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In light of Tentoo’s Day I’d like to point something out. I think most people tend to forget the greatest gift Russell T. Davies gave us with Tentoo. Not only is he The Doctor (YES HE IS DAMN IT.) But he’s also part human now. “Specifically the aging part.” Which means that no matter how long the show runs and no matter how old they are, David and Billie could return as The Doctor and Rose canonically at any time since their lifespans now match. Let that warm and fuzzy thought wash over you for a few minutes. :)

Billie Piper & David Tennant
(Rose Tyler & the Tenth Doctor)
~ 7h30

And another @doctorwho drawing completed!
Great adventure, it’s always so much fun to draw these two! 

And also a great challenge, given the very poor quality of the screencap I used as a reference! Still, turned out better than expected!

I hope you like it, thank you to all of you who followed the progress and gave me all the encouragement needed to finish this! :)

alright this is what i need

i need a BBC ‘reality’ show based on Rose and her Doctor. think about it.


buying their first house

going on adorable & spontaneous dates 


having ridiculously cute old married couple arguments 

Christmas with the family

Rose telling The Doctor they’re expecting & he’s afraid he wont be a good Dad

but his face when he sees his wife and new baby

come on they’d be the best parents ever

uuugghhhh I… I….


doctor-who-hears-a-horton requested a sketch of Rose and Ten post-Idiots Lantern

so much OTP in this episode- how can it get any more adorable than this? 

if you want a free sketch you can send me an ask with your request

Voyage of the Damned

I may have made this more shippy then I should have. But I honestly couldn’t help it. I happened to find the perfect secret life pictures of Billie to go along and I just had to make it as shippy as possible. Especially with a fantastic kiss!


New Doctor Who ‘Pete’s World’ photoshopped comic cover. Happy Valentine’s Day from ♡♡ Tentoo x Rose ♡♡

I’ve given you 4 freebie ideas now @titancomics trust me this has a market as long as you find someone to write it that will do it justice and won’t ‘Moffat’ Tentoo and Rose’s storyline.