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Mulled wine

He graciously accepted the glass and wrapped his hands around it, relishing the heat. He blew delicately across the top to cool it down before taking a sip. Balin was right, it was very good. The balance of spices was just right, cinnamon and nutmeg dancing on his taste buds. He took a larger gulp. Delicious. In no time at all they were on their second glass, then a third, then a fourth.

The conversation had long since deviated from the topic of Ori’s schooling in favour of reminiscing of days gone by.

“But of course it ended up all over his face!” Both dwarves laughed raucously at Balin’s anecdote. They giggled like dwarflings as Balin tried to pour the remainder of the wine into their glasses and missed entirely, causing a fair bit to slosh onto the floor. 

I helped out at the village advent market yesterday and managed to get my hands on some mulled wine with rum(4 cups to be exact). Aside from getting a little pissed(drunk) it also caused me to remember one of my favourite Darlin yule ficlets by silentlagoon, Mulled wine. If you haven’t read it and you like Darlin, you should. It’s short and cute.

please take a moment of your time to consider: Ri brothers fighting about who got the better match.

Dori would of course start with “Well, my lover is the King’s right hand man” and Nori would snort and reply that he’s fucking the King’s best friend, and they’d have a mild ranting about who’s the better warrior, the most impressive, the noblest or who has the nicer/longer beard. Meanwhile Ori sits in a corner, quiet with his books or maybe some writing, not mentioning that he’s fucked the prince. both of them in fact

Mišungu? Merry? Chlupe? Kurňa, jaký z vás jsem slíbila rokokního Doriho? A co děláš na tumblr, to ses mě nemohla zeptat přes fb? Tohle je moje anglický prostředí, kšá ty mrcho, kšá!! Mno, tady ho máš,a je mi jedno jestli to neni ten kterýho si chtěla, ztrávila jsem asi 3 hodiny jenom učením se s photoshopem abych ti tohle namastila.

For non-czech speakers, i apparently promised a dori in a rococo dress to one of my friends (idk which one :/) and, well, used it as an excuse to figure out photoshop…ish…(it took me like 3 hours to set up a bloody brush)

Magic's 1992 Interview with Darlin' - Translated

From the January 1997 Magic Magazine article:

17-year-old Thomas and a strangely talkative, sassy 18-year-old Guy-Man talk about their favorite bands, performing, and recording Cindy So Loud and Darlin’ 2.

Scan by ifcwdjd. The whole 1997 article can be read here.


Excerpt from Magic Mushroom #5, from the article “Spécial Douce France”, Fall 1992.

Darlin’ has been around since February ‘92. But Guy-Manuel and Thomas – 18- and 17-years-old! – have been friends since middle school, sharing the same passion for the Beach Boys, Love, and T.Rex. They recruited, through a classified ad, Laurent, guitarist (and leader of Tugboat Star, another very promising band).

Tell us about your demo…
Guy-Manuel (vocals): We recorded the demo with a Revox [a brand of tape recorders]. Live in one take, all alone: it really sucks!

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