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Delena Meta Love Month : A Delena July

JULY 31 - Favorite Goodnight/Goodbye

The most heartbreaking scene in the entire series to me. It’s so raw and emotional and tragically beautiful. These two people who love each other more than anything are being torn apart against their will. She’s crying and begging him to come back to her. That he promised her he would never leave her again. He knows she can’t hear him but he tells her all of these beautiful words anyway. He tells her the goodbye he knows she deserves. He is at such peace because he knows that even thought he was dying, he couldn’t have achieved anything greater than being loved by her. Damon Salvatore died knowing that Elena Gilbert loved him. She loved him so much she couldn’t stop crying and pleading with him not to leave her. He got to die seeing that for once in his life, the woman he loved loved him back and that she loved him with such a powerful and consuming love. Even though he hated having to say goodbye, he knew his life was already fulfilled. Loving and being loved in return by Elena Gilbert did that for him.

A Delena July: Favourite Season 6 Moment

I have to admit something.

By the start of season 6 I was almost a little weary of Delena.

Not of the couple themselves, I always have and always will adore them, it was more that I was slowly losing hope that the promise of the Delena I’d held in my heart since ‘Isobel’ would ever come to pass.

I watched in S1-3 with bated breath, as Elena fell for him slowly, painfully, in ways that she couldn’t even understand yet. I really thought as we headed into the final episode that she would choose Damon, I mean Stefan had just threatened to drive her off Wickery Bridge when he was chock full of humanity, surely there was no way they were coming back from that right?

Wrong. Just before she went off that fateful bridge again she made her final human choice on the subject. At the time I couldn’t understand it, and I was so infuriated that they would cheapen a season’s worth of development by reverting to their factory Team Stefan settings.

Then season 4 happened, and it all looked promising again, until the sire bond called into question every intimate moment they’d had so far. We didn’t even have time to recover from that particular blow before Jeremy died and Elena went off the deep end and by the time we got her back the season was over. By season 5 I thought, surely this is it, this is the season of love and trust and all of the Ferris Wheel moments we’ve never had.

But when they drove that car into the Mystic Grill I realised I had already partly given up on the dream.Maybe Delena was just a promise that no one could really keep. They went back and forth so much that maybe the writers really had plotted a Stelena ending all along.

And then season 6 came along. And my faith was restored.

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A Delena July

| Day 31 | Favorite Goodnight/Goodbye- Love Is Patient

Elena wanted to kiss him again. But there was just so much going on with Stefan that it just didn’t feel right. And Damon gets it. He made his move but he knows his bounds. I just love this scene because you see Damon be there for Elena. He picks her up when Stefan left her on the road. He takes her home. He walks her to the door. He asks if she was going to be okay. And softly caress her cheek to make sure she knows exactly how much he cares for her. How much he loves her. But he doesn’t go any further then that. He made his move. It’s Elena’s turn to make hers if that’s what she wants. And you can tell that she does. She just doesn’t feel right about it. 

“You can’t kiss me again.”

“I know.”

The way she says this is somewhere in the middle of fear that he might and disappointment that it just doesn’t feel right. She gives it a second thought for a just a moment. Letting his hand linger on her cheek. Then makes up her mind. 

“I can’t. It’s not right.”

The fact that she says “I can’t”. Not “You can’t”. Or “We can’t.”  Is all the proof you need to know that she was really thinking about kissing him. And Damon’s response catches her slighty off gaurd. 

“No, it’s right. Just not right now. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Damon.”

She is intrigued with his patience. Surprised by his calm. She’s seeing a side of him she hasn’t seen before. And falling even harder because of it. She gives him a bemused look because she has no idea what to do about it. So, she just calls it a night. And watches him as he leaves. Giving the idea of kissing him one last thought as she closes the door.

“I can’t think about always….

               ….All I can think about is  r i g h t  n o w.”