otp: come what may

Analysis of Come What May

Someone noticed that the performance of CWM had a lot of similarities to the entire Klaine arc, so I decided to take it a bit further:

It starts at this point:

This represents the beginning of season 2, when Kurt is chasing after Blaine. You can see how Blaine is “oblivious” by the way his back is turned towards Kurt. I never thought I’d find someone like Blaine. And there he was.
Next part:

When Blaine turns around, this signifies when he finally falls for Kurt. You can see how his face mirrors the look he had during Blackbird. Oh. There you are. I’ve been looking for you forever. 


When Kurt leans into Blaine and they are joined together, it represents their first time together. Then the couple starts to dance, showing that at this point in their relationship, they are one. They move together, they live their lives together, they love together. You take my breath away.
Next comes the breakup: 

Kurt leaves the dance, just like how he left Blaine. You can see the sadness in his face just like when he found out Blaine cheated on him. 

This shot shows Blaine’s devastation, his regret. Also notice how snow snow starts to fall, signifying the storm of their break-up. I’m so sorry, Kurt. 

Now we see Blaine running after Kurt which represents his chase to get him back.

Blaine is reaching out to Kurt, just like how he was trying to contact him after the break-up, but Kurt remains with his back turned, showing his anger and mistrust he had of Blaine. Relationships are about trust. And I don’t trust you anymore.

Now Kurt turns around and sings “But I love you” representing exactly that. That he still loves him. And Blaine joins him on the platform, showing that he still, of course, loves Kurt too. This part represents the Valentine’s Day when they got back together for one time, solidifying that they are meant to be together. And we are going to be together for many many more. Next:

This part is actually one of my favorite parts of the performance. The fact that Blaine is hiding himself a bit away from Kurt behind the curtain shows how he is going to give Kurt the space he needs to figure things out. Despite how much it pains Blaine to be away from him, he’s going to let Kurt come to him when he’s ready. You are the love of my life, Kurt. Next:

Now we see both of them singing the final chorus of the song. Their eyes are locked on each other, their bodies face each other. They know that they love each other. They know that they are meant to be. The climax is building. No one can touch us. Or what we have.  Next:

And now we see them come back together. They come at the same time, too. showing that when they do get back together, it will be because of a mutual understanding that it is the right time. I love you so much, Kurt. I love you too.  Next:

Then Kurt touches Blaine first, and this shows how he will eventually trust Blaine again. He will forgive him. I’m never saying goodbye to you. And finally:

If giving Kurt and Blaine the coveted “Come What May” duet wasn’t gift enough, the show turned it in-part into a glossy fanvid of their most romantic moments. Then they circled each other in the snow and embraced and we all swooned one collective swoon. We ain’t even mad it was a fantasy, because it was Kurt’s fantasy, and that means one thing — ENDGAME.
—  NewNowNext