otp: do you not understand what you mean to me

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Dude. Keep your jily out of the anti jily tag. We hate james 'I'll stalk you for 7 years and then sexually assault you in front of the whole school because i hate that you exist and get away with it and have everyone remember me for being a ""grown man"" dead age 21 and still a bigot' potter for a reason. Please have some human decency.

First of all, shame on you coz my posts are usually tagged as anti-SNILY. I checked, just to make sure. So if it ended up on the anti-jily tag, I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks.

And second, about hating James ‘I’m gonna share everything I have with a werewolf, a runaway, and an outcast and join a group to fight in the war EVEN THOUGH IM 21 and face Voldemort WANDLESS so that my wife and child can escape’ Potter, are you sure you understand the meaning of love? Because, I sure can’t tell how dear old Severus ‘I love you so much that I joined the group looking to kill people like you and will treat your son and everyone else like shit coz i cant handle rejection’ Snape loves Lily. (Seriously, don’t get me started on that.)

Sometimes I think about BTS and their sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pervert.
But I mean, I’m 18, a girl and I’m horny all the time.. so, can you imagine 7 young men, without time to go out just for have fun, together in a dorm and with not much privacy?
I mean, it’s not even about otps or about who is gay, it’s just something about needs and reliefs.
Wait, no, okay, this is not only about BTS but about all the boy and girl groups too.

God, do you understand what I’m trying to say? *sigh* I give up, don’t mind me ahaha.

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that dance bangtan bomb. vkook (mostly) and yoonmin shippers decided to take over the comment section and you got so many people talking about those 2 ships and when someone mentions jikook, they're frowned upon and you got vkook fans "correcting" jikook shippers how vkook is real

yeah now that you guys mention it, everytime i go on an obviously jikook video i never see comments that are like “zomggggg JIKOOK”. like EVER. it’s always another ship or just random comments in general. but that’s just YouTube. facebook is all jikook and apparently they’re quite popular with k-netizens which makes it seem so weird to me. it’s like there’s a secret internet goblin deleting all the jikook comments XDDDD

but i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: this “shipping tension” between jikook shippers and everyone else is not even necessary anymore. there once was a time when i did feel that slight tinge when i saw mentions of other ships, but…not anymore. and i know you guys are expecting me to say something like “oh we should be a happy family” or “multishipping is a thing” but no, that’s actually not what I’m saying at all:

Recently, Jikook has reached a level where, to me, they don’t really have “competition” anymore XD

And yes, I understand there’s that psychology myth where it takes ten positive to counterbalance one negative or whatever but cmon, we have like ten to the power of jikook positives at this point, why do we even care?

I mean, say what you want but did your OTP ever get on stage and drop it together after which they promptly bent and snapped to a song about “Coming of Age”?

Did your OTP ever have an entire heartwarming video compilation worth 4+ min of just flirting at one day of a public event?

Has he ever whispered “I want you” while groaning at the sight of his alleged boyfriend?

cmon guys. why do we have to fight with others. they have their moments we have ours. when we got it so good nowadays. ever since the fire era, everything has been jikook. and the past month itself has given us no chance to relax and turn back to reality so why should we even care about what others are saying? i mean, they have to try so much harder than us to see these things recently, while we just kind of sit here and analyze the obvious XD cut them some slack.

in fact, im lowkey glad to see that jikook shippers are so called “few in number and underdogs” (even though i highly doubt it), because you know what, it makes me feel like a freaking chosen one. :D

tl;dr: jikook is practically canon. so we don’t even need to get irritated because we know what we know ;)

“Well, Dooley didn’t have time on his docket for Thompson’s little crush on Carter but I definitely have plenty.” - Me.

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Hi! I'm soo in love with your fics! I'm such trash for your taekook x reader stories and I was wondering if you would do a taegi or yoonseok drabble with author!reader + a trip to the bookstore? Hopefully that makes sense and I totally understand if you don't want to do it but thanks in advance. :)

a/n- hey cutie!! first of all thank you so much!! you’re a sweetheart! also, i chose to do taegi!! yoonseok is one of my top otps but this just screamed taegi to me idk aldsgh nevertheless i hope you enjoy it!! (i hope this was what you wanted too sldajgh)


well, at least you started out all three holding hands.

“taehyung! where are you going?” you call out, still holding tight to yoongi’s hand.

“he’s excited. i mean, this is the first time you’ll have a book in stores,” your remaining boyfriend says with a obviously happy voice. he’s been trying to act nonchalant about the whole thing, but even you could tell that he was giddy about it.

you can’t help but look up at him and smile wide. “it is pretty cool, huh?”

yoongi smiles back and nods. “it’s amazing.”

“GUYS! i found it!” taehyung shouts from a corner of the bookstore. people turn and look to find the culprit of the loud noise. you blush. you’re pretty introverted- that’s why you wrote most of the time instead of went out- so taehyung’s screaming and attention-drawing didn’t exactly put you at ease.

“for the love of god taehyung, lower your voice. you’re going to make y/n’s face turn into a tomato from all the embarrassment,” yoongi scolds as you two approach the excited boy.

taehyung grins and holds up your book proudly. “i found it! look,it’s beautiful! and you have your own display and everything!”

despite what your instincts tell you- they’re screaming ‘stay calm, stay calm!’- you find yourself jumping up and down a little.

“that’s my book,” you say in sudden realization. you look up at both boys and give them goofy grins. “that’s my book!”

“it’s your book!” they both exclaim and wrap you in a tight hug. you’re usually good at keeping your emotions in check, but as you feel the hug of your lovely boyfriends, tears begin to well up in your eyes.

“it’s my book…” you whisper for the last time, then hold on tighter than before.

oh how lucky you were.

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Well I still haven't completely gotten over my first boyfriend, and in desperation for some feeling of love I've unfortunately fallen in love with my OTP's, if that makes sense. I'm pouring all of my romantic frustration into fictional characters (and some real ones too). Please tell me someone else understands this? Do you know what I mean?

ive never done this because of a feeling of love, but ive done it for a different reason, so i know where you’re coming from <3

tell me about your crush!

  • Someone: You do know that OTP = one true pairing right?
  • Me: Yeah
  • Someone: So what's your OTP?
  • Me: narusaku, armikasa, snowbarry, levihan, westhawne, olicity, gremma, cielizzy, tripskye, chitoraku, fitzsimmons, asuraku, cloti, luna, jerza (continues)
  • Someone: WHAT???
  • Me: Yeah, I have about 100 OTPs *smiles*
  • Someone: I don't think you understand the meaning of OTP
  • Me: *shrugs*
  • Dean: *sees fake Cas and fake Dean kissing*
  • Dean: What're they doing?
  • Marie: Uhhh kids these days call it hugging...
  • Dean: Is that in the show?
  • Marie: Oh, no, Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life...although, we do explore the nature of Destiel in act two.
  • Dean: Sorry, what?
  • Marie: Oh it's just subtext...but, then again, you know you can't spell subtext without S E X.
  • Dean: *looks into camera like in The Office*
  • -
  • Sam: I don't understand.
  • Dean: Me neither.
  • Sam: I mean, shouldn't it be Deastiel?
  • Dean: Really? That's your issue with this?
  • Sam: *giggles* no, of course that's not my issue. You know, how about Sasstiel? Samstiel?
  • Dean: Okay, alright, you know what? You're gonna do that thing where you just shut the hell up, forever.
  • -
  • Sam: CasDean?
  • Dean: Shut your face, get in the car!

Dinah recording Camila dancing

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hi ah well you see i'm asexual and i've been told that because i'll say a drawing of one of my otp/real person is "cute" or "adorable" or "beautiful" (male or female, doesn't matter) that doesn't count and it automatically makes me heterosexual. but its not like im actually yk attracted to them, or want to do whatever, or think they're sexy (idk what that even is). like i think someone is "attractive" in the sense of aesthetics but i dont feel anything towards them, really. i just don't know

Being asexual doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy how a person looks.  I don’t understand how people don’t understand that.  Heterosexuals can still think people of the same gender are beautiful/cute and no one suddenly starts calling them gay/bisexual/pansexual/etc., so… why do asexuals get so much shit?  Like… why do we have to prove ourselves so much?  I can say Jensen Ackles is hot, but I still don’t want to bang him.  Sorry people are such shits to you.  Just ignore them and keep being awesome.

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Drarry is incestuous and a pile of crap.

what I like the most of these asks is that they are always anonymous

I would like to know why on earth do you say it is incestuous? they are not brothers, siblings, cousins, or anything like that

I mean, I understand if you say it is crap, because you don’t like it, and let me inform you that the fact you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is crap, which it’s not

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….Naruto has spent four yeas chasing you across the fucking globe, Sasuke.


And I also like how clearly unhappy Naruto is with Sasuke leaving but he still lets it happen. Sasuke needs to heal on his own terms and I like to think Naruto is starting to understand that. 

you guys should really take notice

that these boys JUST started a public instagram.

this is their FIRST sns where they’re interacting with their fans. 

this does not give you guys the write to comment any fucking thing you want.

keep in mind that because this IS their first SNS, they WILL read many of the comments that you guys post. 

that means 

  1. NO otp comments. (this will make the members uncomfortable.)
  2. NO hate comments. (thats just plain ass rude.) 
  3. NO ‘please follow me oppa~ omg saranghaeyo’ (why the hell would they follow you honestly)
  4. NO 'I CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT UR SAYING SPEAK IN ENGLISH’ (seriously wait  FIVE minutes on fy-exo and they’ll have a translation on there FOR YOU) 
I wrote a parody of Simple and Clean called Shipping and Feels

Verse 1:

You’re giving me

Too many feels lately


I looked at you and said

You two would be great together

But does that mean I have to ship my favorites?

What if no one else understands

How perfect you two are?

I don’t think shipping’s quite that simple


When you are on screen

All I do is scream

Please, my babies, just kiss

Shipping and feels are what my life has come down to tonight

It’s hard to let them go

Verse 2:

The daily feels (like who is dead and what is what)

That keep my life busy are making me cry

That’s when my OTP just said:

“Wish we could prove our love,

But our creator killed us off. Sorry.

Guess that means you have to live without your OTP forever.



Hold me, why can’t I contain all of these feels? They’re tearing me apart.

Regardless of warnings, I still can’t hold in all of my tears. Nothing’s like before!


Bridge x2