath all that ulterior motive is /emma/ #and although she came onto the ship to get something out of killian #she didn’t expect /this/ #to feel somewhere in all the sludge and obscurity her heart shattering just a little #because she doesn’t want to believe him #but part of her /does/ #because she didn’t /want/ to be this person #she just wants to come back home to him #but the darkness is too much and you can tell she can barely withstand it #withstand her own self #if he can barely look at her how can she look at herself #she’s screaming for those looks of love from him but all that’s emoting on her face is hollowness