otp: d18

Stop scrolling and imagine this OTP thingy:

Person A of your OTP is really embarrased to say ‘I love you’ to person B. So when they are watching a movie together, that person A picked, they cuddle on the couch and eating popcorn. When it comes to a special point, person A is turning his head to person B, which is clearly confused, and turning the volume really loud. Then in the TV, the Girl says to the Boy ‘I love you’ and person A is moving his lips quiet sync. At first person B is pretty confused, before his eyes widend and he replies very loud ‘I love you too!!!’ and hugs person A thightly.

Did you have this one ship you think they are perfect for each other and you start giggling like a japanese shool girl when you see a cute picture of them and you just ship nobody else with one of them, but when you see a ship picture with one of them and someone else of the show you are like a fury and quikly delete it or something else and scream: »NO! GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS AWAY FROM HIM/HER! HE/SHE IS TAKEN, SORRY.«

Did you have this one ship?