otp: cops and robbers

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Prompt idea : Cops and Robbers with a pregnant Kate in the bank as a hostage. Rick and Kate are together and married . I would so love to read this ❤️❤️

Thank you for the prompt! I love this idea and I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope it is everything you hoped it would be. 

It should be him. It should be him in that bank and not her. He would give anything to trade places with her. There was nothing to do but wait and let the cops do their jobs, and it was killing him.

They had argued before she left the house that morning. In fact it is the only thing they did before she left this morning. He had tried to make her see reason, tried to tell her that she needed to rest and relax, that was the whole point of maternity leave. Not so that she could run errands and do chores.

She had yelled at him. Told him that she had enough of his coddling. She was not a child and she was not invalid. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and running out to the bank and the grocery store. And just to prove it to him she said she would do it on her own. Then she stormed out.

They had been having these petty arguments ever since she began her third trimester. She was at seven months and she was actually doing great. She hadn’t gained an excessive amount of weight, just a small baby bump. She struggled with morning sickness in the beginning, but that had faded after a short time. The worst part was her hormones.

They enhanced her need to be independent and sent her emotions all out of whack. That’s where the arguing came in. He was shocked when she had agreed to take her maternity leave this early, it had only been a week and she was already restless. It was going to be a long two months.

Now, he would give anything to have her standing out here yelling at him. She could be standing out here beating him up for all he cared as long as she was out here.

She was on the phone with him when it happened. She had just come in to deposit her paycheck for the month. Something she insisted on doing in person even though it was so much easier to do it online, but that’s a whole other story.

He finally got up the courage to call her about thirty minutes after she had stormed out. He knew better than to follow her, that would only make things worse, but a phone call wouldn’t hurt. He needed to be more sensitive and understanding of what she was going through. Virtually all of her freedom having been taken away after almost six months of mandatory desk duty.

“What, Castle!” She snapped into the phone. “Did you call to make sure I put on enough layers before I left? Wouldn’t want me to catch a cold.”

“I’m sorry, Kate. What I said was insensitive and wrong. I know that you are perfectly capable of handling yourself, pregnant or not. I just worry about you all the time, even more so now and this is New York and freak things happen every day. People get hit by buses and cars, people go on shooting sprees, air conditioners fall from the sky, I just… I would die if anything happened to you, either of you.” Her heart melted at the emotion in his voice. He really was a sweet man. Annoying and overprotective and at times smothering, but also sweet.

“I know, Castle. I’m sorry, too. I just feel so smothered lately and I can’t do anything I used to and everything’s changing so fast and I think this bank is about to get robbed.”

“Haha. Very funny, Kate. Play with my already very real fears. That’s cute, mature too!”

“No, Castle. I’m serious. I have to get out of here.”

He heard a loud crash and some yells before the line went dead. He panicked. Immediately tried calling her back, still half expecting to hear her laughing on the other end of the line about how easy he is. But the panic in her voice was all too real and after she didn’t pick up he knew this was bad.

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