otp: do you wanna touch

Do you wanna touch?//CrissColfer

Darren had woken up to the shower running, and without Chris by his side. That wasn´t unusual, but it had still left Darren pouting, because he had been away from his boyfriend for so long and he just needed him close. He had reached out for the phone and ordered what they needed from room service before the other man had come back into the room.

Chris always looked amazing, but like that, fully naked and still a little wet from the shower, he just looked absolutely stunning and damn, Darren was lucky. “Hey there…” he mumbled, his voice dark and raspy. “There you are…” They had only briefly seen each other at the upfronts and then basically fallen asleep as soon as they had made it to their hotel room, but now Darren definitely planned to focus all of his attention on his very naked and very gorgeous boyfriend. He sat up in bed, a smirk forming on his lips, before reaching out, tracing his fingers over Chris´ chest and down his stomach before getting on his knees so he could lean in and press a soft kiss to his hipbone.

“God…I´ve missed you…” he whispered against his boyfriend´s damp and warm skin.

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Um… Ms. Potts……. this is… okay… you are… I am impressed. You are… very… um… hot?