otp: couple of dumbasses


reverse!verse for homelesstiel

You know, early today, I was feeling incredibly pessimistic about canon Destiel. Then this episode happened. 

-Dean’s descent into darkness is shown by him yelling at Cas about Cas’s past. This really hurts Cas, who sees immediately that something about this just isn’t like Dean.

-Dean is forced to question Cas. Is Cas who Dean thinks? Etc.

-Even after Dean kills one of Cas’s soldiers, Cas immediately has Dean released.

-Cas giving up a freaking army for Dean.

-Metatron saying Cas’s weakness is being in luuurrrvvveee (meaningful pause) with humanity

-At the end, when Dean is all “I’m a dictator” to Sam, he’s still encouraging Cas and is worried about him.

To sum it up, right now I’m worried about a lot of things, but the future of Destiel is not one of them.