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Forbes vs Salvatore Part 2

A/N: Due to popular demand, here is the next part of “Forbes vs Salvatore,” let me know if you want a part three. Also, italicized is a flashback, and I hope you enjoy!

Part One

“Ha, beat you!” Caroline jeered at her alarm, as it went off five minutes after she woke up. She loved mornings, she always had, and the good morning text from her boyfriend, made it way better.

People always laughed when the pair of them explained their relationship to them. Of course, not many people knew about their relationship at all. Both of their families did, but other than that no one knew what happened behind closed doors.

Not even their closest friends knew that the two arch enemies, were madly in love.

Caroline’s phone rang, drawing her out of her revere. She beamed, as ‘Him’ appeared on her screen, not even waiting before answering it.

“Good morning Mr. Salvatore,” Caroline giggled, getting out of bed and heading towards her closet.

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