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But Steve having his pup all day with him like that (i think is a senator?) woman who takes her little girl with her since she was a baby, to the meetings with the Avengers (the don't mind) and press conferences and everyone is like "you can't do that" and he is like "watch me" and Bucky is just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he is a proud papa

Steve would totally do that. And you know why? Because he is not here to not see his child grow and to let their child alone on in someone else’s hands when he can enjoy taking care of the baby. So they take them to everything they can and when they have different tasks with the Avengers/SHIELD, they decide who takes the kid with them and goes by it.

At first, it takes the Avengers out guard because none of them is acostumbred to kids but Clint (and Thor, since some of his friends and men has their kids and he plays with them too). They get with it quickly, especially since the kid is really well behaved, the baby doesn’t even do much noise unless they didn’t bring any toys or if she/him is hungry. Also, it helps that the pup is always calm in his daddy’s presence (Steve is daddy and Bucky is papa) or playing with papa’s shiny fingers. Sometimes, the Avengers take turns to play with the pup or just take care of him/her; Thor is always happy to play with him/her and Tony is always doing something that could or not please the pup.

Soon, everyone else starts noticing this, that they don’t go anywhere without the pup and it makes some people uncomfortable and when they voice their negative opinions, Steve is there to not have any of their shit and tells them to fuck off. Bucky is actually relief that he doesn’t have to put on his alpha voice to call out people because his mate is really, really protective and knows how to shut people in a polite way (unless he is having a bad day). Also, they are always kissing in public and, for some reason, their affectionate actions make their pup happy and the pup claps and laughs when it happens, so they do it more and people is like “eww” and they are “ewww, fuck you *kisses*”.

They are literally adorable and they are not having none of anyone’s shit.

you guys wanna know what kills me? 


daddy naruto who most definitely cries (every time) when hinata tells him she’s pregnant

daddy naruto talking to hinata’s stomach 

daddy naruto getting stressed out and reading parenting books because he wants to make sure he’s a good father

daddy naruto having to get comforted by hinata because she knows he’ll be an amazing father

daddy naruto who freaks out when hinata goes into labor

daddy naruto sobbing like a baby when he sees HIS babies

daddy naruto who spends all of his free time coddling his children


  • Jess: Yeah, I just put on the pointy ears and tell those pesky emotions to be quiet.
  • Jess' Colleague: Pointy ears like Spock? But the way you rewired my smartboard I thought you were supposed to be Scotty.
  • Jess: Don't tell anyone, but I'm their illegitimate child. That's why the five-year mission was cancelled after only three, they couldn't show that on TV in the sixties.
  • Colleague: I guess they could make that happen by the twenty-third century?
  • Jess: They can make it happen now. Didn't you realize Scotty was trans?