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WestAllen Stans Are Delusional

WestAllen fans think Barry and Iris have chemistry.

WestAllen fans think all Snowbarry shippers/people who don’t ship Barry and Iris are racist.

WestAllen fans don’t acknowledge that the actual reason 99% of people ship Snowbarry and dislike WestAllen/Iris is because of a lack of chemistry and Iris being a poorly written character.

WestAllen fans don’t realize that the majority of Snowbarry shippers, while we might not like Iris, we like/have absolutely nothing against Candice Patton. We recognize that an actress is not the character she plays

WestAllen fans don’t acknowledge the awkwardness of the pairing. It’s not actually incest, but it sure can be awkward when their dad walks in on them.

WestAllen fans don’t acknowledge the fact that Iris once said she and Barry were kind of like brother and sister even though they weren’t. Maybe Barry has never seen her as a sister, but she certainly has seen him as a brother.

WestAllen fans never acknowledge the fact that Iris made her decision to get with Barry because of “destiny”.

WestAllen fans think it’s okay that Iris tried to sabotage Barry’s relationship with Linda, saying that she was just starting to realize her feelings and that’s why she did it. Okay, so why didn’t Barry crash her and Eddie’s dates and tell Eddie things in an effort to break him and Iris up like Iris did with Linda? After all, Barry was very aware of his feelings for Iris, and yet with the exception of when Iris kissed him in an alternate timeline, he was always 100% supportive of her relationship. He even tried to convince Joe that it was wrong not to give Eddie his blessing to marry Iris.

WestAllen fans think how Iris emotionally abuses Barry in episodes like 3x15 and 3x16 isn’t toxic.

WestAllen fans hate Barry for maturely asking for some space, yet are totally on Iris’s side when she vindictively waits in the room for Barry to wake up after being stabbed by Savitar, show off her ring-less singers, and walk away.

WestAllen fans don’t acknowledge that Savitar isn’t a clone of Barry. He’s a future version of Barry, and guess what, he was willing to kill Iris.

WestAllen fans don’t acknowledge that while Savitar threatened to kill Killer Frost if Cisco didn’t help him, he tried to kill Iris twice and threatened to try a third time. If he’s willing to do that to the supposed love of his life, who’s to say he didn’t in his own way care about Frost despite threatening to kill her? At least he never tried like he did with Iris!

WestAllen fans say Savitar was just using Killer Frost, but it was only in this timeline that he needed her to help him take down the Black Flash. Before Barry went to 2024, Savitar wasn’t going to use Tracy to build the speed force bazooka earlier so he could splice himself throughout time, considering he still got trapped in the speed force by Barry. And guess what? He still worked with Killer Frost and never killed her in that timeline. If he had shown any inclination to not care about her/their partnership, she wouldn’t have said they made one hell of a team.

WestAllen fans ignore the amazing chemistry Barry and Caitlin have and were allowed to express in season one before the writers started keeping them apart to prop up WestAllen.

WestAllen fans get pissed when anyone sends Candice hate, (a rational/good thing to do), but ignore it/write it off as unimportant when someone sends Danielle or even Grant hate.

Some WestAllen fans go so far as to be Grandice fans, and while I have seen Granielle fans too, I have yet to see one of them openly bash Grant and his fiancee LA. It might happen, but until I see it, I can’t say for sure. I think the Grandice fans are far more extreme and they have for sure bashed Grant and LA because they want Grant to get with Candice.

WestAllen fans start frothing at the mouth anytime someone even criticizes how Iris’s character is written, and yet I have seen them talk about wanting Caitlin to die and they expect no one to bat an eye at that.

WestAllen fans hate Savitar for trying to kill Iris in an act of self-preservation considering if she didn’t die, he would never be born. He even said so to Killer Frost and the moment she survived, the paradox began to catch up to him. And yet, none of them batted an eye when Iris shot Savitar in the back with a gun right in front of Barry. Sure, she was trying to save him, but if they sympathize with her shouldn’t they also sympathize with his plight? After all, he is Barry. Oh, wait, they only care about Iris. My bad.

WestAllen fans think Iris saved Barry just like she does when she shot Savitar, and she technically did, yet they all seem to forget the fact that she also killed Barry in front of him.

WestAllen stans think Barry didn’t care about any of the other relationships he was in. But Barry really had feelings for Felicity and even called her from Central City to tell her if she ever wanted to date someone other than Oliver, that he would be on time. He liked Linda a lot, but Iris was there interfering the whole time, so Barry and Linda sadly never stood a chance. Sucks, because I thought Linda was cool. But, we know Barry really wanted it to work and really did care about the relationship considering after Iris’s interference, Barry was willing to eat that horribly hot pepper in an effort to convince Linda that he really wanted the two of them to stay together. And then Barry really loved Patty. He got his eyesight back after kissing her, went on a literal blind date with her because he really didn’t want to cancel, told her he loved her, there was a deleted scene where they made love and he ran out to get her ice cream, he was open to exploring something new even though Iris was his first love and wasn’t even thinking about his feelings for Iris when he was dating Patty, he wanted to tell Patty he was the Flash, he loved her enough to let her go so she’d be safe, and he had nightmares about Zoom killing her because she was the person he loved and he knew Zoom would go after the people he loved most. It wasn’t nightmares about Iris dying he was having. It was Patty. Snowbarry shippers and non WA shippers don’t deny that Barry loves Iris, and yet, I have seen so many WestAllen stans act like Barry hasn’t cared about any of his past love interests at all when that’s a blatant lie.

WestAllen stans are going to accuse me of using their tag even though I put this in the anti tag. Learn to use the hashtag. If you show up here with your hate, you will be blocked. If you come at me with foul language, death threats, and false accusations as you have in the past, you will be reported WestAllen stans.

WestAllen fans call their ship healthy despite everything I have listed.

WestAllen fans are going to come along and deny everything I have said because they are delusional and only see things through their shipper goggles.

And WestAllen fans think Snowbarry shippers are the delusional ones! Honestly, most people who ship Snowbarry are pretty sure it’s never going to happen by now. It doesn’t matter to us, though. Why should we stop shipping our ship just because it isn’t canon? I didn’t stop shipping Zutara, Dramione, or Harmony because of Kataang, Maiko, and Romione, so why would I stop shipping Snowbarry? So, how exactly are Snowbarry shippers delusional if we aren’t saying constantly how our pairing is for sure going to happen and that Barry doesn’t love Iris? 

Also for any wayward Westallen fan who comes along to bother me, before you call me racist like I know you’re going to despite the fact that my post was not racist at all, take another look at my blog and you will see that my favorite character on the 100 was Lincoln, a black man, I love Bonnie, a black woman, from the Vampire Diaries and Bonenzo was my OTP, I’m writing a book where my female lead is a black woman, and not only did I have a huge crush on a black boy in my freshman year of high school, but my first boyfriend was Mexican. So, shut your traps when it comes to race. And if you try to say that my pointing out that I have loved POC is racist as so many people do, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you honestly. How the hell is it racist to say that I have loved people of color? It’s not like I’m one of those people who says they have friends who are people of color after making a racist slur; I have never made a racist slur in my life and nothing about my post was racist. And I didn’t love these people because they were people of color. That just happened to be their race. All you have to do is be a good person and I can like you. Race means nothing to me. You have to realize, my parents never taught me about other people’s prejudices. I didn’t know prejudices existed until I learned about them in school. I was appalled when I found out that people discriminated against each other for something like race. Because of the way I was raised, I don’t have a racist or bigoted bone in my body. I look at who people are as people, what their personalities are, how they treat others, and then I make a decision as to whether or not I would want to be their friend/continue being their friend. I don’t look at skin color at all.

OTP Prompts #10

Theme: Frenemies

(Requested by Anonymous)


A: “Ugh, sometimes I can’t stand you.”

B: “Speak for yourself.”


B: “You’re a shady bitch sometimes, you know that?”

A: “Why thank you.”


A: “Something wrong?”

B: “C’s being an ass to me again.”

A: “Hey–only I’m allowed to be an ass to you!”


B: “Can you help me with this?”

A: “Nah, I’d rather sit back and watch you struggle. Quality entertainment.”

B: “You’re an ass.”


A: “You’re really bad at that.”

B: “Dude–that’s mean!”

A: “No, it’s the truth.”


B: “Let’s just forget about this.”

A: “Haha–yeah right! Like I’m ever going to let you live this down.”


A: “You’ve been staring at them all night. Are you ever going to make a move?”

B: “Pssh–I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

A: “Alright, that’s it. I’m going to go talk to them.”

B: “A–wait! … shit.”


B: “How are we even friends?”

A: “Honestly? I don’t know. I’d like to think it’s because you’re just really easy to make fun of.”

B: “Really?”

A: “Really.”


A: “Your mom called while you were out.”

B: “What? You didn’t talk to her, did you??”

A: “She’s really a lovely woman. It’s honestly amazing how she managed to raise such a grand failure as you.”

B: “. . . Bitch.”


B: “Can you take out the trash for me?”

A: “Nope.”

B: “Ugh–c’mon, A. I’m sick, can’t you cut me a break?”

A: “Sorry, but I have a busy schedule of not giving a shit.”


#Klaus ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. You don’t deserve her’ Mikaelson.

annoyingmaggie  asked:

Number four with TenxRose :) Maybe something fluffy/funny? Thank you so much!

4. things you said over the phone

Here, have a Doomsday reunion!

Calling for a Ride Home  AO3 | FF.net | Teaspoon (when validated)

Bird song was the first thing Rose noticed when she arrived at her newest destination, followed by the scent of tropical flowers carried on the sultry breeze. She slipped the dimension cannon into her pocket and scanned her surroundings, searching for any possible threat. When she didn’t see any people or pending natural disaster, she turned her attention to discovering her location.

Her TARDIS key lay beneath her shirt, cool against her skin. So wherever she was, the Doctor wasn’t nearby. However, she thought she felt the faintest hint of an electrical current buzzing along the key, and she tried not to hope too hard as she pulled her super phone out of her coat pocket.

She turned the phone on and took a deep breath before looking at the display. All the air went whooshing out of her lungs when she saw five bars, indicating excellent service, and the symbol for universal roaming.

So, right universe anyway… even if I’m not on the right planet.

Rose bit her lip and stared at the phone for a moment longer, her finger hovering over the key pad. Finally, need and hope won out over any possible concerns, and she pressed speed dial 1.

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love yourself to death

(or the one where no one knows)

i wrote this in my head backstage last night. then some spoilers came out that discredited it completely but i couldn’t just not write it. So I did.
song to listen to when reading this (also song that the title came from): i’m so sorry by imagine dragons | takes place after 3x20 but is already discredited by spoilers so just consider it major canon divergence

Rating: T/PG-13 | Words: 1937 | Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | Canon Divergence | {read on ao3} | tagging olicitykisses​ because she’s awesome

Three weeks.

It’s been three weeks since she last saw him. Three weeks since she kissed him goodbye in a darkened corner of Nanda Parbat. Three weeks since they tried not to share secret smiles with each other as she boarded the jet once again because he was Heir to the Demon now, Al Sahim to be exact, and she was supposed to have said goodbye to him, not hello, but she’d done just the opposite of that. And now they were something, despite no one else really knowing that they were something, and that thought sent a whole different set of electric jolts down her spine.

But now here he was, three weeks later, staring right past her and straight into Nyssa like they weren’t a something, and it was getting on her nerves. A lot. 

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For the Record...

Laurel hate makes me really uncomfortable, okay?

I mean – is she inconsistently written on the show? Yes, absolutely. Is it one of Katie Cassidy’s better performances? I don’t think so. 

But let me tell you this – you don’t get to call Laurel “snobby” or “bitchy” because she is sexually attracted to Oliver, okay? The existence of another woman who is interested in a man whom you are also interested in vis a vis sex is NOT like, totally out of the realm of possibility in real life and it also does not make the women in question inherent enemies. I know it’s tempting to think in this way – I certainly did as a young fangirl – I did not like other women getting near my OTPs but I’ve come to realize now that some of that was really poisonous internalized misogyny and I think this fandom is better than that.

In my story, “I Took a Wrong Turn Somewhere”, Laurel is with Tommy, but she still has some issues to work out with Oliver. Oliver, with whom she was deeply in love, and had been for some time, who took her sister on a pleasure cruise to China, which resulted in Laurel’s sister’s (supposed) death. His deep betrayal cut off her feelings, she says on the show. She’s coming alive again. She’s able to resolve some things she wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, since Oliver is back. 

I think this kills any chance she has of a meaningful, loving relationship with Oliver because people don’t just sleep with siblings and say “my bad” and mend bridges, mkay? That’s some poisonous shit. But it also does not make her a bad person that she might still be attracted to, and act on that attraction to Oliver

It also does not mean that she could not in the show and in this fic develop an understanding relationship with Felicity. Other women are not our competition. Other women need our support, and our love. Felicity raised two children (in this story I am speaking of now, not in the show) by herself. Laurel pulled herself up by her bootstraps and went to law school and took the rage burning inside of her and went out and tried to fix the world. These are different types of strength but they are both strength and when you meet another woman who is strong, who can understand you, it makes no sense to treat that woman as an enemy unless she acts in a manner which is harmful to you.  Which, for the record, Laurel has not done to Felicity. In the show. Or in this fic. 

If you’re going to critique Laurel – then by all mean, let’s hit where it really hurts: the writing on the show is painful when it comes to her, the performance is flat. 

But let’s not deny that she's legitimately got some reasons to be incredibly fucked up about Oliver and about life.