otp: daylor grohlkins

Taylor and I have a connection that I’ve never felt with another person in a band. I know that Taylor will be in my life for the rest of my life. … Taylor needs to be recognized as one of the best drummers you’ve ever seen in your life. I mean, I would have nothing less in my life, especially as a drummer. That plays a huge role in everything to me. Just because–if I’m not having a good show, I want to turn around and watch Taylor, so that I’m entertained. And it happens every night. He can make me laugh with his drumming. It’s the greatest thing in the world. So not only do I understand him as a person, we can speak to each other musically. It’s pretty cool.
—  Dave Grohl
‘I adore him,’ he glows, shining-eyed. 'He’s the best drummer we’ve ever played with - now he’s playing not so good, so he fits in with the band. I’ll save that for the drum magazines, but honestly, he’s becoming a best friend. Everyone seems to think we were separated at birth. We do all these photo shoots and every photographer says, 'You guys could be brothers.’ Not the way we look, just how we’re inseparable. I love him.’
—  Dave Grohl on Taylor Hawkins

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins (kinda) playing Stairway to heaven.

All that Glitters is Grohl.

  • Interviewer: And I have to ask you, what pants do the Foo Fighters wear?
  • Taylor: What pants do we wear? We don’t all wear the same pants.
  • Dave: Yeah that would be disgusting.
  • Interviewer: Yes, I can imagine.
  • Taylor: Although I have stolen pants from Dave I believe.
  • Dave: That’s true, I think I’ve stolen pants from him.
  • Taylor: Yeah we swop clothes.